Ben Askren won’t fight Tyron Woodley but happy to ‘beat up’ Darren Till

By Michael Hiscoe, Managing Editor

Ben Askren, Instagram

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Newly signed UFC fighter Ben Askren made the media rounds Monday and he shed some light on the path he hopes to take when he starts with the promotion.

In an appearance on MMAJunkie Radio and made his intentions clear for who he wants first, and he didn’t speak highly of him.

“You know who I think sounds like an easy target, and I’m kind of picking him out because he sucks? It’s Darren Till,” Askren said. “And I don’t really like him, either. So it makes it really easy that I don’t like him, I’d like to beat him up. I think he sucks, so it’d be an easy fight.”

That’s about as clear as it gets after spending some time last week calling out anyone and everyone in UFC’s lightweight and welterweight divisions. Everyone except, notably, teammate and current UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. Askren explained on “The MMA Hour” his thoughts on fighting his friend and teammate.

“Me and Tyron aren’t fighting, it’s simple,” Askren told host Luke Thomas. “We are not fighting. We are not fighting. No.”

Once again, Askren was clear with his intentions. Finally, Askren moved to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show for ESPN. Here, Askren continued to call out Till.

“Darren Till, he’s the worst,” Askren started. “Darren Till stinks, I’ll beat him up so easy – and he wants to talk tough on Twitter. If you’re really tough, call UFC, tell them you want me in London. I’ll come to London, I’m not scared, I’ll beat you up in front of all your hometown fans. Tell them ‘bring Funky to London’ to come beat you up.


So with Askren’s gameplan abundantly clear, all that’s left is for UFC to make it official, and Till to accept.


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