King of the Cage: No Escape, IN-PERSON REPORT

Sean Covington

Saturday April 14, King of the Cage returned to Gold Country Casino & Hotel in Oroville, California, with a nationally broadcast event on MavTV headlined by a heavyweight showdown. Sean Covington was ringside to report on all of the action.

Let’s work our way from the top of the card down to the bottom!

Carl Seumanutafa Vs Bill Wilder

Carl came to have fun, loved his post-fight interview. Wilder had the strongest showing of support of this show coming from Redding.

Seumanutafa chopped Bill Wilder’s leg until he could not stand. 2 minutes into the round it was a TKO.

Carl said he doesn’t kick much and just started practicing in the back before the fight. Bill Wilder ran into a buzzsaw but he had a tremendous amount of support and is likely to bounce back just fine; returning to the cage better than ever.

Joey Cabezas Vs Thomas Fallon

Joey “Hammerhead” Cabezas came out strong but Fallon was much stronger and quicker. Delivering some of the best shots I’ve ever seen. Cabezas needed to stay calm and collect himself but the speed of Fallon was too much, Fallon with the finish…Fallon SMASH!

Justin Baesman Vs Angelo Trevino

Justin was finding his range and feeling Trevino out while Trevino looked at ease. Trevino had some vicious leg kicks to the ribs left a visible bruise on Baesman. By the second round Justin showed that his kicks were even stronger than we thought nice combos impressive triple kick combo.

Both warriors were tired but a big shot by Trevino in the third round, followed by more ground work, sealed the deal.

Justin “Raw Deal” Baesman out of Fight Core certainly earned his nickname with a 27-30 unanimous decision loss to Trevino. I sat next to one of the judges and I don’t know how he got a 27-30 scorecard.


Jaleon Reid Vs Brennon Crow

Throwing boooombs was all these two fighters were about and it was awesome!

Brennon Crow, from Redding, Ca. was busted wide open early on. Jaleon Reid, fighting out of Sacramento finished the fight with a guillotine submission, Jaleon threw all he had into the opening minutes and closed out strong in this short bout.

Kole Dixon Vs Kris Jennings for the  KOTC Amateur Welterweight World Championship

Kole Dixon, fighting out of Chico Ca. from Stand Alone Gym looked sharp, eager to get the show on the road. Kole started strong ended with foot stomps. The champion Kris “Babyface Killa” Jennings kept his wits about him, showing discipline and poise.

Round two started with fury and fire from two guys putting it all on the line for the title. Kole got caught in the last exchange out of the second round, had there been more time he would have been finished.

Round three took place on the ground as both men gasped for air, trying to gather what little energy they could to finish the fight. Unfortunately, due to injury, Kole Dixon could not continue.

Jennings was gassed; I would have liked to see what Dixon would have done had it not been for injury. Hopefully I can get a word with Jason, a coach at Stand Alone, on what specific injury caused Dixon to pull out of the fight.

Valerie Wong vs. Tiffany Conama

Valerie “The Violator” Wong from Stand Alone was quite impressive. Tiffany “Tiff Taff” Conama seemingly had the advantage when it came to grappling at first, but Wong submitted her with a masterful armbar. Hell of a fight, was short in length but not in action.

Damon Ramos Vs Antonio Jimenez

Antonio Jimenez seemed to be looking to land a big punch in round one, and he landed it midway through. Things went back to the ground at the end of the round.

Before round two started the referee warned Damon Ramos that he would take a point away if he continued to hit the back of the head.

Round two was more of the same, Jimenez looked a little gassed and still looking for that big shot which never came,

In round three, Jimenez’s tank was on E as he gave up his back for a rear naked choke.

Not all of the fights were very long but they were filled to the brim with action, with only one fight going to decision on the entire card! KING OF THE CAGE knows how to entertain and put on a great show!

I hope to return October 6, when King of the Cage brings the pain back to Gold Country Casino.

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