KSW 46 Report: Dylan Bowker play-by-play of Narkun vs. Khalidov 2

By Dylan Bowker, MMATorch contributor

KSW 46

KSW 46
December 1, 2018
Gliwice, Poland from Arena Gliwice
Live on FITE.TV

Welterweight: Krystian Kaszubowski (170lb/77.2kg) vs. Michał Michalski (171lb/77.4kg)

Early takedown landed from Kaszubowski. Decent amount of top control time spent in half guard until Michalski is back up. Insane KO win flatlines Michał and Kaszubowski wins by knockout in R1.

Bantamweight: Antun Racić (135lb/61.3kg) vs. Sebastian Przybysz (134lb/60.9kg)

Feeling out process early on. Antun with the tight guard but Sebastian is trying to pry through. Racic with a big right hand that connects. Sebastian is slipping some of the right hands that are being thrown now from Racic. Racic working in Sebastian’s guard as the round closes out.

Round two – Racic keeps trying to work for the big right with tight defence while trying to get in close. Sebastian keeps playing the long game. Missed head kick results in a slip to the mat and Racic followed to the canvas and is now in Sebastian’s open guard. Racic with the GnP but Sebastian is trying to be active off of his back. Sebastian throwing up submissions but the smothering ground and pound ended the round for Racic.

Round three – Racic has the better hands in this bout and continues to reinforce that throughout this round as well. Racic also secures a takedown and is in Sebastian’s guard. Close quarters, dissecting ground and pound shots are yielding positive results for Racic. Sebastian is steadily working but the dogged determination of Racic is stifling a lot of the advances. Sebastian gets to his feet and tries to latch in a guillotine last minute. Winner by unanimous decision is Antun Racić.

Lightweight: Artur Sowinski (156lb/70.6kg) vs. Kamil Szymuszowski (155lb/70.5kg)

A lot of feints and pawing strikes with both combatants putting out feelers. Sowinski connecting with the hands a bit. Some kicks to the body and knees to the torso landed soaringly in what wasn’t the most eventful opening round.

Round two – Sowinski geting more active with the hands and is increasing his connectivity with combos. Brief grappling sequence takes place but it returns to a boxing exchange afer a near-hip throw happened. Kamil has bloodied his opponent and knocked out his mouth guard.

Round three – Big looping right hand looking to land for Sowinski in this frame. The round continues with Sowinski largely winning the Boxing exchanges despite being bloodied up and appearing a bit more worse for wear. Kamil shooting in for a takedown. Sowinski instead gets the takedown with a couple seconds to go. The winner by decision is Artur Sowinski.

Lightweight: Grzegorz Szulakowski (155lb/70.5kg) vs. Marian Ziolkowski (156lb/70.6kg)

Szulakowski with the aggressive forward movement and picking shots. Ziolkowski landing some leg kicks and working a bit of lateral movement. Szulakowski pursues a takedown and gets it on the second go. Szulakowski rolling through for a eg lock but the bell sounds to indicate the round has elapsed.

Round two – Ziolkowski trying to work the outside striking game but Szulakowski tries to work for takedowns. Szulakowski ends up getting mount in a grappling sequence gone awry for Szulakowski. Ziolkowski now operating out of half guard and Szulakowski is getting smothered so far.

Round three – Big right hand from Ziolkowski that rocked Szulakowski and the events that unfurled lead to the ground. Ziolkowski got into the half guard of Szulakowski but things were able to be worked back to the butterfly guard. Ziolkowski exploded and got to side control from full guard but Szulakowski again returns the ground game to the butterfly guard. Moves over to mount and Ziolkowski continues his grappling supremacy that has been demonstrated all throughout this bout. Beefy elbow from mount for Ziolkowski and Szulakowski gives up his back. The time spent in mount and back mount was too significant and the closing few seconds saw Szulakowski resign himself in frustration to the inevitable decision. The judges have it for Ziolkowski.

Featherweight: *Roman Szymański (148lb/67.2kg) vs. Daniel Torres (146lb/66.2kg)

Both men trying to go reactions out of one another and there’s a tremendous amount of frenetic energy between the two combatants. Roman secured a takedown and is getting the better of the grappling positions. Roman ahs spent meaningful amounts of time in side control and a litany of other smothering positions.

Round two – Roman gets a brief takedown, explosion from Torres, ad the process repeats itself one more time before the fight goes back to kickboxing range. Torres maintaining his stance more so this round and isn’t being taken down. Torres able to get off his striking better now as the grappling confidence has given him encouragement to connect with his hands. Torres drops down for a guillotine choke in the waning seconds of the second frame.

Round three – Roman looking to get Torres to respect his striking more so. With Torres’ mounting confidence, Roman looks to be attempting to create an energy to spoil that. Big takedown by Roman and goes right to side control. Dominated the bulk of the grappling for the rest of the round en-route to Roman netting a UD win.

80kg Catchweight: Roberto Soldic (176lb/79.9kg) vs. Vinicius Bohrer (172lb/78.2kg)

Roberto with the big finish; huge left hook that one shot KOed Bohrer. An emphatic first round stoppage win that surely set the KSW 170lb division and Polish Welterweights on notice.

Featherweight: Marcin Wrzosek (145lb/66kg) vs. Salahdine Parnasse (146lb/66.2kg)

Parnasse making his calculations quicker and getting off with a wide range of punches, feints, and kicks. Marcin with a big punch but Parnasse gets a takedown. A scramble results in Parnasse returning to Marcin’s back position. Parnasse looking confident with the striking but holding up well with his takedown defence as well. Parnasse showcases some strong sequences on the mat as the round elapsed.

Round two – Parnasse edging the striking a kickboxing range and is getting the better of the folkstyle positions. Greco Roman on the fence ramping up in this second frame. Marcin finally ramping up his striking connectivity but Parnasse drops Marcin shortly after. Parnasse gets Marcin’s back as the round ends.

Round three – Parnasse continues to counterstrike the ever encroaching Polish Zombie. Marcin gets a takedown, has a minute or so of decent top control, and the fight once again get back to the feet. This segues into a folkstyle exchange along the cage and both men showboat a little bit to end the contest. The winner by unanimous decision is Parnasse.

Co-Main Vacant Featherweight Title
Mateusz Gamrot (144lb/65.5kg) vs. Kleber Koike Erbst (145lb/65.7kg)

Both men throwing kicks at one another and both making their own respective attempts to land flying strikes.
Gamrot connecting on a few leg kicks and succeeded with a single leg takedown earlier in the round. The opening frame. Fun scramble between the two that ends up with Koike throwing up his legs for a triangle as R1 ends.

Round two – Koike is pursuing Gamrot with vigour after likely dropping that opening round. Gamrot has great composure, both men trade, and Koike’s forward pursuits are unyielding. Gamrot scores a double leg takedown and Koike closes his guard. Koike rolls for a leg lock to no avail. Koike with another last minute, multi-strike flurry in the final seconds to try and steal the round. Cerainly more of a spirited, overall more successful round from Koike.

Round three -The fight get to the ground and Koike again going for a leg lock. Gamrot sowing off his composure in uncharted territory and Koike is showing off his mettle/ championship familiarity. Koike throwing upkicks as Gamrot measures him whilst standing upright. Koike is bleeding a decent amount around his left eye. Gamrot is edging it in
terms of points but Koike is displaying a lot of heart in the face of that.

Round four – This KSW title bout encroaches into the championship rounds, Gamrot now begins pressuring Koike heavily with not just top control but brutal ground and pound. The economy of strikes and the laser focused mindset are leading Gamrot to win another round in this fight.

Round five -This is the final round for the vacant KSW 145lb belt. Koike is busted up and Gamrot continues to pick his opponent’s face apart with crisp Boxing. Gamrot then secures a takedown and gets immediate wrist control. Just really showing his full toolbox with transition from dominant Boxing to winning in the submission wrestling. Gamrot now concurrently holds two championships in KSW and has made history as the first to simultaneously hold belts in two different weight classes (KSW’s lightweight and now Featherweight divisions). Gamrot wins by unanimous decision.


Main Event
Mamed Khalidov (201lb/91.3kg) vs. Tomasz Narkun (203lb/91.9kg)

Both men taking a measured approach to the opening two minutes. Narkun doing just enough to edge the round via his use of low kicks. Khalidov drops Narkun to the canvas with a punch. Big right to Narkun and Khalidov seems to be getting more bounce in his step. A rhythm and confidence from cracking his foe a few good times.

Round two – Both men trade leg kicks. Narkun ramping up the volume of low kicks that are connecting. Eye poke to Narkun and he is writhing on the canvas in pain. Khalidov gets thins to the mat after some forward pressure from Narkun’s striking. Khalidov isstading abover and measuring the downed NArkun. Both men get up with Narkun staling with a one-two boxing ombo then land a takedown in the closing few seconds in the frame.

Round three – Narkun working the leg kicks still and also takes Khalidov down to the mat once more. Narkun is in side control and landing short punches until Khalidov scrambles out and ends up in Narkun’s guard. Narkun seemed to have an armbar in deep but Khalidov again scrambles well; ending up in Narkun’s active guard again. The winner of the top of the marquee prize fight via unanimous decision is Narkun. Khalidov symbolically removes his gloves as he announces that this is his final foray in MMA.

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