UFC Minneapolis LIVE REPORT: Real-time results and analysis of Ngannou vs. dos Santos

Cole Henry MMATorch Live event reporter

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UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs. dos Santos

June 29, 2019

The Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Live on ESPN

Maurice Greene def. Junior Albini via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 3:38 

Amanda Ribas def. Emily Whitmire via Submission (RNC) Round 2, 2:10 

Dalcha Lungiambula vs. Dequan Townsend (Light-heavyweight)

Favorite: Lungiambula -330 

Round 1:  Dalcha bursts into action with a right hook! He connects again with a left and a right hand! Townsend is defending himself effectively for the most part, but he’s clearly the less explosive fighter out of the two. Dalcha scores with a takedown and moves into top half. Townsend is working back to his feet, but Dalcha is holding on and keeping him down. He scoops Townsend up and slams him down. Townsend had recovered guard. (10-9 Lungiambula)

Round 2: Dalcha scores with a takedown right out of the gate. We’re seeing lots of control from Dalcha, his biggest concern appears to be maintaining position. We see a stand up near the end of the second round. They’re both throwing shots in the final moments of the round! (10-9 Lungiambula) Very uneventful round. 

Round 3: Dalcha connects early with a big left hook! Townsend is down and Dalcha follows him, dropping into the mount. He is throwing punches and elbows down in a fury and this fight is all over! 

Result: Dalcha Lungiambula def. Dequan Townsend via TKO (Punches and Elbows) Round 3, 0:42

Jared Gordon vs. Dan Moret (Lightweight)

Round 1: Good back and forth round. Moret is the much bigger man and he was a bit crisper on the feet. Jared Gordon got hit with some big shots late in the round but he appeared to be okay. (10-9 Moret)

Round 2: Moret scores early with a hip toss! He moves right into the mount, causing Jared Gordon to roll and give up his back. He has a body triangle, Gordon is in trouble here. Gordon is keeping his wits about him, and defending the choke, but the body lock is deep. Gordon turns into Moret, relieving the pressure in the process. Moret is now looking for an armbar from his back, but Gordon is aware of it. Gordon is landing shots from the top and that’s how the round will end. (10-9 Gordon)

Round 3: Gordon scores with a takedown early but Moret catches him in a guillotine. He appears to be okay for now though. Gordon escapes the sub attempt and he’s now working from top control. Moret gives up his back and Gordon is now looking for an RNC! Moret scrambles out of the position! Gordon catches a kick and shoots! Moret sprawls though, and takes Gordons back! Gordon scrambles out of the position though and takes top control! (10-9 Gordon) (29-28 Gordon) 

Result: Jared Gordon def. Dan Moret via Unanimous Decision

Eyrk Anders vs. Vinicius Moreira (Light-heavyweight)

Round 1: Moreira is looking for a takedown early but Anders is avoiding it. Anders connects with a straight right and Moreira is hurt! Anders connects again and Moreira is down! Anders is pouring on the shots from the top! The ref should stop this fight… Moreira is just far to slow for the light-heavyweight division. He will likely be cut following his second straight first-round KO loss, but his future should be at heavyweight if he continues in the UFC. 

Result: Eryk Anders def. Vinicius Moreira via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 1:18 

Analysis: The ref let the fight go on a bit too long for my liking, Moreira was clearly out. Great win for Anders though. 

Ricardo Ramos vs. Journey Newson (Bantamweight)

Favorite: Ramos -340

Round 1: Ramos is controlling the action early on, but Newson is keeping up with him. Newson pulls guard basically, not really sure what actually happened, and Ramos is now on his back. Newson scrambles out of the position though and grabs ahold of a guillotine. Ramos escapes to side control though and they both scramble back to the feet. Ramos connects with a spinning elbow! Newson eats it though and moves forward with a takedown attempt as the round ends. (10-9 Ramos)

Round 2: Ramos is controlling the action early on with his jab. Newson connects with a grazing right hook. Slow paced round so far. Newson connects with a quick left hook. Slow round, I’d say it slightly favored Ramos. (10-9 Ramos)

Round 3: Ramos shoots early and Newson catches him in a guillotine! Ramos escapes, and sends Newson through the air with a high crotch takedown! Newson recovers guard. They scramble to the feet! Ramos connects with a spinning back kick to the head but Newson wears it well! Ramos connects with a spinning back elbow! Newson is down but he pops right back up! Wow, Newson can take a shot! (10-9 Ramos) (30-27 Ramos)

Result: Ricardo Ramos def. Journey Newson via Unanimous Decision

Main Card (ESPN)

Alonzo Menifield vs. Paul Craig (Light-heavyweight)

Round 1: Menifield closes the distance early. Craig jumps to guard against the fence, but Menifield escapes the position. Spinning back kick attempt by Craig connects but not by much. Menifield closes the distance again allowing Menifield to land a few shots. Craig attempts another spinning back kick but Menifield dodges it and lands a big right hand! Craig is down and Menifield connects with several more finishing shots on the ground! Nice win for Menifield. His ceiling is hard to judge right now. He is extremely explosive, but we really haven’t seen him tested yet.

Result: Alonzo Menifield def. Paul Craig via KO (Punches) Round 1, 3:17

Drew Dober vs. Marco Polo Reyes (Lightweight)

Round 1: Dober connects early with a flurry of punches! Reyes is hurt! Dober connects again with a right hand! Reyes shoots for a takedown but Dober avoids it and throws Reyes down to the mat. Reyes is back on his feet but Dober is keeping up the pressure, he lands with another right hook followed by a combination and this fight is all over! 

Result: Drew Dober def. Marco Polo Reyes via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 1:13

Vinc Pichel def. Roosevelt Roberts via Unanimous Decision 

Damian Maia vs. Anthony Rocco Martin (Welterweight)

Favorite: Maia -200

Round 1: Martin connects with a right hook to break the ice. Martin is biding his time so far. Maia shoots for a single leg, but Martin is defending so far. Maia keeps pushing and Martin is down. Maia is working from top half, Martin is just holding on likely trying to avoid a mistake. Maia is landing some short shots, but Martin really isn’t in a bad spot right now. Martin is back on his feet, he secures underhooks and puts Maia against the fence. (10-9 Maia)

Round 2: Maia attempts a takedown early but Martin shakes him. Maia shoots again and completes the takedown, but Martin rolls through it and shakes him. Maia shoots again and puts Martin on his back, against the fence. Martin briefly stands but Maia takes him right back down. The ref just stood Maia up from mount… I’m sorry but that was absolute trash. I think it’s the same ref that allowed Moreira to take a few too many punches. Not a good night for him if so. (10-9 Maia)

Round 3: Martin is pressuring in this round. Maia might be tired, he’s not attempting many takedowns. Martin is stalking but he isn’t using as much volume as you would expect. Left-hand lands for Martin! Maia shoots out of desperation, and he pulls Martin down into his guard. Martin is looking to land some shots on the ground but Maia has probably done enough to win this fight. (10-9 Martin)

Result: Damian Maia def. Anthony Rocco Martin via Unanimous Decision 

Analysis: Maia did what Maia does. Martin just wasn’t urgent enough and it cost him. He still has a bright future at welterweight; Maia is a hard puzzle to solve. 

Joseph Benavidez vs. Jussier Formiga (Flyweight)

Round 1: Benavidez connects with a kick to the body to break the ice! Calf kick lands for Benavidez. Benavidez is out landing Formiga by a large margin so far. Formiga connects with a big right hand and then a high kick! Good round for Benavidez overall but he got hit with a few big shots. Formiga turned it up late but Benavidez never lost his composure. Watching the replay it appears as though one of the punches landed by Formiga was an eye poke. (10-9 Benavidez)

Round 2: Formiga connects with a straight right! He shoots and takes Benavidez down! Benavidez scrambles and takes top position! Formiga recovers half guard, but Benavidez is working to pass. Formiga has recovered guard and worked back to his feet. Benavidez connects with a jab. Benavidez lands to the body and head! He follows it up with a high kick! Benavidez connects with a left hook and an uppercut! Formiga is covering up! Formiga has hit the ground! Benavidez is pouring it on and this fight is over! 

Result: Joseph Benavidez def. Jussier Formiga via TKO (Punches) Round 2, 4:47 

Analysis: Great fight. Benavidez really deserves a shot at the World Championship. If they are going to keep the flyweight division, Benavidez is absolutely next in line.

Francis Ngannou vs. Junior Dos Santos (Heavyweight)

Round 1: JDS connects with a serious leg kick early on! Ngannou hits the mat but pops right back up. Ngannou lands a big shot and JDS is in trouble! JDS is trying to escape but Ngannou hits him with a shot from behind and JDS is down! Ngannou lands several hammerfists on the ground and this fight is over… Wow… just wow. Odd finishing sequence there but it really doesn’t matter. If Ngannou hits you the fight is probably going to be over. 

Result: Francis Ngannou def. Junior Dos Santos via KO (Punches) Round 1, 1:11 

Analysis: Ngannou asked for a title fight in his post fight speech. He is the most deserving contender in a very long time. Ngannou vs. Jon Jones has to happen sometime in the future. 




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