ROUNDTABLE: Will Floyd Mayweather fight in MMA?

MMATorch Staff

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor - July 14, 2017 press conference (photo credit Steven Flynn © USA Today Sports)

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Contributor

No, I don’t think he will. I don’t see why a guy who would care so much about retiring undefeated as a boxer would willingly jump into a situation where he won’t make as much money and is almost guaranteed to lose. It would be insane to expect Mayweather to be competitive against even the greenest of MMA fighters.

For one, he’s not getting younger. For two, how long has he been training wrestling? What’s to stop some college wrestler from getting him down and beating the hell out of him? Of course, Mayweather would have the advantage in boxing. His boxing advantage would be so great that it would even make up for his lack of kicking training against most fighters. However, the wrestling question remains.

I can’t see a man like Mayweather fighting a trained MMA fighter. It would be almost surely a loss for him. Why would he do that, why would he risk that? Is the UFC going to give him hundreds of millions of dollars to fight? Absolutely not, so why would he fight?

I think this is just a way of keeping his name out there and relevant, possibly for a Conor McGregor boxing rematch or something. I don’t know, I don’t have a clue as to why Mayweather is dangling this out there.


I honestly believe that Floyd Mayweather will never fight in mixed martial arts contest. Pure boxers, for the most part, have never fared well in MMA. He obviously has no ground game to speak of and couldn’t possibly pick it up well enough not to be easy picking for a takedown and submission. Boxing footwork and stances are so different than MMA or even kickboxing.

Remember Randy Couture versus James Toney? Remember Royce Gracie versus Art Jimmerson wearing one boxing glove at UFC 1?  Okay maybe that last one isn’t the best example.

He would be nuts to do it because he would risk embarrassment and possibly getting hurt with some ground and pound. However, I would love to see a rematch in the Octagon against Conor McGregor. My honest opinion (and I thought this after their boxing match) McGregor would embarrass Mayweather if they ever fought in the UFC. Mayweather isn’t exactly young either and it’s not like needs the money.

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

Absolutely, he won’t have a career but I can see him with 3 fights. Conor and Floyd would have a problem drawing in the world of MMA because of Floyd’s perceived flaws in the Octagon.

AARON CRIDER, MMATorch Contributor

I don’t think so. Floyd, if he were to fight MMA, would have to face somebody like CM Punk so he wouldn’t get killed in the cage. Right now, I think he’s playing the publicity game after enjoying the hype from his boxing bout with Conor McGregor. Floyd is a great boxer, but that in no way translates into becoming a MMA practitioner no matter how great of an athlete he is. Plus, he has nothing to prove in the sport.

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