UFC Fight Night Review 11/28/2020

Matter of Time

Jonathan Pearce vs. Kai Kamaka III

Featherweight Fight

Jonathan Pearce always seemed to be in control.  He scored big shots, multiple takedowns, and even attempted a few submissions.  The real story was the control from top position.  Pearce had everything going for him.  It even seemed like he didn’t want to finish with a ground and pound TKO, but he eventually did while riding Kamaka’s back.  This was a very impressive performance for Pearce.

Rating: 8/10

Result: 2nd Round TKO for Jonathan Pearce

She Was Ready

Ashlee Evans-Smith vs. Norma Dumont

Women’s Bantamweight Fight

This was a great fight for Dumont despite her missing weight for the fight.  She really did bring everything she had.  Evans-Smith was either over confident, or just simply thought it would be a different kind of fight.  Dumont had everything covered, standing up, on the ground, and everything in between.  She said she would make weight next fight in her post fight interview.  What can I say? Brazil apparently knows how to make ‘em.

Rating: 8/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Norma Dumont

Bill keeps Rolling

Spike Carlyle vs. Bill Algeo

Featherweight Fight

Bill Algeo continues to roll with wins.  He took this fight in the exact direction that he wanted it to go.  Bill is a master on the ground and he showed it off again.  Carlyle did seem to adjust in the 3rd round.  Carlyle did throw out his playbook and seemed to just throw whatever he could and hoped something worked.  It wasn’t enough.  Algeo deserves a bigger fight in his next contest.

Rating: 7.5/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Bill Algeo

Big Guy Slugfest

Josh Parisian vs. Parker Porter

Heavyweight Fight

This was a classic heavyweight fight.  Both Parisian and Porter were throwing hands at a crazy rate.  Porter was in the best shape he’s been in in a long time.  Parisian never stopped coming forward regardless of the punishment he took.  Proter just landed more shots and even got a takedown in the 2nd round and worked Parisian that way.  Porter is much more important to UFC than you’d think.  UFC needs big guys right now after Cormier’s retirement.  Porter could be the answer.

Rating: 8/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Parker Porter

0 to 100

Miguel Baeza vs. Takashi Sato

Welterweight Fight

This fight sped up in a hurry.  The entire first round and a good portion of the second round was a lot of feeling out.  Baeza turned it all the way around and got the fight to the ground and sunk in an arm triangle.  Sato had no answers.  Baeza looked very impressive and he has a long road ahead of him.  Heck of a finish.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 2nd Round Submission for Baeza (Arm Triangle)

Main Event

Lionheart Shows Pride

Anthony Smith vs. Devin Clark

Light Heavyweight Fight

This was exactly what Anthony Smith needed.  Devin Clark started the fight very strong and looked to be setting up a strategy of throwing bombs for 5 rounds.  Smith never let it get that far and worked the fight from his back to score a very impressive submission early.  You love to see something like this happen in a “replacement” main event.  It wasn’t a replacement, it was the real deal.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 1st Round Submission for Anthony Smith (Triangle Choke)

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