UFC Fight Night 10/3/2020 Review

Get Back You Eight Legged Freak!

Dequan Townsend vs. Dosko Todorovic

Middleweight Fight

Unfortunately it was a bad night for The Tarantula Dequan Townsend.  Todorovic had control the whole time, consistently landed big shots while they faced off and then continued to do so on the ground.  The ref stopped the fight despite Townsend never looking fully out of it because there just came a point where he was purely in survival mode and couldn’t adequately defend himself.  This was a fun fight to watch and proved that Todorovic is undefeated for a reason, and that Townsend has a steel jaw.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 2nd Round TKO for Dusko Todorovic

Enter The Matrix

Kyler Phillips vs. Cameron Else

Bantamweight Fight

Kyler Phillips handled his business against the newcomer.  Else didn’t really seem prepared, as if there was a certain fight he was looking for.  Phillips had all his bases covered and continued to answer everything Else threw at him while tagging him big throughout.  It went to the ground and Phillips worked position against the cage and ponded Else until the ref had no choice.  Phillips needs a step up in competition, even after only 9 fights, he’s ready for the big time now.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 2nd Round TKO for Kyler Phillips

Dutch Delight

Germaine de Randamie vs. Julianna Pena

Women’s Bantamweight Fight

This was a great fight from top to bottom, the first two rounds were traded between the fighters.  The 2nd ended with some drama as Germaine was in trouble for the entire 2nd half of the round, but almost pulled off a choke submission before the horn sounded.  The third round started with Pena throwing somewhat wildly before the fight went to the ground.  De Randamie got a guillotine choke locked in, which is an oddity for a fighter that’s made her living with strikes.  Pena couldn’t escape.  #1 gets another big win, UFC better call up Nunes to defend her belt.

Rating: 9/10

Result: 3rd Round Submission (Guillotine Choke) for Germaine De Randamie

BDT = Big Dudes Throwin’

Yorgan de Castro vs. Carlos Felipe

Heavyweight Fight

This was a pretty typical Heavyweight fight to start with, a lot of measuring in the first round.  The second round was a lot of throwing and trading pretty evenly with a slight advantage to Felipe.  De Castro seemed tired in the third round, he kept clinching up against the cage to catch a breath.  Felipe was vocal to the ref, who was quick to break them up if they were standing still.  Felipe threw a couple big shots as the fight ended.  De Castro was probably trying to score points after he was out of gas.  The fight slowly faded as it went on.  Always a shame when the big guys lose steam.

Rating: 7/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Carlos Felipe

Main Event

Holly Holm vs. Irene Aldana

Women’s Bantamweight Fight

Holly absolutely dominated the first two rounds and had one simple goal, taking away everything that Aldana thought she would be better at.  Aldana has the best takedown defense in Women’s UFC, so Holly landed 2 takedowns.  Aldana fancies herself a great counter fighter, so Holly took away every angle and left her no options.  Holly pretty much opened the third with another takedown and showed some great skill from top position.  She got in the full mount and attempted to finish the fight, but Aldana covered up well and performed a pretty miraculous escape.  The rest of the round was standing up and Holly continued to take away options from Aldana, who seemed to be doing more guessing and less fighting.  Holly landed another takedown in the 4th round, but she let Aldana up to be where she’s comfortable.  She continued to show Aldana that she just wasn’t ready for her.  Aldana did clip Holm with one good shot as Holly’s nose was bleeding at the end of the 4th.  Holly officially scored one takedown in every round, and did everything she could to get a finish in this fight, but Aldana didn’t go down.  This was an incredibly dominant performance, and UFC needs to think about Nunes vs. Holm main event in the very near future.

Rating: 9/10

Result: Unanimous Decision for Holly Holm

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