Antonio Jones vs. Edmen Shahbazyan (Middleweight/185)

Round 1: We have a 13-year age difference here. Shahbazyan is just 20 years old. Shahbazyan swarms early and lands a left hand that puts Jones down! Shahbazyan is attacking with ground and pound and its all over. Quick and decisive.

Result: Edmen Shahbazyan def. Antonio Jones via TKO (Punches) Round 1, 0:40

Angelo Trevino vs. Austin Vanderford (Welterweight/170)

Round 1: Trevino lands a big looping right hand. Hard counter left lands for Vanderford. Trevino drops for a single leg but Vanderford pushes his head down and nearly takes the back. Trevino reverses the position and he has Vanderford’s back. Vanderford escapes out the back and they are up against the fence. Trevino lands a big right hook and Vanderford is down! Trevino is landing big shots! Vanderford sweeps out of the position! Good stuff there to avoid the stoppage. 10-9 Trevino

Round 2: Vanderford is getting countered every time he throws his left hook. Trevino lands a big shot but Vanderford returns a straight right! Vanderford lands another right hook and Trevino is down! Vanderford scrambles down into mount and is landing shots from there. Trevino rolls and gives up his back, Vanderford has a chin crank but he will need to readjust. He does just that and this fight is over! Vanderford wins via Rear Naked Choke

Result: Austin Vanderford def. Angelo Trevino via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2

Anthony Adams vs. Chibwikem Onyenegecha (Middleweight/185)

Round 1: Long feeling out process at the beginning. Onyenegecha is landing some powerful leg kicks. Adams lands a nice combination. Adams is starting to find a home for his right straight and his right body kick. Adams lands a spinning elbow as the round ends. Fun round. 10-9 Adams

Round 2: Adams lands a body kick to the left side of Onyenegecha. This round is very similar to the first. Lots of shots being thrown but nothing notable is landing for either guy. Slow Round. 10-9 Onyenegecha

Round 3: Onyenegecha comes out a bit more aggressive than he has in previous rounds. Both guys are throwing flashy strikes but really nothing is landing. Low kick lands for Adams. Both guys look like they could go for five more rounds. Adams shoots for a takedown with 2 minutes left but he can’t get it and they are right back on the feet. Well the lights just went out. I am not joking. They have had about a 2-minute break in the action. Herb Dean is walking around telling the fighters to stay away from their coaches. We could see a technical decision here, but I don’t know, can’t say I’ve seen this before. Back to the action after about a four or five-minute break. Adams lands a left hand but lets his opponent off the hook. Adams goes for a takedown but settles for an under hook against the fence with 20 seconds left. Onyenegecha is rushing in with punches but time will run out. 10-9 Onyenegecha (29-28 Onyenegecha)

Result: Chibwikem Onyenegecha def. Anthony Adams via Split Decision

Rankings (Opinion)

  1. Edmen Shahbazyan
  2. Austin Vanderford
  3. Chibwikem Onyenegecha

Domingo Pilarte vs. Vince Morales (Bantamweight/135)

Round 1: Good back and forth action early. Morales lands a hard leg kick. Right straight lands for Morales. Pilarte is picking his shots well. Morales lands a big knee and he is landing some hard shots here. Pilarte is busted open and in trouble here. 10-9 Morales

Round 2: Morales goes for a takedown early but Pilarte sprawls. Morales throws a head kick but Pilarte catches it and trips Morales down to the mat. Pilarte drops to the mount and takes the back as Morales rolls over. Pilarte has a rear naked choke but Morales is fighting it! Morales is out! Nice comeback win for Pilarte there.

Result: Domingo Pilarte def. Vince Morales via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2, 1:52

Maycee Barber vs. Jamie Colleen (Strawweight/115)

Round 1: Barber lands early with a right hand that backs Colleen against the fence. Barber has an under hook against the fence and is controlling the action from there. Barber attempted a headlock takedown, but Colleen managed to avoid it and keep herself against the fence. Colleen lands a right hand. She needs a few more of those. Barber forces the fight back against the fence. 10-9 Barber

Round 2: Barber opens the round with a well placed left body kick. Head kick lands for Barber, but Colleen returns a right hook that lands hard. Barber is mixing up her kicks well and landing to the body and legs. Colleen slips a right hand and lands a left hook but aside from that she isn’t landing much. Barber scores with a takedown and she is in Colleen’s half guard. Barber is starting to land some hard elbows on the ground. Colleen recovers guard, but she is mostly just covering up at this point. Barber passes into half guard and is looking for mount, but she only has 10 seconds to work. 10-9 Barber

Round 3: Colleen lands a leg kick that knocks Barber down. Barber throws a head kick in retaliation, but Colleen avoids it and grabs a body lock. Colleen forces the fight against the fence but quickly gets reversed. Barber is looking for a takedown, but Colleen manages to keep herself on her feet. Barber is in complete control here with two and a half minutes remaining in the round. Barber scores a takedown and she is landing some vicious elbows! Herb Dean steps in and its all over!

Result: Maycee Barber def. Jamie Colleen via TKO (Elbows) Round 3, 4:15

Final Rankings (Opinion):

  1. Maycee Barber
  2. Edmen Shahbazyan
  3. Austin Vanderford
  4. Domingo Pilarte
  5. Chibwikem Onyenegecha

Contracts have been awarded to: Maycee Barber, Edmen Shahbazyan, and Domingo Pilarte

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