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Cole Henry, MMATorch Contributor

Manny Bermudez def. Albert Morales via submission (Guillotine) Round 2, 2:33

Alex Perez def. Eric Shelton via Unanimous Decision

Rani Yahya vs. Russell Doane (Bantamweight/135)

Round 1: Rani Yahya gets a quick takedown. Daniel Cormier is doing a fantastic job on commentary right now. He’s explaining that Yahya wins if he gets the takedown, and he losses if he doesn’t. Yahya has a strange sort of neck crank, can’t be comfortable but I don’t think Doane will tap to this. Doane has been stuck in this position for about a minute now. Doane finally escapes with about 50 seconds remaining in the round. Yahya just got a warning to knees to the spine, and the ref stands them up and Yahya will lose the position. 10-9 Yahya

Round 2: Yahya opens the round with another takedown and has no problem completing it. Doane just gave his back up and this is a bad situation for him. I was going to say that it can’t get worse, but Yahya just locked up a body triangle, and it is in fact worse. 3 minutes left here in the second round, and Yahya is in complete control. Doane is able to climb to his feet with Yahya still on his back. He drops forward and slams Yahya on his face in the process. Yahya is going to survive that slam but that was interesting and worth a watch. 10-9 Yahya

Round 3: Yahya is looking for a takedown early, he has no interest in striking. Lazy shot by Yahya, and Doane winds up in mount. Yahya powers out though and is now controlling Doane from side mount. He definitely baited Doane with that lazy shot. Yahya is looking for an arm triangle but Doane has half guard. He can’t hold it off for log though. Yahya moves into side control and he has an arm triangle on tight and its over.

Result: Rani Yahya def. Russell Doane via submission (Arm Triangle Choke) Round 3, 2:32 

Sam Alvey vs. Marcin Prachnio (Light-Heavyweight)

Round 1: Prachnio comes out with a spinning back kick, but Alvey catches it and puts Prachnio on his back. They scramble and Alvey has a standing guillotine. He’s won with this before, against Eric Spicely I believe. It’s hard to tell how tight it is right now. Back in the center now, Prachnio looks very uncomfortable. Alvey lands a low kick that hurt Prachnio. Prachnio rushes in, and Alvey drops him! He recovers and Alvey drops him again with a right hook and it’s a walk off!!

Result: Sam Alvey def. Marcin Prachnio via KO (right hook) Round 1, 4:23

Alan Jouban vs. Ben Saunders (Welterweight/170)

Round 1: Alan Jouban comes out early with a series of leg and body kicks. Saunders has the reach, but Jouban has the speed. Both men land knees to the body. The clinch is a good place for Saunders to try to get this fight down. Jouban lands a head kick, he’s looking good on the feet tonight. He lands another low kick. Saunders lands two straight rights, and Jouban felt them. Jouban might be fading, its hard to tell but he has slowed down and I think it’s from the damage. Saunders lands a right hand, and Jouban is getting hurt by these shots. Jouban returns fire with a leg kick, and then another. Jouban is rushing in with punches and elbows. Saunders is down from an inside leg kick, but he pops right back up. Very active first round here. Jouban seems to have recovered from the shots he took earlier. Just as I type that he takes a groin shot and the ref steps in to separate them. Jouban will have up to 5 minutes to recover, but he’s right back in. He lands a front kick and shakes off a clinch from Saunders. He lands another low kick, and Saunders is down again. His legs are taking a beating. Really good round. 10-9 Jouban

Round 2: Jouban opens early with elbows and punches, and Saunders is hurt. He gets a clinch and lands a few knees on Jouban, but they separate quickly. Saunders leg just gave out, but Jouban let him get back to his feet. Saunders is throwing, but Jouban is making him pay. This is the best Jouban has ever looked. Inside leg kick by Saunders, and he follows it up with a straight left and Saunders is out. That is going to be tough to be in the race for fight of the night. Great performance by both fighters. Jouban looked better than ever and was able to recover from some hard shots.

Result: Alan Jouban def. Ben Saunders via KO (Inside Leg Kick/Left Straight) Round 2, 2:38

Sara McMann vs. Marion Reneau (Women’s Bantamweight/135)

Round 1: I missed the first round. The weather here isn’t great and is affecting my internet connection.

Round 2: Marion Reneau drops McMann early with a right hand, and McMann is desperately looking for a takedown but Reneau shakes them and is turning up the pressure. McMann is tough though, she finally gets a takedown, but she falls right into a triangle from Reneau. This could be bad. Reneau is landing elbows from the bottom, and the triangle is tight. McMann taps! Huge win for Reneau! Wow! Reneau is a high school teacher and she just submitted an Olympic silver medalist. Just really impressive stuff by her once she hurt McMann.

Result: Marion Reneau def. Sara McMann via submission (Triangle Choke) Round 2, 3:40

Renan Barao vs. Brian Kelleher (Bantamweight/135)

Round 1: Both men come out swinging. Barao lands a nice low kick. He’s landed a few so far and Kelleher doesn’t like them. A counter right by Kelleher that finds the mark and Barao pushes him against the fence to avoid a follow up. Kelleher is looking for a takedown and taking some short elbows from Barao in the process. Kelleher lands an over hand right and Barao is staggered but he recovers quickly. 10-9 Kelleher

Round 2: My internet service is cutting out on me and I missed most of this round. I apologize again for the inconvenience.

Round 3: Kelleher pushes Barao against the fence. He’s had some success from this position tonight. Barao reverses the position Kelleher lands a spinning back fist and Barao is hurt. Kelleher rushes in, and Barao is scrambling for a better position but Kelleher is staying on him. Kelleher is landing big shots here, but Barao counters with a big left hook. They’re just swinging for the fences at this point…great fight. 10-9 Kelleher. I missed some of this fight but from what I saw Kelleher is probably going to get the win.

Result: Brian Kelleher def. Renan Barao via Unanimous Decision 

Mike Perry vs. Max Griffin (Welterweight/170)

Round 1: Perry comes out early with a hook kick but doesn’t land. They’re exchanging, and Perry is bleeding from his hairline. Not sure what caused it. Griffin lands a body kick but other than that he’s just circling against the fence. Griffin lands a straight right and follows it up with one to the body. Griffin is starting to land. Perry over shoots on a head kick and Griffin takes him down. They scramble back to the feet, and Perry gets a takedown of his own. He’s working for a rear naked choke but transitions to the mount just as the round ends. 10-9 Griffin

Round 2: Perry lands a left hook to start the round. Griffin fires back with a flurry and manages to land several shots on Perry’s chin. Griffin is starting to show a speed advantage, and Perry is still just looking for the big shot. Perry lands a nice body hook, but his typical aggression doesn’t seem to be there tonight. He tosses out a lazy left hook that Griffin easily counters with a straight right. Perry needs to do something, he’s 2 minutes away from being down 2 rounds. Perry is throwing hook after hook and is getting jabbed to death for his efforts. He needs to do something else, but I think we’re seeing how limited he is as a fighter right now. Griffin lands a big right and Perry is down, but he manages to recover quickly and they’re back on the feet. He’s really taking a beating here. If he can’t land the big punch, he just doesn’t have much. 10-8 Griffin

Round 3: Perry is looking for a takedown early but can’t get it and eats a head kick on his way out. Perry seems fresh all things considered but so does Griffin. Perry lands a big left hand, and then another! Griffin stays composed though and is controlling with the jab. Perry is chasing Griffin down, and lands a big body shot. Griffin is trying to avoid the shots, but Perry lands another. Griffin looks for a takedown, but they scramble, and Perry pushes him against the fence. Perry gets a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Perry (29-26 Griffin)

Result: Max Griffin def. Mike Perry via Unanimous Decision 

Ovince St. Preux vs. Ilir Latifi (Light-Heavyweight/205)

Round 1: Not much has happened around the 2-minute mark. Latifi seems a bit hesitant. Ovince St Preux has a noticeable height advantage. Latifi lands a big right hand, and OSP is down! OSP recovers but takes another bit shot and Latifi slaps a standing guillotine on a dazed OSP and he goes out! Big win for Latifi.

Result: Ilir Latifi def. Ovince St. Preux via submission (Standing guillotine) Round 1, 3:54

Jessica Andrade vs. Tecia Torres (Women’s Strawweight/115)

Round 1: From the start its clear that Tecia Torres has a speed advantage. Andrade is pushing the pace and throwing big hooks, but Torres is moving well and scoring with hooks and jabs of her own. Trading with Andrade is a risky move, but she is doing well. Andrade was looking for a trip but couldn’t get it. Andrade lands a big takedown as the round ends. Close round. Torres landed more strikes, but Andrade was ferocious with her pressure. 10-9 Torres

Round 2: Andrade closes the distance early and puts Torres against the fence. She lifts Torres up with ease and slams her down. Torres is looking for an inverted triangle type thing, but Andrade easily pops out. Torres is giving up a lot of size, she might have a hard time getting up from here. She’s quick though and is back on her feet without taking damage. Andrade rushes in and eats a right hand from Torres, and then counters an Andrade jab with a right hook. Andrade gets a clinch though and sends Torres for another ride. Torres manages to get up, only to get slammed down again. She is looking for an armbar off her back but Andrade powers out. Torres lands a big up-kick, and is looking for an armbar, but Andrade powers out. 10-9 Andrade

Round 3: Andrade gets an early takedown, and quickly transitions to mount. Torres escapes though and gets right back to her feet. Torres throws a straight left but Andrade ducks and throws Torres to the ground. Andrade is landing some big shots from the top. This is really the first damage that she has done from the top position. Torres manages to get the back of Andrade during a brief scramble but can’t do anything with it and Andrade is back on top. 10-8 Andrade (29-27 Andrade)

Result: Jessica Andrade def. Tecia Torres via Unanimous Decision

Jeremy Stephens vs. Josh Emmett (Featherweight/145)

Round 1: Emmett opens with a big right hand. Stephens returns the favor and then takes a shot to the groin. Stephens is going to get some time to recover. He takes about 30 seconds and they’re back at it. Emmett lands a big counter right hook and knocks Stephens down to the mat. Stephens recovers quickly but he got rocked there. Back on the feet and Emmett is looking pretty confident. Stephens is looking sluggish. Emmett is using his movement well. 10-9 Emmett

Round 2: Emmett opens with a straight right that finds the mark. Stephens lands a huge left hook that sends Emmett down. Stephens attacks with elbows from the top and Emmett is in real trouble here! Stephens lands a knee that may have been illegal, but the ref doesn’t step in and Stephens is going for the kill. A few more shots by Stephens and it’s all over. Nice win after a rough first round.

Result: Jeremy Stephens def. Josh Emmett via TKO (strikes) Round 2, 1:35

Post-Fight: Jeremy Stephens dropped to his knees post fight and asked Dana White for a title shot. I think he is behind the winner of Frankie Edgar and Brian Ortega.

Side Note: The post-fight replay showed that several of the elbows landed in the finishing sequence were illegal, and while the knee didn’t land it was also illegal. I am not sure if the commission can go back and change a result if a referee missed a call, and don’t some commissions allow replays now? I guess I should know this, but I don’t. Regardless it was still a nice win for Stephens that puts him a fight away from a title shot.

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