WATCH: Anthony Smith gets quick KO over Rashad Evans

Robert Vallejos, MMATORCH Contributor

Anthony Smith might have ended the legendary career of Rashad Evans with a brutal KO at UFC 225.

Cole Henry’s fight report: 

Anthony Smith vs. Rashad Evans (Light heavyweight/205)

Round 1: Big leg kick by Anthony Smith starts the fight. Evans closes the distance with an overhand and grabs a pair of under hooks. He forces the fight against the fence and is looking for a takedown. Smiths forces the head of Evans down and lands a big knee! Evans is down and out! Great performance by Smith. Evans should have seen that knee coming and this fight just didn’t make a ton of sense for him. Smith was too big, and the finishing sequence was violent.

Result: Anthony Smith def. Rashad Evans via KO (Knee) Round 1, 0:53

Highlight Video

Click here to follow along live with the UFC 225 Live Report


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