UFC San Antonio LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of dos Anjos vs. Edwards

Robert Vallejos, MMATorch Managing Editor

UFC San Antonio
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 UFC San Antonio

July 20, 2019

AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas


Men’s Bantamweight Domingo Pilarte vs. Felipe Colares

Round 1: Pilarte with a low leg kick, Colares gets one of his own, and rushes into a standing clinch. Colares gets behind Pilarte. Colares lands foot stomps. Colares releases an arm and lands elbows. They break. Pilarte with a body kick. Colares with his own body kick shoots against the cage. Colares lands knees before landing a takedown. Colares gets into a side mount, lands elbows from the position. Colares stands but Pilarte goes for an armbar. They break, stand, Colares shoots against the cage, the round ends.

Round 2: Pilarte starts the round with a low kick. Colares looks to land a low blow, but the ref does not stop the fight. Colares pressures and they land up at the cage. Colares lands a standing knee. Pilate scrambles out. They land back at the cage, with Pilarte behind Colares. Colares reversed for a takedown. Pilarte goes for a kimura, but Corales stands, they remain locked, Pilartle still going for the kimura as they stand. Pilarte lands a brief takedown but they stand. Pilarte lands a knee to the body followed by a series of elbows before landing a takedown. They stand. Pilarte lands an elbow against the cage, they break. Colares lands a front kick that results in a takedown. Colrares lands strikes from the top. The round ends.

Round 3: Colares starts the round with a groin kick, time is stopped. Warning issues to Colares. Fight resumes. Big body kick by Colares. Colares goes for a standing headlock, but unable to lands. Pilarte gets behind Colares and lands a takedown from behind. Pilarte goes for rear choke, but Colares remains active. Pilarte’s body triangle is locked tight, despite Colares trying to roll out of it. Colares throws punches behind his head. Pilarte keeps going for chokes. Round and fight ends.

Result: Felipe Colares def. Domingo Pilarte via split-decision

Men’s Bantamweight Mario Bautista vs. Jin Soo Son

Round 1: Son with a quick right hand. Another right for Son. Leg kick by Bautista. Bautista now lands a right of his own. Son lands a stiff punching combo. Left hans from Son lands. Son lands a quick jumping knee. They clinch against the cage. They break a trade head shots. Son closes the round with a three-punch combo.

Round 2: They both come out aggressive, with Son applying pressure at the cage. They rotate but stay locked up. Son lands a takedown, but Bautista quickly stands. They remain locked, Bautista goes for kimura, but does not land it. Son with another takedown, but the quickly stand a break. Son gets the better of the punching exchanges. Bautista counter punches and ands a stiff elbow. They lock at the cage. Bautista breaks the lock with elbows. Bautista now getting the better of the exchanges. Bautista shoots but the round ends.

Round 3: They start the round trading punches. Son mixes in body punches. Bautista stings son with a counter right. Bautista lands standing elbows. Son lands a takedown, but they immediately  stand…twice. As the stand they continue to trade combos. Bautista lands knees and body punches. They both look gassed. End

Analysis: That fight was all action. It was hard to follow all the strikes because they were relentless. No argument with Bautista getting the W.

Result: Mario Bautista def. Jin Soo Son via unanimous decision (30-27 2x, 29-28)Men’s

Bantamweight Ray Borg vs. Gabriel Silva

Round 1: Borg with a left jab. Silva with a counter right. Borg walks Silva to the cage. Silva grabs a single-leg and gets a mild takedown. Silva lands on top. Borg stands, but Silva lands another takedown, they stand again. Borg goes for takedown at the cage, but Silva reverses and gets the back of Borg. Borg rolls, and finally scrambles out just as the round ends.

Round 2: Borg shoots for a double-leg and lands it. Silva keeps moving. Borg goes fora guillotine from a guard. Silva slips out, but still in Borg’s guard. Borg breaks free, but Silva grabs his back against the cage. Silva attempts a rear choke at the cage. Borg rolls to the top, and now takes Silva’s back. Silva escapes and the stand. Borg once again shoots and lands a ginger takedown, as Silva stands, Borg gets Silva’s back but unable to find a choke before the round ends.

Round 3: Silva shoots for a single-leg, but unable to get a complete takedown. They stand but remain close, Borh picks up Silva and slams him. Borg gains a top position at the cage. Borg gets Silva’s back, they stand, but Borg keeps the pressure at the cage. Borg lands another takedown. They stand and Borg slams Silva face first. They stand again, but Borg once again gets the takedown. Silva stands, but Borg remains on Silva’s back. They get back on level ground and Silve gets another takedown, before they again stand. This process repeats. Both men trade quick punches at the cage right before the round ends.

Result: Ray Borg def. Gabriel Silva via unanimous decision (29-28 3x)

Analysis: Borg was relentless here. Silva looked really good in round 1, but after that Borg would not stop. Borg was justifiably very emotional after the fight.

Catchweight Roxanne Modafferi vs. Jennifer Maia

Round 1: Modafferi with an overhead right to start. They trade combos both nothing is really landing. They get into a standing clinch, with Modafferi applying pressure at the cage. They walk across the cage but remain locked. Modafferi shoots at the cage but unable to secure a takedown. Maia reverses and lands a takedown, but does not engage on the ground. Maia applies the pressure at the cage. The round ends.

Round 2: Maia starts the round by landing a punching combo. Modafferi lands a combo of her own. Big right hand from Maia. Modafferi gets close and locks up at the cage. Maia breaks it with a right hand. Maia pushes Modafferi to the ground but lets her stand. Modafferi once again clinches at the cage.

Round 3: Big punching combo from Maia. They trade punching combos, before Modafferi locks Maia up at the cage, but they break quickly. Maia’s punches starting to wear down Modafferi. Modafferi wraps Maia up at the cage. Mair lands brief elbows. Maia gets a takedown but they quickly stand and break. Maia lands striking combos, Modafferi clinches at the cage, but Maia gets the takedown, the fight ends.

Result: Jennifer Maia def. Roxanne Modafferi via unanimous decision (30-27, 3x)

Light heavyweight Sam Alvey vs. Klidson Abreu

Round 1: Abreu uses a right hand to get into the clinch at the cage. A knee by Abreu lands as a groin strike, the ref breaks them up, but no real stoppage. Alvey blocks a head kick. Abreu again clinches to the cage, but Alvey quickly fights out. Abreu lands a body kick. Alvey lands a stiff punching combo. The round ends with Abreu landing a series of punches and  knee that might have occurred right after the bell.

Round 2: Overhand right by Abreu to start the round. Jumping knee by Abreu, Alvey counters with a punching combo. Alvey attempts a combo, but Abreu counters with a takedown, Abreu gets Alvey’s back, but Alvey rolls to the top, lands a strike from the top. They stand. Alvey overextends on a punch, and Abreu grabs a clinch and lands a knee. Round ends.

Round 3: Right jab from Abreu lands. Abreu lands a series of right body kicks. Abreu goes for a flying-knee but Alvey counters with a right hand. Alvey lands a punching combo at the cage. Abreu goes for a takedown but Alvey stuffs it and they lock up at the cage. They break. Abreu lands consecutive rights. Fight ends.

Result: Klidson Abreu def. Sam Alvey via unanimous decision (30-27 2x, 29-28)

Women’s bantamweight Raquel Pennington vs. Irene Aldana

Round 1: Pennington lands a straight right. Superman punch by Pennington. Pennington lands a front kick. Now a 1+2 punching combo from Pennington. Aldana unable to land much of anything. More counter rights from Pennington. Left jab by Pennington lands. Left jab by Aldana. Aldana lands combos as the round wraps up.

Round 2: Leg kicks by Aldana. Aldana with a big right against the cage. Pennington with a series of jabs. Aldana’s reach helping her out in these striking exchanges. Pennington lands a right that stuns Aldana. Pennington shoots against the cage. They trade knees before they break. Pennington lands standing elbows, and shoots, but Aldana stuffs it. They quickly break, and Pennington pours on fury of punches right before the round ends.

Round 3: Pennington counters pressure attempts by Aldana with counter punches. Pennington grabs a single-leg and gets the takedown. Pennington remains standing, Aldana goes a leg-lock. Aldana has Pennington’s leg, but Pennington is sitting on top of Aldana. Pennington breaks free and attempts an arm triangle. As Pennington nearly gets her back, Aldana tries to roll into another leg lock, but the fight ends.

Result: Raquel Pennington def. Irene Aldana via split-decision

Men’s featherweight Alex Caceres vs. Steven Peterson

Round 1: Big body kick by Caceres to start the fight. Peterson lands a stiff left hand. Caceres lands a left of his own. They trade superman punches. Caceres lands a straight left. Right hook by Peterson wobbles Caceres, Peterson lands a takedown, gets the back of Caceres. Peterson sinks in a rear-naked choke. Caceres slips out and stands, but the leg triangle remains. They go back to the ground with Peterson once again attempting a rear-naked. The round ends. Peterson in really bloody.

Round 2: Caceres with a right uppercut. Commentary is saying Caceres broke his left hand in round 1. Caceres lands a punching combo to the body. Body kick by Caceres. Peterson lands a punching combo but Caceres is elusive. Caceres is getting the better of all the striking exchanges. Round ends.

Round 3: Body kick by Caceres. Caceres continues to land right hand punches. Peterson really cannot catch Caceres. A lax kick by Caceres is grabbed and Peterson lands the takedown. Peterson lands lefts from the top. Peterson stands, the fight ends.

Results: Alex Caceres def. Steven Peterson via unanimous decision (30-27 2x, 29-28)

Heavyweight Andrei Arlovski vs. Ben Rothwell

Round 1: Left hand by Arlovski. Big punching combo by Rothwell. Arlovski very active with his left hand. Leg kick by Arlovski. Rothwell with a series of rights. Three punch combo by Arlovski. Rothwell counters an errant kick with a punch combo. Rothwell with blood on his left eye. Spinning back-fist by Arlovski. Arlovski finishes the round with successive punching combos.

Round 2: Both men exchange heavy rights to start the round. Big series of rights for Arlovski. Rothwell lands his own combo and clinches against the cage. They break, Arlovski lands another series of punching combos. Spinning back-fist by Arlovski. Body kicks by Arlovski.

Round 3: Left jabs by Arlovski to start the round. Rothwell lands two rights. Arlovski gets the better of three punching exchanges. They lock up at the cage. The crowd boos! Rothwell lands a takedown, but they quickly stand. They are once again are locked at the cage in a standing clinch. They break. Big left by Rothwell. Rothwell lands a big combo, Arlovski looks hurt. They trade big shots. The lock for a second, but Arlovski punches out. The fight end with both men leaning against the cage.

Result: Andrei Arlovski def. Ben Rothwell via unanimous decision  (30-27 3x)

Analysis: Even though he gassed at the end, Arlovski looked great through most of the fight. His volume of strikes were landing with precision. That was as about as entertaining as a three-round heavyweight fight could be.

Lightweight Alexander Hernandez vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1: Left hand from Trinaldo lands. Hernandez counters a kick with a big right hand. Body kick and punching combo by Hernandez. Lots a faints but not much landing for either fighter. Trinaldo counters a kick with a right of his own. Time is called for a going kick to Hernandez. Fight quickly resumes. Trinaldo ends the round with a jumping-knee.

Round 2: Hernandez slips after attempting a kick, but gets right up. Hernandez lands a high body kick. Hernandez grabs a spinning Trinaldo, but is unable to get the takedown. Punching combo by Trinaldo. The pro-Hernandez crowd has turned on this fight. Overhead right by Hernandez. Hernandez stuffs a flying-knee. Body kick by Hernandez. Trinaldo with a punching combo to end the round.

Round 3: Wide right by Trinaldo to start the round. Hernandez locks up at the cage. They separate. Trinaldo falls after a kick exchange, but Hernandez unable to take advantage. They stand. They exchange body kicks. High kick by Trinaldo lands. They bounce off of each other, but nothing of substance lands. Jumping leg kick attempted by Trinaldo but the round ends.

Result: Alexander Hernandez def. Francisco Trinaldo via unanimous decision (30-27 2x, 29-28)

Analysis: A dreadfully boring fight! Trinaldo was not happy about the decision, I can see his point, but it is not like he really did anything to standout in this one.

Lightweight James Vick vs. Dan Hooker

Round 1: They exchange leg kicks. Hooker lands an awkward punching combo. Vick stuns Hooker with a right hand. Hooker lands a big left, Vick goes down, Hooker lands two punches ITS OVER!

Result:Dan Hooker def James Vick via KO at 2:33 of round 1

Analysis: Not much to analyze here, other than the fact that this crowd really needed to witness a finish. We all did!

Heavyweight Greg Hardy vs. Juan Adams

Round 1: They exchange hard jabs. Adams goes for a takedown, but Hardy does not go down, Adams has his leg, but Hardy is on top, Hardy lands a fury of punches, its over.

Result:Greg Hardy def. Juan Adams via TKO at :25 of round 1

Heavyweight Aleksei Oleinik vs. Walt Harris

Round 1: Harris Jumping knee followed by a left hand drops Olenik, its over!

Result:Walt Harris def. Aleksei Oleinik via KO :12 of round 1

Analysis: Walt Harris might have officially arrived.  After next month, the divsiion will really need some fresh contenders. Harris is a welcome sight. 

Welterweight Rafael dos Anjos vs. Leon Edwards

Round 1: Crowd chants RDA RDA! Edwards counters a punch combo with a takedown. RDA in half-guard at the cage. RDA grabs Edwards’ leg from the guard, but unable to gain from it. Edwards gets RDA’s back as they stand. As they break, Edwards lands a kick to the head. RDA puts wraps up Edwards against the cage. They break. Edwards lands a left elbow. They end the round locked up at the cage.

Round 2: Edwards with stiff left hands to start the round. RDA with a head-body combo. Edwards trys to grab a single-leg, but RDA stays upright. Head kick by Edwards. As RDA gets aggressive they wind up at the cage. Standing elbow Edwards. Edwards looks for a takedown, but dos Anjos ends up on top. They stand. Edwards with rapid punching combos. RDA bleeding under the right eye.


Round 3: Body kick by RDA. Edwards continues to land punching combos. RDA goes for a single-leg, nothing comes from it. Edwards with another elbow. RDA initiates a clinch in the middle of the Octagon. Head kick by Edwards. RDA shoots but is stuffed at the cage. Edwards reverses and applies the pressure in the clinch at the cage.  The ref separates them and wars Edwards for grabbing the fence. Edwards lands a combo as they resume, but RDA counters with a right.

Round 4: Right hand by Edwards, followed by a 1+2 combo. Body kick by RDA. Right jab by RDA. leg kick by Edwards. RDA with a combo, but Edwards counters with a right. Body punch by RDA against the cage. Low-high punching combo by RDA. RDA goes for a flying-knee but Edwards just wraps up RDA and gets the takedown. RDA in a half-guard. They stand but still still at close range.

Round 5: The fight is quickly stopped because RDA started the round without his mouthpiece. The fight resumes. As RDA looks to apply pressure, Edwards wraps RDA up. They break. Left hand by RDA. They are once again clinched at the cage. They break. Right hand by Edwards. RDA lands a left. RDA landing much more in this round. RDA attempts a kick, but Edwards grabs the leg and pushes RDA to the cage. They break. RDA lands a knee, but eats a takedown just before the evening ends.

Result: Leon Edwards def. Rafael dos Anjos via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46 2x)

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