Dana White’s Contender Series, S 3, Ep 10, LIVE REPORT

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Dana White's Contender Series

Dana White’s Contender Series, S 3, Ep 10, live on ESPN+

TJ Brown vs. Dylan Lockard (Featherweight)

Round 1: Lockard catches Brown with a big Lockard scrambles to his feet and lands a flurry of punches, backing his opponent against the fence in the process. Lockard takes Brown down, and briefly gets an arm under the neck, before giving up on it. Brown manages to reverse the position, and he is now working from Lockard’s back. Lockard works back to his feet, but Brown takes him back down. They scramble again! So much movement here. Brown nails Lockard in the face with an illegal knee… Lockard was down; Brown will be reprimanded by the ref for that one. The ref is taking a point from Brown. Weird round… hard to follow, and the foul didn’t help anything. (10-8 Lockard)

Round 2: Brown takes Lockard down after a brief exchange. Lockard is looking to get back to his feet; Brown is transitioning around, he’s in control so far. Lockard scrambles and takes Brown down with a body lock. Brown is landing elbows from the top position. (10-9 Brown)

Round 3: Brown is opening up with kicks in the early part of the round. He shoots for a takedown, but Lockard defends it. Lockard is now working for his own takedown against the fence. He completes a double leg, but Brown is threatening with a kimura. He uses the kimura to transition to the back; he has two hooks in, and just over two minutes left to work. Brown locks in an arm-triangle choke and Lockard taps. 

Result: TJ Brown def. Dylan Lockard via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) Round 3, 2:59

Verdict: Brown struggled a bit early, but once he found his rhythm, it was clear that he was the better fighter. Lockard was tough, but ultimately out-matched. It will be interesting to see if the illegal knee affects the way that Dana White views this performance. With that being said, I think he deserves a contract. 

Ben Sosoli vs. Dustin Joynson (Heavyweight)

Round 1: Sosoli is stalking in the early going of the fight. Joynson is throwing a diverse array of kicks, front kicks, sidekicks, everything. Sasoli charges forward with an uppercut, and a right hook. Joynson is hurt hear, he’s complaining about an eye-poke. The fight has been stopped, the doctor is in the cage, and they are taking a look at Joynson. He’s telling the doctor he can’t see, this fight will almost surely be stopped. Yep, it’s all over. Bizarre fight, bizarre night. It will be interesting to see how the ref calls this. 

Result: Ben Sasoli vs. Dustin Joynson ended via NO Contest (Eye Poke) Round 1, 2:08 

Verdict: It wasn’t great, in fact, it was awful. Joynson appeared to catch a thumb to the eye, it was not entirely clear, but it did appear to be damaged post-fight. This is a tough break for Sosoli, he was looking good, but it seems unlikely that he will get a contract off a no contest, and the same applies to Joynson. 

Sang Hoon Yoo vs. Peter Barrett (Lightweight)

Round 1: Yoo scores with a takedown right out of the gate. Barret is scrambling, but Yoo is maintaining top control. Yoo attempts an armbar, but Barrett defends. We’re back on the feet, and Yoo connects with several punches and a big knee! Yoo is landing kicks to the body, and lots of straight punches. Barrett secures an underhook and forces Yoo against the fence. Barrett connects with a big right hand, and then an elbow! (10-9 Yoo)

Round 2: Yoo connects with a right hand to get things started, but Barrett returns a straight right of his own. Barrett is controlling things against the fence, he has looked better in this round, but his offense still seems a bit limited. Barrett scores with a quick double leg, but Yoo pops right back up. Yoo might be slowing a bit; it’s hard to say right now. Yoo connects with a right hand and then misses with a high kick. Barrett moves in for a takedown, and he gets it in the final seconds of the round. (10-9 Barrett) 

Round 3: Barrett connects with a kick to the midsection. Yoo returns a straight right and follows it up with a kick to the body. They’re in the clinch; both guys appear to be exhausted. Barrett is looking for a takedown, but Yoo is defending with the aid of the fence. Barrett gets him down though, and he is scrambling for position. (10-9 Barrett)

Result: Peter Barrett def. Sang Hoon Yoo via Unanimous Decision 

Verdict: Sang Hoon Yoo looked like a world-beater in the first round. He had the advantage on the feet and the ground. Ultimately though his lack of pacing seemed to hurt him in the later rounds. Barrett worked very hard for the entire fight, despite a tough first round. He had a very gritty performance, and despite not getting a finish I think that his style will earn him a contract.

Kailin Hill vs. Impa Kasanganay (Middleweight)

Round 1: Hill throws a high kick early in the round, but Impa catches it and takes him down. Hill recovers guard, but Impa is controlling him for the most part, and landing shots. Hill manages to escape to his feet with three minutes remaining. They’re exchanging on the feet, but neither guy is establishing much of an advantage. Impa connects with a jab and follows it with a straight right. Hill attempts a spinning back-fist, and then a head kick, but Impa is wise to it. Hill scores with a quick takedown, but Impa pops right back to his feet. Impa secures a body lock and takes Hill down with less than one minute remaining. They scramble, and Hill lands a left hand in the final seconds of the round, before completing one final takedown. (10-9 Impa Kasanganay)

Round 2: Hill is looking to make up for the last round. He is throwing some wild punches to the head and body of his opponent. Hill attempts a takedown, but Impa defends it and puts his opponent against the fence. Impa is landing punches against the fence, Hill shoots, but can’t quite make it happen. Hill manages a sweep, but Impa is looking for a submission from his back. (10-9 Impa)

Round 3:  After a brief exchange on the feet, we see Hill change levels for a takedown. Impa sprawls though and lands a few shots on the ground. Impa is working from half guard; he is looking for a head-arm triangle. Impa is in total control, Hill is working on getting to his feet, but Impa is making him carry his body weight. Impa attempts to take the back but allows Hill to get back to his feet in the process. (10-9 Impa) (30-27 Impa Kasanganay)

Result: Impa Kasanganay def. Kailin Hill via Unanimous Decision 

Verdict: I could see Dana White saying that Kasanganay needs more experience, but he looks like an excellent prospect. He was the biggest underdog on the card, so perhaps overcoming that will aid his chances. 

Dusko Todorovic vs. Teddy Ash (Middleweight)

Round 1: Todorovic is controlling Ash against the fence in the early part of the round. Ash is looking for underhooks, and probably for a way off the fence, but Todorovic is persistent. Todorovic is working the body, and Ash still cannot find a way off the fence. Todorovic scores with a knee and then changes levels for a takedown. Ash defends it, so Todorovic returns to attacking the body. Ash finally gets off the fence in the final seconds of the round, he attacks with a flurry of punches, but Todorovic puts him right back against the fence. (10-9 Todorovic)

Round 2: Ash is aggressive to start the round. Todorovic secures an underhook and forces him against the fence. Ash has a cut beneath his right eye. Ash is doing what he can to avoid eating any big shots. They separate, and Todorovic lands a high kick, and then puts Ash back against the fence. Ash circles off the fence and lands a few quick punches. Todorovic secures an underhook though, and that’s how the round will end. (10-9 Todorovic)

Round 3: Ash comes out aggressive again, you have to give him credit for trying. Todorovic is returning fire though. He secures a clinch, lands a few shots, and then puts Ash right back against the fence. Todorovic is landing lots of shots against the fence, Ash is busted open but still game. Todorovic looked fantastic tonight. It wasn’t the most exciting fight, but it was very effective on Todorovic’s part. (10-9 Todorovic) (30-27 Todorovic)

Result: Dusko Todorovic def. Teddy Ash via Unanimous Decision 

Verdict: Dusko did not get a finish, but his performance was dominant. Not sure if that will be enough though. 

Contracts Awarded: Dusko Todorovic, Peter Barrett, and TJ Brown received contracts. Sosoli and Joynson were not eligible. 

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