TUESDAY NEWS DIGEST 3/12: Conor McGregor’s cell phone slap victim speaks out, Demian Maia calls out Diego Sanchez

By Cole Henry, mmatorch Contributor

Conor McGregor cell phone victim speaks out

In case you haven’t heard, Conor McGregor was arrested yesterday. McGregor was arrested and then later released on bail. Today, the supposed victim of the ordeal has released a lengthy statement explaining his side of the story.

“We ended up at LIV on a Sunday. Blueface was there so we were just seeing what was popping. There were quite a few A-list celebrities over there, Birdman, Blueface, NFL and a few NBA players over there. So, we see McGregor in the club, and it was all cool or whatnot. On the way out, we were just waiting for our vehicle from the valet. As soon as we go pick it up, I see Conor McGregor. So, I tried to take out my little phone. As soon as I pull out my phone, McGregor comes, and he tries to shake my hand. As soon as he went to shake my hand, he pulled me in, grabbed my phone and started smashing it. All of his security guards literally surrounded me, pushed me out of the way. And he’s stomping on it, there’s a video that will be released soon. He was being really rude like, ‘Get the fuck out of my face, you don’t just do that.’ So, I was like, ‘Sir can I have my phone back?’ And there was all of his security and entourage around him. I just kept asking if I can have my phone back. They were like, ‘Move man, move, you better listen to what Conor say.’ McGregor then picked up the phone and put it in his pocket, laughed and then he got in his SUV and they drove off. That’s when the hotel manager came. I got pictures of my son that I didn’t even save to my iCloud, so that’s what pisses me off the most. Those pictures I am probably not going to ever get again.”

Analysis: It’s hard for me to really comment on any of this. McGregor is such a polarizing figure that this event is going to be downplayed by his fans and overblown by those that don’t like him. The bottom line is that if McGregor did what he is accused of he should be punished accordingly. This is another black mark against McGregor’s character but overall it probably won’t have much of an effect on his career in the long run. Eventually, though these indiscretions will start to add up.

Demian Maia vs. Diego Sanchez

It isn’t often that two legends of the octagon have the chance to compete but if Diego Sanchez and Demian Maia get what they want we just might see it happen. Sanchez called Maia out after his recent victory over Mickey Gall, and it appears as though the Brazilian legend is interested.

“I would be honoured to compete against him, after all the history we both have in the sport,” Maia told MMA Fighting. “Diego has a very good ground game, often underrated, is experienced, tough, has a lot of heart and has a great pace. I wouldn’t underestimate him at all, and I think it would be fun, with a lot of interesting scrambles. He is an offensive fighter, so he wouldn’t just try to avoid grappling at any costs, so it would be fun to watch, for sure.”

Sanchez has won two straight while Maia just recently defeated Lyman Good to snap a three-fight skid. Both fighters have been around for ages and are former title challengers and this gives each guy a chance to add at least one more quality win before they call it quits.

Fight Announcements

-Zelim Imadaev vs. Max Griffin at UFC 236

-Tatiana Suarez vs. Nina Ansaroff at UFC 238

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