World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation Live ringside Report: Johny Hendricks KO’d, Chris Leben vs. Phil Baroni

By Christian Moore, MMATorch Correspondent

World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation
November 9, 2018
Casper, Wyoming from Casper Events Center
Live on iPPV (10 PM ET)

Rounds will be 5, 2-Minute Rounds

Here we go.

First Fight: Cory Simpson vs Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Simpson out first

Vallie-Flagg out next

Both Men promised a quick, bloody fight. Here we go!

Overhand by Isaac

Simpson landing combos.

Body shots from both men.

Brutal body shots by Simpson.

Simpson swinging BIG.

End Round 1.

Isaacs body was lit up and is bright red. Round goes to Simpson. Body shots are key so far.

Round 2.

Issac knocks down Simpson by uppercut.

Uppercuts by Isaac.

Simpson goes down by body shot.


Vallie-Flagg TKOs Simpson via Body Shot Round 2 1:52.

A great start. Body shots are the winning shots early on. Impressive performance by both.

Vallie-Flagg: “Body is the best option…. He has a hard head, the body was the way to go.”

Up Next: Joey Munoz vs Marcelo Alfaya.

Alfaya out first

Here comes Munoz.

Alfaya the taller man, but Munoz the heavier. We’ll see what happens.

Here We Go!

Munoz Knocked Down immediately

He’s up.

Joey with hard punches from the clinch.

A jab Joey

End Round 1.

The early knockdown takes the round for Alfaya.

Round 2

Uppercuts by Joey.

Sharp shots from Joey.

Clinch shots from Alfaya.

Joey rocked.

More late shots by Alfaya.

End Round 2.

Round leans Joey. 1-1.

Round 3:

Combos by both. Nothing really landed.

Right body shot by Alfaya.

End Round 3.

Best shot landed by Alfaya, as he takes the round. 2-1 Alfaya.

Round 4:

Huge clinch shots by Alfaya.

Alfaya cut below the eye.

Stiff body shot from Alfaya

Counter left by Joey.

Blood splattering, HUGE shots from Joey.

End Round 4.

Joey takes it with late flurry.2-2.

5th and final round:

Alfaya gets tagged.

Alfaya docked a point for late shot.

Both swinging HARD AND HEAVY

End Round 5.

Alfaya probably won the round, but with the dock, a Draw is my guess, although Joey might have taken the round at the end.

Scores are in. Judges say: 47-47. 48-47. 48-46. Joey Munoz takes it! Hell of a fight, both men gave everything. Munoz who took the fight on 1 day notice, a true sportsman, a great fighter, a great fight.
Munoz “My job is to get the job done, and I did…. More than to win, I just wanted to box.”

Up next: Josh Neer vs Mike Alderete

Alderete when asked how the fight ends “Knockout, of course!”

Here comes Alderete.

Neerout next.

Here we go!

Round 1:

Alderete coming out aggressive

Both Men taking HARD shots.

Alderete covering, eating uppercuts.

Neer continues to land.

Clinch punches.

End Round 1. Alderete just covers up and takes shots. Hoping for a counter. 1-0 Neer.

Round 2:

Alderete aggressive again.

Neer rocks him.

Numerous Upper cuts from Leer.

Neer hit on the chin.

Neer with a massive rocking uppercut.

Alderete landing plenty of body shots in clinch.

Another uppercut again by Neer.

Alderete saved by the bell.

End Round 2. Neer up 2-0.

Round 3:

Neer landing HUGE jabs, and more uppercuts.

More uppercuts by Neer.

Neer the superior fighter.

HUGE uppercut. Down goes Alderete, and he’s up.

Knocked down immediately.

Round ends.

If there are 10-8 rounds this is one.

Neer up 3-0.

Round 4:

Alderete may not make it off the stool.

That’s it. Neer wins by doctor stoppage. Neer was far superior.

Neer wins Doctor Stoppage Round 3.

Up Next: Lightweight Tournament Kickoff, Nick Gonzalez vs Leon Mynhardt.

Here comes Leon.

Up Next is Nick.

Here we go!

Nick sliding away from Leons punches.

Big shot by Leon.

Leon jab.

Both Men avoiding shots well.

Leon stuns him.

End Round 1. Leon takes it. 1-0 Leon.

Nicks face is swelling.

Round 2:

Leon with a right.

Leon tagged him again.

Corners him, Leon knocks Gonzalez down, fight over.

Leon Mynhardt wins, Round 2 TKO. Leon fought a perfect fight, and doesn’t seem to even have a bruise on him. Great performance.

Up Next: Lightweight Tournament continues. Jay Cucciniello vs Robbie Peralta.

Peralta out first.

Jay out second.

Here we go!

Round 1:

Jay gets hit a couple times.

Jay with an overhand.

Pealta with a good hook.

Round 1 over.

Slowest round of the night. Too close to call. I lean Peralta. 1-0 Peralta.

Round 2:

Jay with a jab.

Jay gets knocked down. Not sure with what.

Peralta charging forward, applying pressure.

Fight slows.

Big overhand right by Peralta.

End Round 2. Peralta clearly the winner. 2-0 Peralta.

Round 3:

Peralta throwing, neither landing much.

Exchange of overhands.

Jay cut above the eye.

Jay rocks Peralta to end the round, Peralta lands late.

End Round 3. 2-1 Peralta.

Round 4:

Peralta throwing big, not landing.

Jay gets tagged.

Jay lands big.

Check on Jays cut on the nose, shouldn’t be a stoppage.

Here we go.

Jay gets tagged.

Exchanging Huge shots. End Round 4.

Close round, but leans towards Jay. 2-2.

Round 5:

Overhand by Jay.

Jay tagged.

Jay gets hit.

Peralta landing cleaner shots.

Huge shots traded to end round 5.

Another close rounds. 3 close rounds, but I mean 3-2 Peralta.

Jay has a horrible cut between the top of the nose and eye.

Judges scored are in: 49-46. 50-45. 50-45.

Robbie Peralta by Unanimous Decision

Robbie Peralta will fight Like Bronzoulis in the Semi-Finals.

Both Men with so much heart.

Up next: WBKFF Women’s Bantamweight- Christina Marks vs Jasmine Clarkson.

Clarkson out first.

Marks out next.

Boxer vs MMA in a Bare Knuckle Ring. Let’s go!

Let’s go!

Round 1:

Lots of swinging, no contact.

Marks landing on counters.

Marks tags her.

Clarkson cut horribly above the eye, doctor checking.

Here we go.

End Round 1. Marks takes it. 1-0 Marks.

Round 2:

Marks tags Clarkson.

Marks charged forward.

Marks landing uppercuts.

Marks hits Clarkson. Clarkson grabs her eye, Ref stops it.

Christina Marks wins by Round 2 TKO.

Up Next: Joey Angelo vs Julian Lane.

In an interview with Bas Ruten, he told me Julian Lane was THE guy to watch. Lane was called to take a Bare Knuckle fight in Britain on short notice against an elite 17-0 fighter for the companies championship. Lane ran through the champion, and a year later, here he is. A fight to watch.

Our first is Julian Lane.

Here comes Joey Angelo.

Here we go!

Round 1:

Superman Punch by Angelo.

Lane with a huge overhand.

Lane lands.

End Round 1. Started explosive, ended slow. 1-0 Lane.

Round 2:

Both Men swinging for a finish.

Lane with a huge corner shot.

Angelo with a combo.

Overtake by Lane.

HUGE body shot by Lane.

End Round 2. 2-0 Lane.

Round 3:

Both Men land huge shots.

Countered Superman by Lane, knocks down Angelo.

Angelo up.

End Round 3. 3-0 Lane.

Round 4:

Overhand Left by Lane.

Joey tags Lane.

Overhand by Lane.

Body shots from Angelo.

End Round 4. 4-0 Lane.

Final Round 5:

Swings and misses.

Lane lands a shot.

HUGE shots by Lane.

Right hand by Lane.

Lane lands again.

End Round 5. 5-0 Lane

Judges scorecards:
48-47 Angelo.
49-46 Lane
49-46 Lane.

Lane by Split Decision.

Lane broke his right hand in the fight.

Up next: Johny Hendricks vs Dakota Cochrane.

Cochrane enters first.

Here comes Hendricks.

Let’s go!

Round 1:

Johnny gets tagged early.

Hendricks cut.

Hendricks with some big couch shots.

Johnny may have knocked Dakota down.

Hendricks cut below the eye pretty bad. End Round 1. 1-0 Hendricks.

Round 2:

Hendricks hit in the chin and knocked down. That’s it! Dakota Cochrane wins via TKO round 2!


Johnny still not on steady feet.

Up Next: Main Event- Chris Leben vs Phil Baroni

Baroni out first.

There’s Leben.

Main Event Time.

Both Men jacked up, both bigger than I’ve ever seen them before

Round 1:

Baroni lands quick, tries for a takedown. And tried for another takedown.

Baroni lands, tries for a 4th takedown.

Baroni knocked down.

He’s up

Leben with another knockdown, Baroni tries to stand, collapses, fight over.

Chris Leben wins by 1st Round KO.


What a show, and what a finish.

To wrap everything up, this was a great show, and a great introduction to Bare Knuckle for newcomers.

Fight of the Night: Joey Munoz vs Marcelo Alfaya

Best Performers of the Night: Joey Munoz, Christina Marks, and Josh Neer.

I would definitely recommend a watch.

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