Korean Zombie and Yair Rodriguez hook up one more time in Denver hospital

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

Credit: Chan Sung Jung, Instagram

“Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung and Yair Rodriguez had a fight for the ages Saturday night at Denver’s Pepsi Center. Rodriguez won the fight with a last second (literally) Hail Mary elbow that put Jung out cold. Both men though, were transported to hospital after the fight, and Rodriguez posted a statement from his bed on Sunday.

Jung shared a post of his own Sunday night and it turns out, he got to share another moment with the man he went to war with for 23 minutes and 59 seconds Saturday night. The Instagram post sees Jung and Rodriguez, both looking battered, holding hands in their hospital beds. A very rough Google translation of the caption says that “The ego is very much on the side,” and “heartiest congratulations to the polite young friends.”


It’s a photo that really captures the sportsman like nature that comes out in martial arts at its best. A month after what happened post fight at UFC 229, it’s nice to see the other end of the spectrum for a change.

Jung and Rodriguez were both said to have been released from hospital without any major injuries.

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