UFC Fight Night 2/27/2021 Review

Alex Carceres vs. Kevin Croom

Featherweight Fight

I’ll be honest, this fight bored me.  Everytime Carceres seemed to put a couple strikes together it appeared that he backed off.  Carceres even had a couple submission opportunities and it almost seemed like it wasn’t worth his time to put them in.  Croom didn’t look in shape for this fight, but it didn’t matter.  Carceres came out less beat up, so he got the win, but as far as entertainment value goes, not a great fight.

Rating: 3/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Alex Carceres

Pedro Munhoz vs. Jimmy Rivera

Bantamweight Fight

This was a slugfest, which you don’t expect to see in this weight class.  Rivera was trying to take Munhoz’s head off, and Munhoz was trying to take Rivera’s leg off.  Rivera was connecting with a lot of good headshots, but the damage done to his leg was enough to make him back off a bit.  Munhoz took advantage of having two good legs well, and he used his variety of options and put them to use in a rough and tumble fight.  It seemed relatively close, but the injury to Rivera’s leg was too much for him to come back from.  This fight was definitely worth the watch, and had everything but a knockout.

Rating: 8/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Pedro Munhoz

Montana De La Rosa vs. Mayra Bueno Silva

Women’s Flyweight Fight

This was a very tough fight.  Bueno Silva losing a point for grabbing the cage in Round 1 was a big factor.  De La Rosa seemed to have an answer for everything, but Bueno Silva was just too powerful.  If looks mean anything, at the end of the fight, Bueno Silva looked gassed, but De La Rosa looked like she had been through 2 fights.  The takedowns by De La Rosa balanced out the stron striking from Bueno Silva throughout the 15 minutes.  It wasn’t enough to give either woman the fight.  It was a pretty even fight throughout, but if Bueno Silva didn’t grab the cage she has a unanimous decision.

Rating: 7.5/10

Result: Majority Draw

Nikita Krylov vs. Magomed Ankalaev

Light Heavyweight Fight

This was a solid big man fight.  Ankalaev more or less kept control the whole time.  Krylov landed some decent shots throughout, but Ankalaev had the advantage in striking, and really took over on the ground and in clinches in the third round.  This fight didn’t show much of either fighter, but a win is a win.


Result: Unanimous Decision for Magomed Ankalaev

Main Event

Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs. Cyril Gane

Heavyweight Fight

The first round was very much a feel out process with the occasional flurry of punches.  Gane got the better of it in the last minute by getting Rozenstruik against the cage and eventually scoring a takedown.  Gane got the better of the second round as well with a great takedown attempt and seeming to have much better control of the octagon.  Rozenstruik remained patient, but seemed to lack urgency at points.  Gane’s reach advantage has been a big factor, his ability to keep his distance has changed the fight in a big way.  The third round was a great display of respect and patience from both fighters.  They both seemed to be wary of each other’s power and were looking for openings.  Gane continued to use his reach to keep the advantage while Rozenstruik seemed to be more willing to let his hands go towards the end of the round.  Gane again dominated in the fourth round, he simply walked down Rozenstruik while playing the range game like he had all fight.  The scorecard was definitely one sided at this point.  The final round was more of the same, Gane continued to dominate, he even scored another takedown.  Rozenstruik just seemed too wary of getting caught to really mount an attack.  Gane was clearly the better fighter in this one who was ready to go the distance.

Rating: 6.5/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Cyril Gane

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