LIVE UFC 245 REPORT: Real-time results & analysis of Usman-Covington, Holloway-Volkanovski, Nunes-De Randamie

By Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

UFC 245
December 14, 2019
Las Vegas, Nevada from T-Mobile Arena
Live on UFC Fight Pass (6:30 PM ET), ESPN 2 (8 PM ET), and PPV (10 PM ET)

UFC 245 Early Prelims 

Punahele Soriano vs. Oskar Piechota (Middleweight)

Favorite: Soriano -125

Round 1: Soriano lands early, and Piechota is down! Soriano is landing punches from the top, Piechota is scrambling to avoid them. Piechota has an arm, he is threatening with a kimura, but Soriano appears to be okay. Piechota switches from the arm to the neck, but Soriano shakes him, and we’re back on the feet. Soriano is stalking, he connects with a jab and then a big left hand, Piechota is down and out, but Soriano lands a couple more before the ref can stop it. Great debut for Soriano. 

Result: Punahele Soriano def. Oskar Piechota via KO (Left Hook and Punches) Round 1, 3:17

Jessica Eye vs. Viviane Araujo (Flyweight)

Favorite: Araujo -190

Round 1: They’re trading shots in the early part of round one. Eye connects with a wild right hand. Eye throws a kick, but Araujo catches it and takes her down. Eye recovers a half guard, but Araujo is landing elbows and looking to pass. Eye scrambles back to her feet after an ill-attempted pass on Araujo’s part. Eye connects with a looping left hand and then shoots for a takedown. Araujo sprawls, though,, and we stay on the feet. (10-9 Araujo) 

Round 2: Eye is doing an excellent job of landing her kicks and jabs. She’s a step faster than Araujo so far round two. Eye is landing lots of low kicks, Araujo does not have an answer for them. Araujo changes levels and completes a takedown with just over one minute left in the round. Eye quickly scrambles back to her feet with only under one minute remaining. Eye secures a body lock in the final moments of the round, she’s looking for a takedown, but Araujo will avoid it. (10-9 Eye)

Round 3: Eye is pressuring in round three, but Araujo is using head movement to avoid alot of the strikes. Araujo attempts a takedown, but Eye prevents it. Lots of back and forth combinations here by both fighters. Eye connects with a slick right hand. (10-9 Araujo) (29-28 Araujo)

Result: Jessica Eye def. Viviane Araujo via Unanimous Decision

Brandon Moreno def. Kai Kara France via Unanimous Decision* 

Chase Hooper def. Daniel Teymur via TKO (Elbows and Punches) Round 1, 4:34*

UFC 245 ESPN Prelims 

Matt Brown vs. Ben Saunders (Welterweight)

Favorite: Brown -350

Round 1: Saunders pulls guard early in round one. He’s searching for a triangle, but Brown is defending so far. They’ve been fighting over this triangle for nearly two minutes now. Brown is controlling Saunders’ wrists, but Saunders is still threatening the neck with the triangle. Brown finally breaks out of the triangle with just over thirty seconds left in the round. (10-9 Saunders) I don’t know how to score this round… Saunders was threatening with a triangle the entire fight, but Brown was on top and landing punches here and there. 

Round 2: Brown connects with several punches to break the ice. Brown connects with a high kick, and then an elbow! Saunders secures underhooks and pulls guard, with three and a half minutes left in the round. Brown is on top, landing short punches on Saunders. Saunders is covered in blood, but I think it’s coming from Matt Brown, it’s hard to tell right now. The ref stands the fighters up; Brown connects with a big right hand! Brown drags Saunders down to the mat, and he is landing some big elbows and punches; this fight is over. 

Result: Matt Brown, def. Ben Saunders via TKO (Punches and Elbows) Round 2, 4:55

Ian Heinisch vs. Omari Akhmedov (Middleweight)

Favorite: Heinisch -130

Round 1: Wild exchange breaks the ice. Heinisch shoots for a takedown, but Akhmedov defends and connects with a wild right hand. Neither guy is getting into much of a rhythm. Akhmedov shoots and completes a takedown, he passes towards side control, but Heinisch scrambles to his feet. (10-9 Akhmedov) 

Round 2: Heinisch connects with a knee up the middle. Akhmedov is targeting the body and the head of his opponent. Akhmedov secures a body lock, but Heinisch drops out of it and lands a well placed low kick. Akhmedov connects with a nice right hand and then a left hook as Heinisch attempted to circle away. Heinisch closes the distance and attempts a takedown, but Akhmedov is keeping himself up. Heinisch secures the takedown in the final moments of the round. (10-9 Heinisch) 

Round 3: Heinisch has secured an underhook early in the round, he puts Akhmedov against the fence, but can’t keep him there. Heinisch secures a takedown and wraps Akhmedov’s leg up. He’s landing as Akhmedov works to get back to his feet. Akhmedov lands a jab that staggers Heinisch a bit; from there, he shoots for a takedown, but no dice. (10-9 Heinisch) (29-28 Heinisch)

Result: Omari Akhmedov def. Ian Heinisch via Unanimous Decision

Irene Aldana vs. Ketlen Vieira (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Vieira -200 

Round 1: Aldana connects with an inside low kick. Vieira scores with a jab, but so far, she is allowing Aldana to work in circles around her. Aldana connects to the body, and then circles away. Vieira connects with a 1-2, Aldana fires one back in return. Aldana connects with a clean left hook! Vieira is down and out! WHAT A KNOCK-OUT! Aldana was quicker for most of the night, and she seemed far more in tuned than Vieira. This is a bit of an upset, and it should shake up the rankings quite a bit. 

Result: Irene Aldana def. Ketlen Vieira via KO (Left-Hook) Round 1, 4:51 

Mike Perry vs. Geoff Neal (Welterweight)

Favorite: Neal -250 

Round 1: Perry is looking to land a bit shot early in the round, but Neal is stalking. Neal is landing with clean jabs and straights. Neal connects with a high kick! Perry is hurt! Neal connects with another high kick! Perry is hurt; he falls against the fence! Neal lands a right hand, and Mike Perry is down! Neal lands several shots on the ground, and this fight is over! 

Result: Geoff Neal def. Mike Perry via TKO (High-kick and Punches) Round 1, 1:30

UFC 245 Pay-Per-View 

Petr Yan vs. Urijah Faber (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Yan -600

Round 1: Yan is controlling the center early in the round. Faber fakes a takedown and connects with a knee right up the middle. Yan connects with a high-kick, and follows it up with a 1-2! Faber seems a bit hesitant to commit to his shots. Faber catches a kick and fights for a clinch, but Yan shakes him off. Faber secures a clinch, but Yan shakes him and lands a quick right hand. Faber scores with a low kick, but his offense seems very out of sync so far. (10-9 Yan) 

Round 2: Faber is doing a better job of staying off the line here in round two. Faber secures a clinch and puts Yan against the fence, but only briefly. Yan is advancing, and he connects with a 1-2, and Faber is down! He recovers, but Yan is landing! Faber connects with a short punch, but Yan connects with a left hand, and Faber is down! Yan drops down into his guard and lands a big elbow! The ref stops the fight, and the doctor is taking a look at Faber. Back to the action, and Yan is working from top position. Faber scrambles to his feet, but he is busted up here. Faber attempts a takedown, but Yan reverses it and drags Faber down with a body lock. (10-9 Yan)

Round 3: Yan connects with a head kick to break the ice. Faber partially blocked it, though. Yan clinches briefly, separates, and connects with a head kick! Faber is down, and this fight is over. 

Result: Petr Yan def. Urijah Faber via KO (Head-kick) Round 3, 0:43

Marlon Moraes vs. Jose Aldo (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Moraes -160 

Round 1: Moraes connects with a high kick early in the round. Aldo connects with a straight right hand! Both fighters are showing lots of respect. Moraes lunges in with a jab and follows it up with a straight right. Aldo lands a straight right hand, and he’s starting to turn up the heat a little bit. Right-hand lands for Aldo, but Moraes takes the opportunity to throw Aldo to the ground. Moraes will end the round in top position. (10-9 Moraes) 

Round 2: They’re exchanging shots. Aldo connects with a right to the jaw and a left hook to the body! Moraes connects with a left, but Aldo returns a big right hand! Moraes is starting to back up a bit as Aldo advances. Moraes throws a wheel kick, but Aldo blocks it. Aldo lands to the body, but Moraes avoids the follow-up shot. Aldo is pressuring here, and Moraes is not answering the challenge. Moraes appears to be slowing down. (10-9 Aldo)

Round 3: Aldo opens the round with a right hand! Moraes returns a left hand, but it was hard to see if it landed. Aldo lands a left hook. Aldo is pressuring, and Moraes just isn’t throwing much of note. Moraes connects with a short jab. Aldo opens up with a straight right hand and left hook combination, and he is well on his way to winning this fight. Moraes is starting to open up with some high-risk kicks, but Aldo is wise to all of them. Moraes connects with a multi-shot combination, but he is running out of time here. (10-9 Aldo) (29-28 Aldo)

Result: Marlon Moraes def. Jose Aldo via Split Decision 

Analysis: Very close fight, but I felt that Aldo did enough to win. Watch the fight for yourself, it was good, but the decision was questionable.

(C) Amanda Nunes vs. Germaine de Randamie for UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship 

Favorite: Nunes -300

Round 1: Nunes is landing early as GDR attempts to find her range. Nunes completes a takedown with over three minutes left in the round. GDR scrambles back to her feet, but Nunes has her in a guillotine! Nunes pulls guard, but GDR pulls out of the choke. Nunes clinches and trips GDR to the mat, and she is landing punches from top position. GDR is throwing up-kicks, but Nunes is landing punches as well. Nunes is looking for the finish, she is landing shot after shot, GDR has her feet on hips, but Nunes transitions to side control. Nunes attacks with an arm-triangle, but GDR survives! GDR is tough… but that was a one-sided affair. (10-8 Nunes)

Round 2: GDR is putting some heat on her punches. Nunes lands with a low kick. GDR lands a big right hand! GDR connects again with a right hand. Nunes changes levels and takes the fight to the mat. GDR is just holding on from the bottom, and the ref stands them up. GDR connects with a high kick, but Nunes appears to be okay. GDR rushes in with a flying knee! She secures a clinch and scores with several big knees! Nunes changes levels and scores with another takedown. GDR is doing an excellent job of avoiding damage on the ground. (10-9 Nunes)

Round 3: Nunes scores with a takedown early in the round. She’s mostly controlling, and GDR can’t do much about it. GDR is holding on; she’s looking for a stand up like she got in round two. Nunes is far more active here though, GDR will likely have to get up on her own. Nunes lands two hard elbows from the top; she’s giving GDR no room here. GDR connects with a big up-kick! Nunes transitions to side-control and GDR scrambles to her feet. Nunes takes her right back down, though, as the round ends. (10-9 Nunes) 

Round 4: Nunes takes GDR down right out of the gate. GDR is doing an excellent job of defending, but in terms of points, this fight is not close. Nunes connects with an elbow from half guard. GDR throws up a triangle and rolls to mount! Nunes escapes though, regains top control after a dominant takedown. GDR is holding on from bottom guard, and she’s looking for a stand up here. Nunes lands a right hand after postering up, but the movement has slowed at this point in the round. Nunes is landing punches from the top, but they’ve slowed considerably. (10-9 Nunes) 

Round 5: Nunes catches a low kick and takes GDR down. GDR recovers guard, but Nunes has four and a half minutes to work. Nunes is controlling and landing short punches to the body when she can find an opening. Nunes continues to land to the head and body with one minute left in the round. GDR fought until the end, but Nunes was just too good. Easy decision here. (10-9 Nunes) (50-44 Nunes)

Result: Amanda Nunes def. Germaine de Randamie via Unanimous Decision

(C) Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski for UFC Featherweight Championship

Favorite: Holloway -180

Round 1: Holloway is working his jab in the early part of the round. Volk connects with a quick left hook, but Holloway is unphased. Volk is lunging into punches, he’s fighting with power here. Holloway is just looking to land, and throw off Volk’s timing. Holloway connects with a low kick; with ninety seconds remaining in the round. Holloway closes the distance and secures a clinch, he attempted a trip but Holloway shook him. (10-9 Holloway)

Round 2: Holloway is targeting the lead leg with kicks. Volk continues to load up and throw big punches but Holloway just isn’t in place for them to land. Volk is starting to tear into the inside of Holloway’s lead leg. Holloway is going to have to do something about these low kicks or his movement is going to be severely limited going into these later rounds. Holloway lands with several straight punches, but Volk manages to avoid most of them. Holloway switches stances, perhaps a sign that the kicks are taking effect. Volk connects with a looping right hook! Volk scores again with a low kick as the final seconds tick away. (10-9 Volkanovski)

Round 3: Holloway connects with a straight left hand to break the ice. Volk connects to the body and then connects with a right hook to the head. Everything Holloway does, Volk has an answer for. Holloway connects with an uppercut, but Volk returns fire with a right hook. Volk connects with a right hook, backing Holloway against the fence. Volk connects with a left hook, Holloway cannot find his rhythm. Volk connects with a jab and then a hook to the body. He’s continuing to target the lead leg of Holloway, regardless of stance. Holloway connects with a straight right hand, but Volk avoids most of it. (10-9 Volkanovski)

Round 4: Volk connects with two big hooks to start the round. Holloway lunges in, but Volk ducks and connects with a counter right hand. Volk shoots, he has a single leg but Holloway backs against the fence. Volk connects with another low kick. Holloway connects with an uppercut, but he can’t get anything going. His normal style of punches in bunches is pretty much out of the window at this point. Holloway connects with a right hand! Right hook lands for Volk. Holloway connects to the body. Volk scores with a hook and low kick combination. Holloway returns fire with a nice jab and straight right hand! Left-hand lands for Volk. Holloway connects with a hook to the body, and then a knee. (10-9 Volkanovski) 

Round 5: Holloway is stalking, he likely knows he needs a finish here. Holloway connects with a low kick, and then a punch to the body. Volk scores with a left, but Holloway rips him back with a hook to the body! Holloway connects with a jab, he’s doing a good job of keeping Volk against the fence. Volk connects with a left hook, and then a right to the body. Volk secures a clinch and puts Holloway against the fence, but only briefly. Volk scores with a jab, and then a right hand! He changes levels for a takedown, but Holloway underhooks him and separates. Double jab lands for Volk, he could be thirty seconds away from winning the title. Holloway scores to the body, they’re starting to slow Volk down, but is it too little too late? (10-9 Holloway) (48-47 Volkanovski) 

Result: Alexander Volkanovski def. Max Holloway via Unanimous Decision to win the UFC Featherweight Championship. He is just the fourth undisputed champion in UFC featherweight history.

(C)Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington for UFC Welterweight Championship 

Favorite: Usman -175

Round 1: Both guys are throwing jabs and hooks early in the round, neither guy has attempted to mix anything up. Usman connects with a hard right hand. Covington connects with a left hand, and then a kick to the body. Usman returns a stiff, right hand. Covington connects with a right hand! And then another! Usman clinches but they quickly separate. Covington is jabbing, and landing quick right hands. Covington connects with a right hook, but Usman returns a hard left. Usman connects with a hard right hook to the body. Covington lunges in with a knee, but Usman counters with a knee of his own! Covington lands a left and then lunges in for a low kick. (10-9 Covington) 

Round 2: Usman appears to be targeting the body here in the second frame. Covington connects with a jab and then a straight right, but Usman lands a nice front kick to the body. Usman connects with a quick right hand. Usman lands a jab, and Covington returns a straight right hand. Usman scores with another straight right hand. Covington lands a series of jabs, but Usman is starting to get into a rhythm here. Usman lands to the body, Covington returns a knee that lands low. We have a break in the action. Covington lands a right hook and circles away. So many shots are being exchanged here… Usman lands to the body, and then with a right hook. Usman lands a shot to the body, and Covington appeared to feel it. (10-9 Usman)

Round 3: Covington is looking for the jab early on. Usman scores with a front kick to the body, he’s had a lot of success with that strike tonight. Usman connects with a hard jab. Usman lands a hard right hand! Covington’s head snapped back after that one, but he’s still moving forward. Usman scores with a hard right hand to the body! Covington is having trouble with some of these body shots. 1-2 lands for Usman, with just over two minutes left in the round. Covington appears to be slowing down here, he has no answer for these body shots. Covington scores with a shot to the body, but Usman returns a left hand! Covington lands a high kick, but then pokes Usman in the eye. We have a break in the action here… Back to it and Usman lands a punch right before the bell ends. (10-9 Usman)

Round 4: Covington connects with a jab, and then unleashes a flurry of punches. Usman scores with a kick to the body, and then a jab. Covington lands with a quick right hook, and then an uppercut! Covington lands another uppercut, but Usman returns a straight right hand. Usman scores with another straight right hand. Ninety seconds remain in the round. Covington cracks Usman again with a right hand, and then an inside low kick. (10-9 Covington) 

Round 5: Covington connects with a combination to open the round. Covington scores with a left, but Usman is very composed. Covington scores with a right, but Usman returns a punch to the midsection. Left-hand lands for Covington, with just over two minutes left in the fight. Usman connects with a straight right, and Covington could be in trouble here! Usman connects again with a straight right hand! Usman connects with another right hand and Covington is down! Usman jumps on him and lands several shots, and this fight is over! 

Result: Kamaru Usman def. Colby Covington via TKO (Punches) Round 5, 4:10

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