UFC Newark: Live Report

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

UFC Newark

UFC Newark

August 3, 2019

Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey



Miranda Granger def. Hannah Goldy via Unanimous Decision 

Granger led the action on the feet despite being a grappler. Disappointing debut for Goldy.

Claudio Silva def. Cole Williams via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1, 2:35 

Silva dominated the fight from start to finish. He took Williams down with a trip, took his back, and ended the fight with very little effort.

Lauren Murphy def. Mara Romero Borella via KO (Knee and Elbows) Round 3. 1:46

Murphy was likely down two rounds before landing the fight-ending strikes. Absolutely fantastic KO for Murphy.

Jordan Espinosa (14-5, 1 NC) vs. Matt Schnell (13-4) – Flyweight 125 lbs.

Round 1: Espinosa connects with a few shots as does Schnell.  Espinosa shoots early, but Schnell catches his neck! He’s threatening with a guillotine! Schnell transitions to the triangle choke and Espinosa taps! 

Result: Matt Schnell def. Jordan Espinosa via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 1, 1:23 

Antonina Shevchenko (7-1) vs. Lucie Pudilova (8-4) – Featherweight 145 lbs.

Round 1: Sling TV is giving me all sorts of issues and I apologize. This was a good round from what i saw, Schevchenko nearly finished with an armbar but Pudilova pulled out and managed to survive the round. (10-9 Shevchenko)

Round 2: Shevchenko forces the fight against the fence early and takes her opponent down to the mat. Shevchenko is threatening with an RNC but Pudilova appears to be fighting it. Pudilova is out! Wow! Great win for Shevchenko! 

Result: Antonina Shevchenko def. Lucie Pudilova via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 1:20

Mickey Gall (5-2) vs. Salim Touahri (10-3) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

Round 1: Gall scores with a kick to the midsection to get things going. Gall moves in to close the distance and Touahri connects with a solid left hook! Gall shoots but settles for a body lock. Gall takes the back standing, but Touahri is defending so far. Touahri escapes the cage after a solid minute or so. He shoots, but Gall sprawls and immediately takes the back. (10-9 Gall) 

Round 2: After a brief exchange on the feet we see Gall close the distance and force things against the fence. Gall scores with an uppercut as they separate. Touahri connects with a left hand, but Gall returns a left hand of his own. Both were nice shots. Gall is working for a single leg but Touahri sprawls. Gall uses wrist control to escape the position, he is on his feet and he connects with a big elbow! He has the neck and drops for a guillotine but Touahri pops right out of it. (10-9 Touahri) 

Round 3: Gall surges forward with a 2-1 that lands nicely. Touahri scores with a solid three punch combination. Gall is slowing a bit and Touahri is starting to string shots together. Touahri shoots but Gall grabs the neck, only for a moment. Gall has the back standing but so far he is just holding on. They separate and both guys connect with short right hands. Gall has very little head movement, he gets hit a lot. Gall secures a body lock with just under a minute left in the round. They separate and Touahri lunges forward with a straight right hand, but Gall changes levels and takes him down! That might have been the fight sealer for Gall there! (10-9 Gall) 

Result: Mickey Gall def. Salim Touahri via Unanimous Decision 


Darko Stosic (13-2) vs. Kennedy Nzechukwu (6-1) – Light Heavyweight 205 lbs.

Round 1: Stosic opens up with an inside leg kick, and then another. He shoots for a single but Kennedy backs up against the cage and Stosic gives it up. Kennedy fires off a well-placed 1-2! Stosic is starting to eat up the lead inside the leg. Kennedy scores with a knee to the chest… he has a massive height advantage. Kennedy is keeping Stosic at a distance, just as I say that Stosic rushes in and lands several shots. (10-9 Stosic) Close round. Kennedy controlled the center but he seems a bit hesitant. Stosic landed the better strikes. 

Round 2: Kennedy is starting to string shots together, Stosic is mostly just moving but he’s still getting hit. It’s hard to say if Stosic is tired or if he just can’t get inside. Stosic shoots and takes Kennedy down with a double leg. Kennedy works his way up with the aid of the fence and we are back in the center of the cage. Kennedy is landing jab after jab and straight after straight… Stosic lands a kick to the groin, that’s the second of the fight and he will have a point taken. Stosic will need a finish now if he wants a win. He lands a nice kick to Kennedy’s body, he appears to have a little more pep in his step after that rest. (10-8 Kennedy)

Round 3: Stosic lands a kick to the body to open things up. Stosic lands an overhand and then trips Kennedy to the mat. Well, Stosic just kicked Kennedy in the groin again… DQ? Is another point taken? Interesting situation here. The doctor is in the cage and I guess he is checking on Kennedy’s groin… The ref is taking another point. Very good job by the referee here. Some might argue that a DQ is warranted but honestly, I think he’s doing fine, Kennedy said he wanted to continue. Stosic scores with a left hook, he appears very fresh. He shoots and completes a takedown but Kennedy pops right back up against the fence. Stosic shoots again and scores another takedown, he really needs to be working for a finish here. Kennedy is SO FAR ahead. Kennedy pops up but Stosic takes him right back down. He can’t keep him there though, Kennedy is very good at staying off his back. (9-9 Stosic) 

Result: Kennedy Nzechukwu def. Darko Stosic via Unanimous Decision

Scott Holtzman (12-3) vs. Dong Hyun Ma (16-9-3) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

Round 1: Holtzman is very aggressive. My feed keeps freezing, but Holtzman is pressuring and landing punches to the head and body. Ma is not defending very well and his right eye is starting to show a bit of damage. Ma does not seem overly prepared for a wrestler here tonight and it doesn’t look like he expected Holtzman to be so explosive. (10-9 Holtzman) 

Round 2: Holtzman is doing a good job of mixing up his punches and takedowns. He’s forcing Ma against the fence and he’s hitting him with a variety of punches. Ma is taking some big shots here, and Holtzman is giving him zero room to breathe. Holtzman is attacking the inside lead leg with kicks, Ma is really busted up here. Holtzman shoots and takes Ma down, and chops right through the guard into half. He lands a few hard elbows as the round ends. (10-9 Holtzman)

The doctor stopped the fight in between rounds, it’s all over. Ma’s eye is an absolute mess, it’s closed shut and he’s clearly in pain. 

Result: Scott Holtzman def. Dong Hyun Ma via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) Round 2

Trevin Giles (11-1) vs. Gerald Meerschaert (28-11) – Middleweight 185 lbs.

Round 1: Giles connects with a right hand to get things going. He secures a body lock and takes Meerschaert down to the mat. Meerschaert sweeps with an arm-triangle from the bottom, he is now working from top mount. Giles sweeps Meerschaert and takes top control after a period of inaction. (10-9 Meerschaert) Not a very active round for either guy. I scored it for Meerschaert because of the top control. 

Round 2: Giles scores with a takedown early. Meershcaert just isn’t doing much of anything outside of basic defense on the round. Meerschaert scores with a sweep and he is now working from inside of Giles’ guard. Meerschaert has top control but he is doing nothing with it, no punches or really much of anything. He is in a good position and he appears content to coast. The problem with relying on this style is that is doesn’t take much for your opponent to steal the round. If he gets up and lands one big shot, it can change everything. (10-9 Meerschaert)

Round 3: Meerschaert connects with a kick to the midsection to break the ice. He follows it up with a head kick and then a sloppy takedown attempt. Giles sprawls and climbs back to his feet. Meerschaert shoots again though, and this time he scores. He has the neck, Giles escapes initially but Meerschaert repositions and Giles is out cold! Terrible stoppage by Herb Dean, Giles was out for several seconds, Dean missed the initial tap. I hate seeing that. 

Result: Gerald Meerschaert def. Trevin Giles via Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) Round 3, 1:49

Joaquim Silva (11-1) vs. Nasrat Haqparast (10-2) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

Haqparast defeated Silva with a massive right hand and punches on the ground. I will update will complete results after the main event.

Results: Nasrat Haqparast def. Joaquim Silva via KO (Punches) Round 2, 0:36

Jim Miller (30-13, 1 NC) vs. Clay Guida (35-18) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

Round 1: Guida lands a big right hand! Miller returns one of his own! Guida is stunned! He shoots, but Miller catches him in a guillotine! Guida is sleeping! It took Herb Dean a few moments to realize he was out… rough night for Herb Dean, and Clay Guida. 

Result: Jim Miller def. Clay Guida via Technical Submission (Guillotine Choke) Round 1, 0:58 

Colby Covington (14-1) vs. Robbie Lawler (28-13, 1 NC) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

Round 1: Lots of scrambles in the early going. Covington secures a clinch and shoots, Lawer is briefly down but he pops right back up. Covington scores with another takedown and Lawler is against the fence. Lawler is up but Covington takes him right back down again. He takes the back, but Lawler is defending. He has a neck crank but switches sides and he’s now working for an RNC. Lawler is working to get out of this but Covington is like glue so far. Lawler is up! But Covington moves forward with strikes and takes him right back down! (10-9 Covington) Very good fight. 

Round 2: Lawler moves in early, but Covington counters with low kicks and a series of punches. He shoots, grabs the ankle and takes Lawler down. Lawler stands up, but Covington is pressuring against the fence. Lawler escapes the position but Covington shoots and takes him right back down. Lawler is up, Covington hits him with an uppercut, and takes him right back down. Covington is very good, make no mistake about it. Covington appeared to allow Lawler up, and he’s now landing lots of shots against the fence. Covington scores with an uppercut, and then a right hook. Covington scores with a kick to the body. Covington lands a left hook in the final seconds of the round. (10-8 Covington)

Round 3: Lawler is moving forward here in round three. Covington shoots, but Lawler is defending. They’re off the cage and back to the center. Convington closes the distance with a flying knee and shoots, but Lawler defends. Lawler connects with a left hand! Covington continues to pressure forward though. He’s boxing Lawler up against the fence, Lawler is using head movement but a lot of shots are landing. Covington scores with a kick to the midsection. (10-9 Covington)

Round 4: Covington is moving forward but Lawler is starting to land with a little more frequency. Covington shoots but Lawler steps out of it. Covington secures a clinch and lands a few short shots. They’re fighting at boxing range, both guys are landing. Covington shoots and Lawler is down again, Covington takes the back briefly, but Lawler steps out of it and puts his back against the fence. (10-9 Covington)

Round 5: Covington continues to pressure, his pace has been absolutely insane tonight. Just non-stop, measured movements. Lawler connects with a shot to the body and the face, but Covington continues moving forward. He secures a clinch but Lawler circles away from the position. Covington ends the round with a sort of tornado kick-spinning back fist type thing… absolutely fantastic performance by Covington. (10-9 Covington)

Result: Colby Covington def. Robbie Lawler via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: Absolutely great performance by Covington. He beat Lawler everywhere with constant pressure. His striking was crisp, his wrestling was solid. I am suddenly very excited about Covington vs. Usman. Lawler got worked, but honestly held up well.

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