FROM MY VIEW: Freeman’s Invicta FC 35 cageside report

Ray Freeman MMATorch contributor

Note: these scores are Ray Freeman’s unofficial scorecard. Click on the link below:

Invicta FC 35 live results: Bennett vs. Rodriguez II. Results

Valerie Wong vs. Genia Goodin  

Round 1) Genia Walked out to The Weeknd’s Pray for me which was a great choice 
Wong with a leg kick to open the round. She Shoots for a takedown that’s stuffed by Genia. Ensues a clinch battle against the fence. They both exchange inside knees. Genia owns the right underhook, lifts Wong with a single leg for a takedown that lands her inside Wongs guard  Wong seems content to land minor strikes off her back. The ref stands them up after 2 mins of inactivity. Genia takes the center  throws a nice head kick. It’s Blocked by Wong. Goodin ends the round with a head and arm throw. (10-9 Goodin)

Round 2) Wong opens with a slapping leg kick. Genia attempts the same head and arm throw from the 1st round, but Wong gets her head out. A scramble lands Genia in a kneebar attempt  Wong is defending well and throwing strikes. Wong reverses the position to a half decent back take, but no hooks lands her back in her guard  Genia on top, throwing minor strikes with 2 mins of action to go. Valerie keeps throwing her guard high, but the smothering pressure of Goodin is too much
the round ends with Genia on top. (10-9 Goodin)

Round 3) They exchange a bit on the feet before Goodin lands a straight right that backs Valerie into the fence. Gooding owns the right underhook  as both fighters’ swap knees. With 2:36 in the fight still on the clock, this is a grueling clinch battle that Goodin is getting the better of Both pummeling for underhooks, Gooding throwing some old school foot stomps before the ref separates them with 50 secs left  They meet in the middle for one final flurry and Goodin pushes Wong against the fence. (Goodin Split Dec Victory)

Loma LookBoonmee vs. Monique Adriane

Round 1) Both stand in the center feeling each other out a bit. Monique throws the first flurry that excites the crowd.  Loma answers with a straight kick up the gut. Adriane pushes through with another 4-punch combo. Dressed in the traditional Thai Garb,  Loma is making a lot of noise with her kicks. She clearly has fans that made the trip. Loma shoots for a takedown after a quick and exciting exchange between the two. Loma in Top half guard starts to use elbows as Monique desperately clinches. Still in half guard, short elbows are paying off for Loma  until Monique gets a full guard and kicks away with feet on the hips. (toss up round, leaning 10-9 Loma)

Round 2) Again both women rush to the middle. Loma working her leg kicks this is turning into a very exciting fight as both women land straight rights.  Monique finally catches one of the kicks thrown by Loma and secures a textbook inside trip. Loma works to the fence before Monique’s stands up to throw a few kicks on the ground  Once Loma stands up all hell breaks loose. Loma throws another kick that’s caught, Monique tries the same inside trip but it gets reversed landing Loma in TOP mount Monique defends ground and pound before shrimping to a better position and finally back to her feet (another close round, leaning 10-9 Monique)

Round 3) They start the round with a glove touch. Monique throws the first calf kick and a nice 1-2 down the middle.  Loma looks to be trying to get a good read with lots of level changes and feints. She throws a Body kick with the right leg that’s caught by Monique and a clinch against the fence ensues. They break for most standup action. Monique is working her boxing range very well as she lands another combo that shakes the hair of Loma back. With just over a minute left, leg kicks are thrown by both women. Monique rushes in with another boxing combo but is welcomed to a beautiful straight down the pipe from Loma. With 30 secs to go, Loma gets another takedown landing her in top half guard to finish with some great elbows. (Tough round to score. 10-9 Monique)

Kelly D’angelo vs. Jullian Decoursey

Round 1) Kelly has a lot of fans that made the trip. The crowd Roars with the firt hard right she lands. Kelly backs Julian’s against the fence till landing strikes. Jullian tries to return fire but the power or D’angelo is certainly a thought on her mind.  Jullian shoots for a well-timed double leg that’s almost stuff, but Jullian picks the ankleto earn the takedown. Back on the feet and in the middle D’angelo is putting the pressure on, but another well timed takedown by Jullian. After a battle for position, Kelly Earns the standup and they clinch against the fence. They break and Kelly rushes forward with dangerous intentions, however it’s ill-advised as Jillian timed it and shot another takedown, Ending with some ground and pound. (10-9 Jullian)

Round 2) chants of ‘KELLY  KELLY  KELLY’ from the crowd hype her up. Kelly pressures against the fence again but is once again taken down.
Jullian in top guard, Kelly goes for the ‘DUMMY SWEEP’ and gets it, but Jullian pops back up and into Kelly’s guard. D’angelo is showing a high guard, the ref stands them up after only 30 secs of inactivity. Back on the feet, the story of Kelly’s pressure continues. Another shot for Jullian lands against the fence, in the struggle to finish the double leg, Kelly lands some brutal elbows to discourage the takedown attempt. The acoustics of the audience are clearly D’angelo’s family and friends shouting some actually decent advice to her. 
The round ends with the two women in the middle throwing feints (10-9 Kelly)

Round 3) They start with a glove touch. The chants of ‘Kelly’ ongoing as they meet in the center. Kelly seems intent to keep range, but a well time shot 1 minute into the round is secured by Jullian. Trapped against the fence the battle for position is lost by Jullian.  An outside trip against the fence earns Kelly her first takedown of the night. With 2 mins to go, Jullian is able to stand up and force a clinch. Kelly circles out of the clinch and makes Jullian fall on her face. Another clinch leads to a scramble on the ground into a 50/50 leg lock battle.  Once Kelly’s on top, she reigns down nasty elbows to finish the round. (10-9 Kelly)

Chelsea Chandler vs. Brittney Victoria

Round 1) The bantamweights start off with fire both throwing hooks. No feeling out process as Brittany starts to establish the center of the cage. 
Chelsea throws a nice 3 punch combo to back Brittany up against the fence. They stand back in the middle and throw hooks at each other. 
A clinch & scramble ensues that lands Chelsea on top landing ground and pound for the 1st bell. 

Round 2) Brittany has bloody nose and a low guard to meet Chelsea in the middle. Chelsea gets the better of the hooks exchange and drops Brittany. Landing some nasty Ground and pound, this fight looks to be almost stopped. Brittany does enough to protect herself from multiple submission attempts including a rear-naked choke and an armbar attempt. She escapes and gets on top.  Chelsea looks the fresher of the two and earns a standup. Back on the feet, Chelsea lands another mean Right hook that drops Brittany against the fence and the ref has seen enough
(Chelsea by TKO)

Kaitlin Young vs. Faith Mcmah

Round 1) Kaitlin takes the center and immediately lands a knee to the gut that has Mcmah rethinking her gameplan. The pressure is intense as Young hasn’t taken a step back yet. Mchah briefly earned a takedown but Young pops right back up. Young is showing calculated precision with a mean straight right that gets through the guard of Mcmah. Increasing her volume, Faith implements leg kicks that throw of the balance to Young.
 Clinched against the fence, Young demonstrates her power with elbows before both women settle to the center for the bell. (10-9 Kaitlin)

Round 2) Young is still the pace pusher taking the center of the cage. With leg kicks and feints, Kaitlin is able to land some power punches as McMah is trapped between punches and the fence. Although Faith has a high guard, it seems to not be enough with Kaitlin still throwing and landing plenty of strikes. Faith listens to her corners shouts and throws a overhand right that knocks Young off balance for a brief back take by Faith. 
 Young turns into it and the fight finds itself against the fence in a clinch battle. with 30 secs to go, the meeting the center. Faith is letting her hands go to end the round. (10-9 Faith)

Round3) the last round starts with jab from Young to wake Faith up. Mcmah throws inside and outside leg kicks, but Young still presses forward. Kaitlin is making awesome reads, catching Mcmah on all the entries at the 2:30 mark in the fight. 
Faith is content to stay on the outside and stick Young with the occasional jab. Young is certainly the more active of the 2 women. At about 1:40, Kaitlin hits Mcmah  directly in the eye causing Faith to turn her back. After a short barrage of punches, the ref had seen enough for a stoppage as Faith was no defending herself.  (TKO stoppage for Kaitlin Young)

Katharina Lehner vs. Lisa Spangler 

(Lehner walked out to the bass heavy Dum Dee Dum)

Round 1) The well-matched Bantamweights start with a glove touch and a feeling out process before Lehner throws the first right. Spangler circles around the center stalking her opponent.  Lisa lands a few jabs to establish the distance. At 2 mins left in the fight, both women have landed clean with setup strikes. Power is soon to follow.  Lisa implements an outside leg kick to the equation as Lehner seems to want to Box this one out. Kat lands a stiff jab that wakes up the crowd. Both women showing amazing striking defense with 20 Secs, list tries to bully Lehner against the fence, but Kat isn’t having that and circles to the center before landing a few power shots that open a cut on the 
left side of Lisa temple. (10-9 Lehner)

Round 2) With the ring of the bell Lisa throws an outside leg kick. She certainly felt th power in Lehner’s hands that last round and wants to keep this at range. Both women circle the cage in a battle for that next power shot. Kat throws a power right that glances right by Lisa’s head. Once again both are showing great offence and defense on the feet. a Flurry of hooks between the two wakes the crowd up in a cheer. 2 mins left in the second round; Kat is starting to find the boxing range with a nice 1-2. Both women are zoned into this fight making reads every millisecond. 40 secs left and Lisa lands a nice 1-2 of her own.  The round ends with the two staring each other down in the center (tough to score, 10-9 Lisa)

Round 3) the final round begins with both still sticking to the gameplan. Lisa an outside leg kick, Lehner jab-straight.
Lisa leaves a jab hanging out that Lehner counters with an overhand right. Showing level changes this round, Lehner hasn’t shot for a takedown yet. 
They swap 1-2s with Lisa going first then Lehner answering shortly after. At 2:30 in the fight left, Lisa is pouring the pressure one and backing Lehner up with strikes.  Lehner is currently breathing out the mouth and on the backfoot with Lisa smelling blood. At 35 seconds left, for every 1 strike Kat throws, Lisa has thrown 2.  Cardio seems to have won Lisa this round (10-9 Lisa)

Kanako Murata vs. Liana Pirosin

Round 1) The round starts, and Liana looks like the bigger of the two. Kanoko rushes in for a takedown and secures it. The standup fighter Liana issues a scramble and almost takes the back of her opponent. But Smooth and slow Kanako was able to work her way back into Priosins guard. Kanoko earns a backtake of her own and finishes the fight with a rear naked choke in quick fashion. 

Alesha Zappitella vs. Viviane Periera

Round 1) This Atomweight bout starts with Viviane offering a glove touch, but Alesha having none of that. Alesha circles around for an entry and throws a straight right. Viviane answers with a jab of her own. They are equally fast and both hit each other with a right.  They are content to strike for now as neither has shot for a takedown. Alesha is showing a few level changes as Vivane is starting to get the better of the stiking exchanges.  Pereira is the owner of the center of the cage and has backed Alesha into the fence. Alesha takes a shot that is stuffed by Viviane. Back on the feet, Periera stalks her opponent who is circling the outside. Vivian lands a stiff jab that Alesha shakes her head in acknowledgement.
(10-9 Viviane)

Round 2) Start of round 2 and Alesha is wearing minor damage in the face. The both take center before Viviane establishes her dominance and Zapitella takes the outside.  Alesha is throwing 1-2s in a cadence in an attempt to earn respect from her opponent. The stiff jabs and long reach of Periera seem to be the keys in these standup exchanges. Alesha shoots for a takedown but is quickly stuffed by Viviane.  The undefeated fighter is showing a chin but is eating some nasty power shots from the naturally bigger Brazilian.  With just over a minute left, Alesha has a bloody nose from excessive jabs and seems to be frustrated with the way this fight is developing. Alesha throws a body kick but gets countered with a right hand that drops her as the bell rings.  (10-9 Viviane)

Round 3) To start round 3, Zapitella rushes to the center to establish that she is very much still in this fight. She shoots for a double leg that gets stuffed and Viviane take the center.  Alesha has fans in the crown waiting for any momentum to shift Alesha way so they can pop, but Vivianes range is proving to be a legit problem for Zappitella. Back in the center with 2 mins left. Alesha is now banking on failing the shot and is actively trying to hit Viviane in the scrambles. A nice adjustment to give her fans that boost they were looking for.  An Overhand right from the depths of Viviane’s pockets lands on Alesha, temporarily dropping her to the canvas. The Fight ends with a Max v Lamas like flurry in the center of the cage. Extremely exciting bout (10-9 Viviane)

Deanna Bennett vs. Karina Rodriguez

Round 1) This rematch starts with a Jab from Karina and Deanna using her footwork to remain elusive. Karina is showcasing lot of fast twitch motions and feints. Rodriguez lands an outside leg kick on the in-motion Bennett and temporarily 
drops her. This is a standup battle so far at 2:30 on the clock. Karina lands a left hook on Deanna who returns with a nice jab of her own. 
They exchange 1-2s and neither fighter has shown interest in a clinch or takedown. The round ends with both women in the center feinting. (10-9 Karina for activity)
(Tough to score, 10-9 Bennett)

Round 2) the Bout continues with a glove touch and both taking center. They swap stiff jabs with Deanna Pressing forward in an attempt to establish ring control. vKarina is content with play matador to the bull as she throws a double jab followed by a right hand that barely misses. Deanna initiates the first clinch of the bout and secures double underhooks against the fence on Rodriguez. Karina is listening to her corners who tell her to dig and shift to win that underhook back.  They break and meet in the middle with 2 mins to go. Karina Fakes a kick, then commits to it landing flush to the ribs to Bennett. It’s caught by Deanna, who forces a clinch and tries to sneak a 5-finger guillotine in.  Rodriguez escapes and with 30 secs left Deanna pushes Karina to the fence again. They break and the round ends  (10-9 Karina)

Round 3) Both look well-conditioned, but Karina comes out Hot throwing Body and head kicks. One lands and forces a shot from Bennett that initiates a clinch against the fence with Deanna in control.  Deanna earns a single leg takedown, but Karina pops back up. Then a power double on the fence from Deanna puts Karina on the ground for some time. 3 mins left in the 3rd, Karina looks to use the fence to stand up while Bennett is applying pressure.  Karina is able to stand to her feet, but Bennett is relentless in her takedown attempts at this point. Securing another double leg before Karina Pops back up with the help of the cage. To end the fight, Deanna hits a single leg in which Karina snatches a desperation Guillotine, but the Bell sounds and the fight is over.  (10-9 Bennett) 


(End of fight scores are mine, not official) 


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