Bellator 251 Review

Upon Further Review

Derek Andserson vs. Killys Mota

Welterweight Fight

This fight had a pretty solid back and forth to it, and Derek Anderson seemed to have a bit more control. Unfortunately the fight was stopped as the ref believed that Mota was hit with an illegal kick by Anderson. It was a close call whether or not Mota was down when he was hit. The commentators on the broadcast seemed to make the case that it was in fact a legal shot, but the ref waved off the fight and deemed that Mota could not continue. The return from commercial showed the ref holding Anderson’s wrist and the announcement that after a review of a replay the shot was considered legal and the win was awarded to Anderson.

Rating: 5/10

Result: 2nd Round KO for Derek Anderson

Thursday Bloody Thursday

Austin Vanderford vs. Vinicius De Jesus

Middleweight Fight

This was a grizzly fight, and Austin Vanderford made sure of that. The third round was entirely dominated by him and the canvas was left with a serious red paint job. This fight gradually worked in favor of Anderson as it went on as he ruled the ground game. Vinicius ran out of answers the more ground based the fight became. This was a heck of a showing for Vanderford, who remains perfect and even managed to get one judge to rule it 30-26 for him.

Rating: 7/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Austin Vanderford

Pick Your Spot and Swing

Tyrell Fortune vs. Said Sowma

Heavyweight Fight

This was a classic Heavyweight slugfest. Not much ground game until the end when Tyrell Fortune scored a takedown. Fortune kept pretty good control of the fight. Sowma had his moments, but Fortune seemed to have answers most of the time. This seemed to be a fight where even the fighters thought it was even. That’s probably why Fortune tried and succeeded in scoring a takedown

Rating: 6/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Tyrell Fortune

Main Event

No Overtime Needed

Melvin Manhoef vs. Corey Anderson

Light Heavyweight Fight

This fight took a huge turn about halfway through the first round. Manhoef slammed Anderson to the mat with a huge slam takedown, but Anderson got top position and took control. He never looked back. The 2nd round was very much dominated by Anderson. He got Manhoef down and proceeded to get a devastating TKO. This was a damn good way to break into Bellator MMA. Corey Anderson seems to be at home.

Rating: 7.5/10

Result: 2nd Round TKO for Corey Anderson

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