ROUNDTABLE: Who does Dana White have in mind for Daniel Cormier’s next opponent?

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

Nov 3, 2018; New York, NY, USA; Daniel Cormier (red gloves) celebrates beating Derrick Lewis (blue gloves) during UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Dana White said that he knows who Daniel Cormier would be facing next. Who do you think he has in mind as the next opponent for Daniel Cormier?

Frank Hyden, Columnist – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I think the simple answer is whoever can make the most money. Whoever they think can help draw the most buys is who gets the shot. If that’s Brock Lesnar, so be it. At the same time, though, the emphatic nature of Francis Ngannou’s win over Cain Velasquez gives him a lot of momentum and I could see the UFC making that work. We’d probably get a lot of build about how unstoppable Ngannou is and how powerful he is and questioning how Cormier can stop him. I think Ngannou gets the shot but the easiest promotion would be to give it to Lesnar.

Christian Moore, MMATorch Contributor

Nothing special. Don’t expect any twists, turns, or unexpected announcements. It’ll be either Miocic or Lesnar. I think it could be Ngannou, and Ngannou is a fight I think Cormier would take in a moment. I think it’ll be Miocic, as it should be, but we won’t know until Cormier is healthier.

Sean Covington, Columnist – Covington’s Corner

Brock Lesnar. It should not be anyone else. I believe Anthony Smith has a good chance of shocking the world and defeating the world’s greatest junkie so Daniel Cormier would most certainly get his money fight against the beast. Anthony Smith could probably move up; we gotta have more fighters moving up in weight classes so we can get rid of crazy weight cuts. I’m thinking that in the end, Dana White will actually be forced to give Stipe Miocic his rematch.


Michael Hiscoe, MMATorch Managing Editor

The fact that Dana White said he knew, but wasn’t ready to give up a name tells me that it’s going to be Jon Jones. He obviously just wants to see how the Jones-Smith fight plays out next week and not overshadow that fight with a much bigger Jones-Cormier announcement. I don’t think the Brock Lesnar fight is dead, I think we’re just not going to see any movement on that front until after Wrestlemania. Lesnar could very well get the Jones-Cormier winner later in the year.

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