UFC Rio Rancho LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of Anderson vs. Błachowicz

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

UFC Rio Rancho

UFC Rio Rancho

February 15, 2020

Santa Ana Star Center, Rio Rancho, New Mexico


UFC Rio Rancho LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of Anderson vs. Błachowicz

UFC Rio Rancho Prelims

Raulian Paiva def. Mark De La Rosa via KO (Punch) Round 2, 4:42 

Paiva was quicker and more powerful. He was looking to land the punch that eventually ended the fight, from the very beginning, but it took a while to find it. Great win for Paiva who now moves to 19-3 in his MMA career. De La Rosa is now in the midst of a three-fight losing streak. 

Macy Chiasson def. Shana Young via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3) 

Chiasson controlled the entire fight with grappling. She landed over 140 strikes and managed to avoid damage throughout the entire fight. Young took this fight on very short notice, so props to her for doing such.

Merab Dvalishvili vs. Casey Kenney (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Dvalishvali -170

Round 1: Dvalishvili is the aggressor early on in the round. He attempts a takedown and manages to trip Kenney up a bit. Kenney lunges forward with a left hand that connects. Dvalishvili secures a body lock and takes Kenney down. Kenney pops right back up, but Dvalishvili takes him down again. Kenney refuses to stay down though, as he pops right back up again. Kenney connects with a kick to the inside leg, and then to the body. Kenney connects with a 1-2, Dvalishvili attempts a takedown but ends up clinching. (10-9 Dvalishvili)

Round 2: Dvalishvili breaks the ice with an uppercut, Kenney returns a left hook. Dvalishvili attempts a takedown, but Kenney defends. Dvalishvili catches a kick and attempts to trip Kenney. Dvalishvili connects with a right hook, and then with a shot to the body. Kenney appears to be slowing a bit, and that’s been the case since the end of round one. Dvalishvili scores with a quick takedown, and from there he transitions to the back. Kenney is back on his feet, but Dvalishvili still has the body lock, he’s bullying Kenney is every aspect of this fight. (10-9 Dvalishvili) 

Round 3: Dvalishvili appears very fresh here in round three. He scores with a takedown, he’s now pinning Kenney’s legs to the mat. Kenney is attempting to scramble but Dvalishvili is in total control here. Kenney climbs back to his feet, but Dvalishvili takes him down again, that’s number twelve on the night for the Georgian fighter. Dvalishvili takes the back and sets both hooks, he’s landing short punches as the round comes to a close. (10-8 Dvalishvili)

Result: Merab Dvalishvili def. Casey Kenney via Unanimous Decision

Devin Clark vs. Dequan Townsend (Light-heavyweight)

Favorite: Clark -380

Round 1: Townsend is doing a decent job of holding the center of the octagon. Clark shoots and puts Townsend against the fence. He’s looking for a takedown, but Townsend is defending so far. Clark is landing knees on Townsend’s legs, but he’s struggling to get the takedown. Lots of work against the fence here, both fighters are looking for under hooks. The ref steps in for a separation, and from there Clark scores with a takedown. Clark is working from top half, he’s landing short punches and controlling. Clark transitions to the mount with just under twenty seconds left in the fight. (10-9 Clark)

Round 2: Townsend is looking to land, he lunges forward with a hook, but Clark changes levels and takes him down. Clark is working from side control, he is landing knees to the body, but he’s mostly opting to control here. Townsend is just laying flat, he’s not doing much to get back to his feet. (10-9 Clark)

Round 3: Slow start to round three, both guys are looking to land. Clark changes levels and takes Townsend down. Townsend recovers guard, with three minutes left in the round. Townsend is controlling and landing short punches, we aren’t seeing much of anything from Townsend. (10-9 Clark) (30-27 Clark)

Result: Devin Clark def. Dequan Townsend via Unanimous Decision 

Scott Holtzman vs. Jim Miller (Lightweight)

Favorite: Holtzman -150

Round 1: I had to reboot my internet, so I missed a portion of round one. It was close though, from what I saw. Miller landed some nice punches, but as the round progressed it felt like Holtzman was putting things together. (10-9 Holtzman?) 

Round 2: Holtzman is controlling the center of the octagon. He throws a spinning back fist, but Miller ducks and takes him down. Miller attempts to take the back, but Holtzman scrambles and we’re back in the center of the octagon. Holtzman scores with a trip takedown. Miller is working from the guard, he’s using a rubber guard, but Holtzman just pulls out of it. Holtzman lands a punch as he drops back down into Miller’s guard. (10-9 Holtzman)

Round 3: Holtzman is controlling the action here, he’s pressuring and clinching, and Miller is starting to show signs of fatigue. Holtzman is landing, Miller is starting to fight in a bit of a shell here. Holtzman is controlling the center and taking the opportunity to put Miller against the fence when it presents itself. (10-9 Holtzman) 

Result: Scott Holtzman def. Jim Miller via Unanimous Decision

John Dodson vs. Nathaniel Wood (Bantamweight) 

Favorite: Wood -155

Round 1: Wood is landing some short shots as the fight begins. Dodson charges forward with a flurry, but Wood avoids most of the big shots. Dodson closes the distance and lands a series of punches to the body. Dodson connects with a double jab, and a right hand to follow them up. Both fighters connect with left hooks, Dodson clinches and puts Wood against the fence. (10-9 Wood)

Round 2: Wood opens with a punch to the body. Dodson returns a quick flurry, but they did not appear to boast much power. Wood connects with a front kick to the groin, we are going to see a break in the action here. Dodson lands a 1-2 combination off a mistimed teep kick from Wood. Wood connects with another groin kick, and we see another break in the action. Wood connects with a lunging right hand, but Dodson recovers and charges forward, putting Wood against the fence in the process. Wood lands a straight right hand, he’s having a good bit of success with it tonight. Dodson clinches and puts Wood back against the fence. The ref steps in due to inaction, and also has asked the doctors to take a look at Wood’s cut. Back to the action, Dodson connects with a right hand and then an inside leg kick as the round comes to a close. (10-9 Dodson) Very good fight, also very close. The first seemed clear for Wood, the second leaned towards Dodson, I would say it’s probably 1-1 going into the third. 

Round 3: Dodson connects early with a left hand, and then a right! Wood is down, Dodson swarms him and this fight is over! Wow! What a finish! John Dodson remains unbeaten in New Mexico! 

Result: John Dodson def. Nathaniel Wood via TKO (Punches) Round 3, 0:16

Tim Means vs. Daniel Rodriguez (Welterweight) 

Favorite: Means -340

Round 1: Means opens up with a nice combination! Means changes levels and takes Rodriguez down! Means connects with a low kick and another combination. Rodriguez is all defense so far. Means is landing kicks and punches to the body, but he’s not pressuring much and it’s allowing Rodriguez to find his rhythm. Rodriguez lands in the final seconds of the round and puts Means down! Wow… Means will be saved by the bell. (10-9 Rodriguez) The knockdown earned him the round.

Round 2: Rodriguez is the aggressor here in round two, he’s jabbing Means at will here. Rodriguez connects with a left hand, and Means stumbles to the mat. Means is back on his feet, but he is in trouble here. Rodriguez lands several big punches, and Means shoots for a takedown! Rodriguez snags his neck though and sinks in a deep guillotine! Means taps and its all over! 

Result: Daniel Rodriguez def. Tim Means via Submission (Guillotine) Round 2, 3:37

UFC Rio Rancho Main Card

Yancy Medeiros vs. Lando Vannata (Lightweight)

Favorite: Vanatta -150

Round 1: Vannata is landing early, he connects with several well-placed hooks. Medeiros is having a hard time tracking his opponent’s movements. Great head movement by Vannata… he connects with a 1-2, thrown from the hips. They collide in the center, Vannata pivots off the line and lands a 1-2, Medeiros is being forced to calculate his movements here, we are not seeing his usually aggressive style. (10-9 Vannata)

Round 2: They’re exchanging shots in the center. Vannata attempts a takedown, but Medeiros defends it. Vannata seems like if he ever gets his style down, he can be very effective with it. It seems like he is always slightly off with something, but if he figures that out it will be interesting. (10-9 Vannata)

Round 3: Vannata connects with a kick to the body. Medeiros continues to chase him around the cage, but he’s just not having a ton of success. Medeiros lands a left hand, but Vannata trips him up with a low kick. Vannata connects with a straight right and then a right hook to the body of his opponent. Medeiros connects with a jab, Vannata returns a low kick. Vannata shoots for a takedown, but Medeiros avoids it and they remain on the feet. (10-9 Vannata)

Result: Lando Vannata def. Yancy Medeiros via Unanimous Decision

Rogerio Bontorin vs. Ray Borg (Flyweight)* 

*Borg missed weight

Favorite: Borg -145

Round 1: Bontorin is pressuring early, he puts Borg against the fence and is maintaining position from there. They scramble, and Borg scores with a takedown, he is now working from top half guard. Borg connects with an elbow, and then another. Bontorin scrambles back to his feet, but Borg takes him right back down. (10-9 Borg)

Round 2: Borg secures a body lock early on, and then takes Bontorin down to the mat. Borg takes the back, and he is threatening with an RNC! Borg has a body lock, but Bontorin is defending the choke. It’s more of a neck crank, but Borg continues to threaten with it. Bontorin scrambles, escaping the body lock in the process! Borg manages to hold on to him though, and he takes him down again. Bontorin recovers guard, but Borg connects with a slicing elbow in return. Borg looks very good when he’s able to get to top position, he’s throwing hard elbows, and controlling very well. Borg takes the back, and Bontorin turns and stands. (10-9 Borg)

Round 3: Bontorin closes the distance early, but Borg dips and takes him down. Bontorin scrambles, and Borg takes the back, though only briefly. Borg is controlling against the fence and threatening to take the back. Borg lifts Bontorin up and slams him, but Bontorin manages to brace himself. Still, though, Borg is dominating. Borg repositions for another takedown attempt, and this time he completes it. Bontorin recovers guard, but Borg lands a shot and transitions to side control. Bontorin rolls, but Borg is staying with him. (10-9 Borg) (30-27 Borg)

Result: Ray Borg def. Rogerio Bontorin via Unanimous Decision

Brok Weaver vs. Kazula Vargas (Welterweight)

Favorite: Weaver -250 

Vargas took Weaver down and landed a blatantly illegal knee that appeared to hurt Weaver quite a bit. Before the incident, Weaver was throwing some big shots but he was not able to connect with anything of note. 

Brok Weaver def. Kazula Vargas via Disqualification (Illegal Knee) Round 1, 4:01

Mara Romero Borella vs. Montana De La Rosa (Flyweight)

Favorite: De La Rosa -170

Round 1: They clinch early, De La Rosa takes Borella down, but Borella ends up taking the back after a scramble. De La Rosa scrambles though and takes Borella’s back while standing. De La Rosa connects with several knees to the body, as she holds Borella against the fence. (10-9 De La Rosa)

Round 2: De La Rosa scores with a takedown, and from there she is working to take the back. De La Rosa takes the back, she’s landing punches to the body from that position. De La Rosa has held the back for a while now. Borella is doing what she can to escape, but De La Rosa is controlling very well. (10-9 De La Rosa)

Round 3: De La Rosa connects with a solid right hand to break the ice. She connects with another shot and Borella is down! Borella recovers guard as De La Rosa drops to her level. De La Rosa is trying to pass the guard, but no luck just yet. De La Rosa is searching for a head and arm triangle, but Borella will hold on as the round comes to a close. (10-9 De La Rosa) (30-7 De La Rosa)

Result: Montana De La Rosa def. Mara Romero Borella via Unanimous Decision

Michel Pereira vs. Diego Sanchez (Welterweight)

Favorite: Pereira -170

Round 1: Sanchez opens up with a Rolling Thunder! Sanchez is charging forward with combinations, but Pereira is avoiding most of the shots. Pereira throws up a flying knee! Sanchez attempts to grab a leg, but Pereira pulls out. Pereira connects with a jab and a front kick. Sanchez is having a hard time landing anything. Pereira lands several punches as he puts Sanchez against the fence. (10-9 Pereira) Sanchez does not have a clear gameplan here, he’s just sprinting and throwing caution to the wind… classic Diego Sanchez basically. 

Round 2: Pereira continues to stalk Sanchez here in round two. Pereira connects with a flying knee, but Sanchez grabs his leg. Pereira shakes him though, and we’re back in the center. Pereira connects with a big straight right hand! Sanchez returns a right hook, but he needs to show more. Pereira scores with a superman punch off the fence, and then a knee as they briefly clinch. (10-9 Pereira) This fight is even weirder than I would have expected… 

Round 3: Pereira takes Sanchez down, but Sanchez scrambles back to his feet. Pereira connects with a flying knee, knocking Sanchez to the ground. He follows it up with shots on the ground, but Sanchez is working to recover. Pereira clinches and lands a knee right up the center, and then another which was illegal. The doctor is in to check on Sanchez, and the fight is being waved off. Well… that was the weirdest fight that I’ve ever seen. 

Result: Diego Sanchez def. Michel Pereira via Disqualification (Illegal Knee) Round 3, 3:09

Corey Anderson vs. Jan Blachowicz (Light-heavyweight)

Favorite: Anderson -200

Round 1: They’re exchanging short shots to start the round. Jan connects with a straight and an uppercut as he lunges forward. Jan lands a double jab, and then a counter right hook! Corey Anderson is down! Jan hits him with a heavy hammer fist, and this fight is over! Wow! Jan Blachowicz is now hollering at Jon Jones who is at cage side, they very well may be fighting over the championship soon. 

Result: Jan Blachowicz def. Corey Anderson via KO (Punch) Round 1, 3:08

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