Bellator 247 Review

Scottish Striking Sensation

Chris Duncan vs. Iamik Furtado

160 Lb. Contract Weight Fight

This truly was a slugfest.  There was never any intention of going to the ground.  Duncan had control the whole time.  Furtado looked like he wanted to counter, but he just couldn’t figure out how.  Duncan remains perfect with a devastating right hand that took Furtado down for the ground and pound win.

Rating: 8/10

Result: 2nd Round TKO for Chris Duncan

Irish Goodbye

Brian Moore vs. Simone D’Anna

Featherweight Fight

Back to back slugfests are a great way to debut on a new network.  Moore seemed to always have the upper hand in this fight, but both fighters landed their fair share of shots in on each other.  Moore seemed to be waiting for his opening, despite being in trouble at one point in the first round.  Moore stuck an uppercut on D’Anna in the 2nd and walked him down with a follow up for the KO.

Rating: 8/10

Result: 2nd Round KO for Brain Moore

Keep Tapping

Norbert Novenyi Jr. vs. Laid Zerhouni

Middleweight Fight

This fight looked to be another stand up affair, but Novenyi took it to the ground after the first knockdown he scored.  Zerhouni had no answers for the ground game and got caught in several submission attempts.  Novenyi worked his way into a triangle that he locked in tight after some great work from his back.  Novenyi keeps on rolling trying to cut out a spot for himself in the middleweight division.

Rating: 7.5/10

Result: 1st Round Submission (Triangle Choke) for Norbert Novenyi Jr.

Main Event

Miss Dynamite has a Short Fuse

Kate Jackson vs. Denise Kielholtz

Women’s Flyweight Fight

This fight only took 43 seconds.  Kielholtz was precise with her punches and that was the difference that took down Jackson so quickly.  Not much to break down here, Kielholtz caught her quick and followed up nicely.  The only thing was that Kielholtz didn’t notice that referee Dan Mirgliotta called a stop to the fight, so she kept hitting Jackson after the fight was stopped.  Kielholtz apologized to Jackson immediately and it appeared there were no hard feelings.

Rating: 8.5/10

Result: 1st Round KO (:43) for Denise Kielholtz

– Gil Kutah Jr.

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