SUNDAY NEWS DIGEST 1/20: TJ Dillashaw on ‘stolen’ win by Cejudo, Greg Hardy says ‘ask Tom Brady if I ever cheated,’ Hernandez learns valuable lesson against Cerrone

By Cole Henry, mmatorch Contributor

January 19, 2019; Brooklyn, NY, USA; T.J. Dillashaw reacts following his loss against Henry Cejudo during UFC Fight Night at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

TJ Dillashaw unhappy with fight stoppage

It is often stated by those that know him that TJ Dillashaw is the most competitive man in all of MMA. So, if that’s true it should come as no surprise that Dillashaw was not happy with the outcome of last nights main event. Dillashaw was dropping to flyweight for the first time to face division king pin, Henry Cejudo, and its safe to say that he did not walk away with his desired outcome. Dillashaw was clipped early and stopped just over thirty seconds into the first round of the fight. The stoppage was interesting and left a lot of people talking and taking sides. Dillashaw for his part has made it clear where he stands.

“Sucks to have it stolen from you, I worked my butt off. It would be nice to actually get the chance to show it. It’s a title fight. It’s a champ-vs.-champ fight, and you’re going to stop the fight like that? I’m in on a single leg. (The referee) said, ‘Hey, show me something.’ I said, ‘OK.’ I’m on a single leg in a scramble, (Cejudo) stops punching, he’s defending a single leg, and (the referee’s) going to stop the fight? It’s just ridiculous. It’s pretty pathetic that I have better knowledge (than the referee).” (Via MMAJunkie)

Dillashaw said all of this not long after the fight and might feel differently now that he’s had some time to think about it but then again, he might not. Henry Cejudo stated post-fight that he would like the opportunity to move up and face Dillashaw again, only this time for the bantamweight championship so its possible that we have just seen the beginning between these two highly competitive fighters.

Greg Hardy comments on “cheating” accusations

The UFC signing of Greg Hardy was met with some controversy and he did nothing to help his case with his performance last night. Hardy looked inexperienced and it was likely that same inexperience that led him to throw the fight ending illegal knee, but still, questions remain. Hardy, of course, has a checkered past which leaves many people wondering if perhaps Hardy meant to throw the knee, and some are even going as far as to call the former NFL All-Pro a cheater. Hardy for his part made it clear that he does not care for the label in his post-fight media comments.

“Show me one time I’ve ever cheated in my life,” Hardy said (via “Show me one other lineman or one of their favorite quarterbacks in history that I’ve ever cheated against. Go ask Tom Brady if I cheated when I sacked him.”

It was certainly a less than spectacular debut for the former NFL player and it did nothing to help him in the eyes of those that want to see him fail. After last night its only clearer how much of an uphill battle, he will be facing if he wants to be a successful UFC fighter, and even more so if he wants to become a respected one.

Alexander Hernandez comments on first UFC defeat

It’s like something out of a movie…the young kid steps out of line, and the old man has to dust off his boots and put him right back in his place. That’s the storyline that we saw unfold over the last few weeks and ultimately culminate last night in one of the most successful performances of Donald Cerrone’s legendary career. Alex Hernandez used sharp words to attack Donald Cerrone in the lead up to the fight and ultimately showed no respect for the 50+ fight veteran. Cerrone showed up on fight night though and put off a vintage performance like we haven’t witnessed from him in quite some time. Hernandez was humbled though and had no problem admitting such. He released a lengthy Instagram post and perhaps the most interesting lines state simply: “I need to learn to fight. I need to address my approach. I brought the fight to Cerrone and where he made adjustments I did not.”

It will be interesting to see what adjustments the young fighter makes going forward.

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