ROUNDTABLE: Who wins between Paige VanZant and Jessica-Rose Clark?

MMATorch Staff

Paige VanZant (photo credit Anne-Marie Sorvin © USA Today Sports)

Paige VanZant takes on Jessica-Rose Clark at UFC 124. Who will win?

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

I think VanZant comes through with the decision win. Rose-Clark is tough, but so is VanZant. I also think she’s wanting to come out and make a statement here with a big win. It’s possible we get a finish here, both fighters are plenty good enough to get one, but given their toughness in the cage, it’s unlikely. I think VanZant peppers Rose-Clark repeatedly and wears her down over all three rounds. Rose-Clark will have some success as well, but I think VanZant does just a bit more.

JOHN HARRIS, MMATorch Contributor

I’ll say Paige VanZant by decision. VanZant will be fighting at a much more comfortable weight class in the 125 lbs divison, and should be able to impose her will on Clark. VanZant is the better athlete with a much more diverse skill set. Clark is on a nice 2 fight win streak, but that will come to end against VanZant.

DYLAN BOWKER, MMATorch Contributor

Based on previous track records, one would have to think PVZ takes this. VanZant is slightly more proven against top competition despite having not competed since December 2016. The exciting thing though is that there’s a lot of parity in this weight division. Presently it’s one of those classes where anyone in the top #15 can beat the champ on any given night. A factor to note is Paige’s inactivity and how that could benefit the efforts of Clark. This is also a crucial fight for helping create a defined hierarchy in the newly formed UFC women’s flyweight class. I have Paige VanZant winning by unanimous decision.

MICHAEL HISCOE, MMATorch Contributor

VanZant appears to be being groomed for a shot at UFC’s new flyweight championship. With little depth in the division, a win over Clark should get her there. Look for VanZant to score an underwhelming decision win to secure the shot.

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

Inactivity has to be an issue for VanZant, she hasn’t fought in a year. She runs the risk of becoming another Robert Griffin III: worried about endorsements instead of the sport. She needs to cut the girlie, smiley stuff and get some solid wins against tough opponents on big stages. No more playing celebrity. Jessica-Rose Clark isn’t that big threat, at the same time she isn’t exactly a pushover; a loss here sends VanZant into a downward spiral. If Clark wins it doesn’t matter because they won’t promote her like they would VanZant. I think VanZant takes a unanimous decision or a submission loss.

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