LIVE ULTIMATE FIGHTER FINALE REPORT: Real-Time Results & Analysis of Dos Anjos-Usman, Heavyweight and Featherweight Tournament Finals

By Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

The Ultimate Fighter Finale
November 30, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada from The Palms
Live on UFC Fight Pass (6:30 PM ET) and Fox Sports 1 (8 PM ET)

Fight Pass Prelims

Raoni Barcelos def. Chris Gutierrez via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 4:12

Ricky Rainey vs. Tim Means (Welterweight/170)

Favorite: Tim Means -350

Round 1: Means scores early with a takedown. Rainey is trying to regain his footing, but Means is raining down some shots here. Ricky Rainey is in serious trouble here and its all over! Wow! Means just stayed on him and kept landing punches until Rainey went out.

Result: Tim Means def. Ricky Rainey via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 1:18

Analysis: Means came, saw, and conquered…not much else can be said really. Rainey never got anything going and couldn’t recover once the going got rough.

Roosevelt Roberts vs. Darrell Horcher (Lightweight/155)

Favorite: Roosevelt Roberts -315

Round 1: Roberts has a pretty significant size advantage. Big knee lands for Roberts. Horcher is very hesitant early on. Horcher is waiting for Roberts to throw but he isn’t quite quick enough to land his counter shots. Roberts is starting to have success with his right hook. Horcher has a body lock and he is looking for control against the fence. Horcher is landing some short knees in the clinch but Roosevelt is looking to make a move. He has the neck and Horcher is in a very awkward position here. Horcher taps! Nice win for Roberts there in his official UFC debut.

Result: Roosevelt Roberts def. Darrell Horcher via Submission (Standing Guillotine) Round 1, 4:50

Analysis: Roberts looked very good through out the entire fight. He landed some good shots on the feet and the choke was slick as well.

FS1 Prelims

 Julija Stoliarenko vs. Leah Letson (Featherweight)

Round 1: Letson scores early with a nice left hook. Letson scores again this time with a side kick to the body. Stoliarenko is looking a bit out of place early on. Letson throws a bit of a lazy kick and Stoliarenko lands a couple counter shots in return. Very slow fight so far but Letson is in control so far. Letson secures a clinch against the fence and she is now controlling the fight from there. Letson lands a nice left hand as they separate. She is clearly the better fighter right now. Stoliarenko moves in with a quick flurry but doesn’t find much. 10-9 Letson

Round 2: Stoliarenko shoots in for a takedown but it wasn’t set up well. Letson is forcing Stoliarenko to work with her back towards the fence but neither fighter very active right now. Stoliarenko shoots in for a singe leg and its deep but Letson manages to step out of it. We have about a minute and a half left in the round. Stoliarenko connects with a good left hand but Letson is starting to turn up the pressure a bit. 10-9 Letson

Round 3: Stoliarenko lands a good shot early. Letson moves in for a takedown and Stoliarenko ends up with the neck. She is fighting it, but it looks deep. Letson escapes and she is now in top position with just under two minutes left in the round. Stoliarenko is not doing much from her back here and we will see a stand up with about thirty seconds left in the round. Letson lands a nice kick to the body just as the round ends. 10-9 Letson (30-27 Letson)

Result: Leah Letson def. Julija Stoliarenko via Split Decision

Analysis: It was what it was. Letson looked good at certain points and definitely looks like she has the potential to make something happen down the road.

Maurice Greene vs. Michel Batista (Heavyweight/265)

Round 1: Batista moves in early for a takedown and he gets it. Greene throws up a triangle from his back though and this could be trouble for Batista! He taps and its over! Quick work there by Maurine Greene to get the job done!

Result: Maurice Greene def. Michel Batista via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 1, 2:14

Analysis: The fight started like we thought it would. Batista, the Olympic wrestler, scored early with a takedown but once the fight was down, he was quickly in trouble. Nice submission win for Greene.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Alex Perez (Flyweight/125)

Favorite: Alex Perez -130

Round 1: Perez is looking for a takedown early, but Benavidez shakes it. Benavidez is attacking the body with hooks and Perez is feeling them. He forces the fight against the fence and Perez is now working to create some space. It’s a shame that Benavidez will probably never get the credit he deserves because of the losses to Mighty Mouse but he sure has been good for a long time. Benavidez moves in and Perez kind of just falls to the ground. Benavidez is unloading with some hard shots and the ref steps in! But wait…he just told them to continue. I have never seen that before and Benavidez should be furious. Jimmy Smith is losing it on commentary right now. Terrible decision by the ref there. Benavidez is looking for a guillotine, but Perez is pushing through! Benavidez is throwing some shots down at Perez and this time the ref steps in for good. Very interesting sequence of events there.

Result: Joseph Benavidez def. Alex Perez via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 4:19

Analysis: They are getting comments from Marc Ratner about the ref’s decision there to stop and then not stop the fight…he agreed that it was a poor decision. The referee actually put both hands-on Benavidez to stop him and then forced him to continue. Wild stuff there but either way it was a nice win for Benavidez.

Rick Glenn vs. Kevin Aguilar (Featherweight/145)

Favorite: Even

Round 1: My computer was lagging a bit and I missed a bit of the first round because of it. Glenn was the aggressor early on and was pressuring well until Aguilar connected with a shot that put him down. Glenn recovered but the momentum shifted from that point. Both guys are busted up, but the round will probably go to Aguilar. 10-9 Aguilar

Round 2:  Aguilar connects with a nice combination early. Glenn is moving forward and trying to force the fight against the fence, but Aguilar is making him work for it. Glenn connects with a nice right hand as he continues looking for a way inside. Aguilar connects with an uppercut and follows it up with a hook. Glenn moves in and Aguilar lands a few hard elbows. He lands another left hook, but Glenn is still coming forward. Something about this fight is a bit awkward. Neither guy seems to really be able to get into rhythm. Aguilar connects with an elbow and then a hook to the body. Glenn lands an elbow of his own…good old-fashioned phone booth fighting. 10-9 Glenn

Round 3: More of the same so far. Both guys are digging deep here. Aguilar lands a big right hook and Glenn is down! Aguilar is landing shots on the ground, but Glenn is trying to survive. Glenn is shrimping and looking for a leg to recover himself, but Aguilar is staying on him. He briefly moves into mount, but Glenn manages to escape. Glenn’s face is an absolute mess right now. Glenn is up though with 40 seconds left in the round. Glenn connects with a big elbow and Aguilar is wobbled! He grabs hold of a body lock but Glenn trips him just as the round ends. I think I said this was an awkward fight earlier…I apologize. That was a great fight, especially the third round. 10-9 Aguilar (29-28 Aguilar)

Result: Kevin Aguilar def. Rick Glenn via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Great fight. Rick Glenn was in control for large portions of the fight, but Aguilar kept catching him and hurting him with big shots. Glenn took a serious beating but kept coming forward to props to him for his performance.

FS1 Main Card

(8) Ji Yeon Kim vs. Antonina Shevchenko (Flyweight)

Favorite: Antonina Schevchenko -305

Round 1: I apologize yet again. I am watching this event via a live TV streaming service and it is giving me a couple of issues. From what I saw it was Shevchenko’s round.

Round 2: Shevchenko is the aggressor early on. She is controlling the fight with body locks and front kicks. Kim seems hesitant to move forward it seems. Anytime she swings she misses. Schevchenko is showing good defense so far. Nice front kick to the face lands for Shevchenko just as the round ends. 10-9 Schevchenko

Round 3: Schevchenko scores early with a takedown. She is looking to pass but Kim is defending well. Kim isn’t doing much to get up though nor is she threatening with submissions. Schevchenko landed a hard knee and the ref steps in. He is saying it was illegal and watching the replay it certainly was. Back to the action and Schevchenko connects with a nice kick to the body. 10-9 Schevchenko (30-27 Schevchenko)

Result: Antonina Shevchenko def. Ji Yeon Kim via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: It was a good debut for Schevchenko aside from the illegal knee. Kim seemed a bit hesitant to engage at times and wasn’t able to put much together. Schevchenko was very grateful in her post fight interview and she should be a fun contender to watch in the division.

Darren Stewart vs. Edmen Shahbazyan (Middleweight/185)

Favorite: Even

Round 1: Shahbazyan scores early with a takedown. Stewart is struggling to get back to his feet but Shahbazyan is staying on him. He is controlling Stewart with underhooks and body locks and its allowing him to control Stewart against the fence. Stewart manages to separate, and Stewart connects with a big shot! Shahbazyan is hurt! Stewart is looking for the kill shot but Shahbazyan shoots and takes him down with about 20 seconds left in the round. 10-9 Shahbazyan

Round 2: Shahbazyan scores early with a takedown. Stewart is right back on his feet but Shahbazyan is staying on him and just won’t let him get any space. The majority of this round has seen Shahbazyan just riding Stewart and controlling him on the ground. He isn’t looking to do much damage, but he is in total control here. 10-9 Shahbazyan

Round 3: Shahbazyan scores early with another takedown. Stewart is back up though and lands a hard elbow! Shahbazyan is a bit dazed and Stewart is starting to turn up the pressure. He is landing some punches and Shahbazyan is desperately looking for a takedown. He doesn’t get it, but he does have a clinch and he isn’t allowing Stewart to land any big shots. Shahbazyan appears to be hurt, Stewart closes the distance and takes Shahbazyan down! Stewart is landing some shots here! Shahbazyan is absolutely exhausted! Shahbazyan scores with a takedown! Wow what a round! Shahbazyan has the back with just under a minute left in the round. He is just holding on at this point though and will ride out the round in top position. 10-9 Stewart

Results: Edmen Shahbazyan def. Darren Stewart via Split Decision

Analysis: It was a good back and forth fight and honestly Stewart has several chances to get the finish but couldn’t quite get it. Shahbazyan remains undefeated but took some serious shots to get it done. Stewart is a very exciting fighter to watch and despite the loss he had a good performance.

Bryan Caraway vs. Pedro Munhoz (Bantamweight/135)

Favorite: Pedro Munhoz -270

Round 1: Caraway is busted open early, I think it was a right hook. Caraway is looking for a takedown but Munhoz shakes him. Caraway is getting tagged here. Caraway just isn’t defending himself at all, his hands are down and Munhoz is shaking his takedown attempts. Munhoz is landing some hard shots and Caraway is down! Munhoz lands a few shots on the ground and this fight is over. Watching the replay, it looks like Caraway got caught with a kick to the body that put him down. It was a strange reaction but Munhoz was putting it on him. He was a bit upset at the stoppage, but it was what it was.

Result: Pedro Munhoz def. Bryan Caraway via TKO (Kick and Punches) Round 1, 2:39

Analysis: Munhoz was on fire tonight. He caught Caraway early and often, stuffed his takedowns and put him down with some well-placed punches. He continues to rise in the rankings and is nearing title contention if he keeps putting on performances like this.

Pannie Kianzad vs. Macy Chiasson (TUF Featherweight Tournament Final)

Favorite: Even

Round 1: Chiasson is pressuring early and looking for a takedown. They are battling for position against the cage. Kianzad is looking for a trip but Chiasson is defending it. Chiasson is attacking with knees in the clinch. Kianzad lands a nice right hook but she just can’t create the separation that she needs to escape the position. Chiasson is controlling things against the fence, she separates and lands a straight left before grabbing another clinch and forcing things back against the fence. Kianzad separates a bit and lands a short elbow. Kianzad shoots in for a takedown but Chiasson sprawls and takes the back of her opponent with 25 seconds left in the round. She has a jaw crank but Kianzad will survive. 10-9 Chiasson

Round 2: Kianzad is looking for a takedown early but Chiasson won’t let her have it. Kianzad throws up an armbar but Chiasson steps out of it after a briefly tense moment. She takes the back and slaps on a rear naked choke and Kianzad could be in trouble here. Its beneath the neck and this fight is over! Macy Chiasson remains undefeated and wins the Ultimate Fighter in the process!

Result: Macy Chiasson def. Pannie Kianzad via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 2:11

Juan Espino vs. Justin Frazier (Heavyweight/265) (TUF Heavyweight Tournament Final)

Favorite: Even

Round 1: Espino scores with a takedown right out of the gate. He has one leg trapped and he is looking to take the back, but Frazier is defending. He attempts an RNC, but Frazier escapes it. Frazier briefly gets to his feet but Espino trips him right back down and moves into side control. He has one of Frazier’s arms trapped and he is looking for a keylock! He has it locked in and Frazier taps!

Result: Juan Espino def. Justin Frazier via Submission (Keylock) Round 1, 3:36

Analysis: Juan Espino could be in for a very bright future in the UFC. He looked fantastic in the grappling department which is something you don’t often see at heavyweight. He is also from a country that doesn’t have a large number of representatives in the UFC, so he will likely get a “push” in an effort to grow the fan base there. He put on a great performance and didn’t give Justin Frazier any breathing room, he dominated him with grapping before earning the fight ending submission.


Kamaru Usman vs. Rafael Dos Anjos (Welterweight/170)

Favorite: Kamaru Usman -270

Round 1: They are exchanging shots early. RDA lands with a solid let hook but Usman is fine. Usman moves in and scores with a takedown. RDA recovers guard and is now working from his back. He recovers his footing and Usman is now in control against the fence. Usman is certainly the stronger fighter early on. RDA is trying to work his way off the fence, but Usman is keeping a tight body lock. RDA separates, and they are back in the center. Usman lands a series of jabs and body shot before changing levels for another takedown. RDA is defending though and making Usman work for it. Usman completest the takedown and he is landing some short shots with 30 seconds left in the round. RDA lands a big up kick in the final seconds of the round, but Usman maintains his position. 10-9 Usman

Round 2: Usman is pressuring early. He forces RDA against the fence and RDA just can’t do much from there. He’s got to create some space because he has actually looked good in the standing exchanges, but he is getting seriously outworked in these grappling exchanges. Usman is looking for a takedown and gets it. He lands a few hard elbows as RDA battles for some control. RDA is threatening with a kimura and it looked rough for a moment, but Usman is now defending it. RDA goes for it again, but Usman spins out of it and they are back on the feet. Usman forces RDA back against the fence though and he is back in control and RDA is neutralized. RDA separates and lands a nice low kick, Usman returns a knee and just like that the round is over. 10-9 Usman

Round 3: Usman is landing some shots early and they are backing RDA against the fence. Usman has a body lock and completes a takedown from there. RDA is up but he is busted up around the right eye. Usman connects with a left hook and a right straight! He moves in for a takedown and completes it. He is wearing RDA out here. RDA is looking for a kimura, but Usman pulls out of it. RDA is now pressuring against the fence, and he is looking for a takedown but Usman counters it and takes RDA down. Back on the feet and RDA connects with a nice left hook and a jab. He keeps putting his back against the fence though and that’s likely exactly what Usman wants him to do. 10-9 Usman

Round 4: Usman is pressuring against the fence and he is starting to land lots of shots here. RDA just won’t get off the fence and Usman keeps moving in and taking him down. Usman has back control with one hook in, but RDA rolls out of it. Usman is still firmly in control here though and RDA is breathing heavily as well as bleeding badly from the face. RDA is trying to get up, but he is exhausted. Usman takes him down again and he is throwing some big elbows from the top position. Usman is landing more and more shots and RDA just can’t find a way out. Another hard elbow lands for Usman. 10-9 Usman

Round 5: Usman is pouring on the shots early. He seems to be fresh and the same cannot be said for RDA. Usman scores with a takedown and is now looking to take the back. Usman is landing some short shots as RDA fishes for a leg. He is looking to get to his feet and does. Usman is looking for another takedown and gets it. RDA has the neck of Usman, but no guard and Usman should be able to easily spin out of this. Usman is landing some hard shots, but RDA is doing all that he can to hold on. RDA lands a hard elbow from the bottom. RDA is looking to control the posture but at this point he’s probably out of time. 10-9 Usman (50-45 Usman)

Result: Kamaru Usman def. Rafael Dos Anjos via Unanimous Decision

Analysis: Absolutely dominant performance by Usman. He is defiantly in the discussion for a title shot and he would certainly be a problem for anybody in the division. He says he will be champion and at this point it’s hard not to believe him.


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