LIVE BELLATOR 211 REPORT: Real-Time Results & Analysis of Sakara-Kauppinen

By Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

Bellator 211
December 1, 2018
Live from Genova, Italy at RDS Stadium
Live on Paramount Network and DAZN (4 PM ET)

Paramount/DAZN Main Card

(1) Kiefer Crosbie vs. Orlando D’Ambrosio (Welterweight/170)

Round 1:  Crosbie scores early with a nice trip takedown. He moves right into side control but D’Ambrosio is able to quickly recover guard. Crosbie is just maintaining position so far. The ref steps in and we are going to see a stand up here. Back on the feet and Crosbie is attacking with kicks to the legs. D’Ambrosio seems very relaxed early on, he hasn’t thrown much of anything on the feet. Crosbie connects with a nice heel hick in the final seconds of the round. Crosbie appears to be the better fighter on the feet and on the ground after one round, he had success with the trip takedown and he seems to be confusing D’Ambrosio with his variety of kicks. 10-9 Crosbie

Round 2: D’Ambrosio connects early with a solid low kick. He appears a bit more focused in this round. He closes the distance and they are now fighting for position against the fence. Crosbie finds some separation and connects with a grazing left hand. D’Ambrosio used some nice head movement there to avoid the brunt of the punch. Crosbie scores with a takedown and is now working from the top with under a minute left in the round. This is a very well-rounded performance by Crosbie here. He is controlling the action on the ground and D’Ambrosio just doesn’t have the space or time to get anything done before Crosbie moves onto something else. 10-9 Crosbie

Round 3: D’Ambrosio lands with a left hook early on, but Crosbie returns a solid shot of his own before securing a body lock. D’Ambrosio though ends up with a leg and scores with a single leg takedown. Crosbie pops right back up to his feet and reverses the position against the fence. Crosbie scores with the takedown this time and D’Ambrosio is down on his back again with 2:25 left in the round. After some inaction we see another stand up by the referee. Crosbie lands with a knee to the body and a short uppercut before they tie up again. D’Ambrosio has a pair of under hooks with about 30 seconds left in the round and that’s how the round will end. 10-9 Crosbie (30-27 Crosbie)

Result: Keifer Crosbie def. Orlando D’Ambrosio via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Keifer Crosbie put on a very well-rounded performance in earning his first Bellator victory. He is a student at SBGI and a training partner of Conor McGregor’s and it is easy to see that when watching his style.

(2) Ibrahim Mane vs. Alen Amedovski (Middleweight/185)

Round 1: Amedovski rushes in right out of the gate! He lands a big straight right and then a left and Mane is down and out! This fight is over! Wow! That has got to be close to the Bellator MMA record for fastest knockout!

Result: Alen Amedovski def. Ibrahim Mane via KO (Punches) Round 1, 0:12

Analysis: The Bellator record for fastest KO is 6 seconds and that record is held by Hector Lombard, but it was impressive none the less. Mane was very upset with the stoppage, but the replay shows that he was out on his feet. Amedovski is now 2-0 in Bellator and should earn a big fight soon if he continues knocking people out. This makes 8 straight knockouts for the Macedonian fighter.

(3) Luca Vitali vs. Pedro Carvalho (Lightweight/155)

Round 1: Vitali catches one of Carvalho’s kicks early and scores with a trip takedown! Carvalho is right back up though, and he has Vitali’s neck in a standing guillotine! This is trouble for Vitali! Vitali drops down to his knees and the guillotine is only getting tighter! And he taps! Wow! That has to be close to the fastest submission in Bellator history…we are breaking records here tonight it seems. Great choke by Carvalho.

Result: Pedro Carvalho def. Luca Vitali via Submission (Guillotine) Round 1, 0:43

Analysis: Pedro Carvalho took this fight on short notice and didn’t waste any time in getting the job done. He is another product of SBGI, so they are having quite a night tonight. Not much else to say really. We didn’t get to see much from Vitali, but he did have that nice trip early in the fight.

(4) Hesdy Gerges vs. Domingos Barros (Heavyweight/265)

Round 1: Hesdy Gerges is a well-known kickboxer so Barros will likely look to get this fight down early. Gerges lands with a low kick. Barros attempts a body lock takedown but Gerges is able to step out of it. Barros continues pressuring though and completes a takedown. Gerges is down and Barros is moving into mount it seems. Gerges is not doing anything to get up, and Barros has moved into the crucifix position. Barros is looking for an Americana but gives it up to move into mount. Barros is throwing down some big shots from the mount and Gerges is done here. Barros did what he had to do to defeat a guy who would no doubt have had an advantage on the feet. Gerges only took 6 months to prepare for this fight and as you would expect his grappling did not look up to par. Hopefully, he continues with MMA though because if he can get it together, he should be an exciting addition to the roster.

Result: Domingos Barros def. Hesdy Gerges via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 2:51

Analysis: Barros did what you would expect against a kickboxer like Gerges. He moves to 6-0 and could be a promising prospect in a division that is filled with aged veterans and light-heavyweights. Gerges seemed frustrated with the loss but grappling is something that takes time. He didn’t react to certain positions as you would hope and because of that he wasn’t able to escape the beating. If he gets some takedown defense though he could really start to put together an impressive highlight reel.

(5) Kent Kauppinen vs. Alessio Sakara (Light-heavyweight/205)

Round 1: Sakara is coming out early with lots of low kicks and front kicks. Kauppinen lands a good right hand that Sakara felt. Low kick lands for Sakara. Kauppinen lands a hard-left hand and Sakara is out cold!

Result: Kent Kauppinen def. Alessio Sakara via KO (Punch) Round 1, 1:10

Analysis: Sakara looked old tonight and he didn’t react well to any of the shots that Kauppinen landed. Kauppinen looked good but didn’t get much time to show what he can really do. What we did learn is that he hits hard and looks better at 205 than he has in lower divisions in the past.

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