TOP FIVE LIST: Top Five Most Disappointing Fighters of 2017

Sean Covington, MMATorch Contributor

Conor McGregor (Photo credit Gary A. Vasquez © USA Today)

Nothing personal, just business. These fighters failed to prove their worth and let a lot of people down with their shortcomings, these deficiencies reach back to a few years, but they fared so poorly that I kept it narrowed to just 2017.

The definitive list:

5. Conor McGregor

He should not be on this list but he is because he has not fought in the Octagon since late 2016. That means 0 title defenses… can’t hold titles and not defend them. A champion defends. Alex Caseres should be in this spot for being a loser in 2017; but I have other lists for him.

4. Anthony Pettis

Once a champion, touted as the future of the UFC; now in a desperate need to find a career resurgence in Bellator. Pettis may have beaten Jim Miller but Jim Miller isn’t exactly a world beater. There is no shame in losing Dustin Poirier either but when you’re were the man everyone had their eyes on you got to win the big ones and he has not done that since beating Gilbert Melendez in impressive fashion… that was barely 3 years ago.

3. Jose Aldo

I’m not a Max Holloway fan at all. He talks a lot of smack about Conor McGregor but lost to him already. I don’t want hear about how much of a different fighter he is now. So, watching Aldo lose twice to this guy was about as big a letdown as they come. After watching Aldo be the man for years, since the days of WEC, it boiled down to two crushing losses in one year.

2. Frankie Edgar

Remember when Frankie did the unthinkable and went the distance against the prodigy B.J. Penn to become champion? Yeah, I barely remember that as well. Frankie has a big heart and an even bigger mouth but he needs to shut it, he never made it to his scheduled fight against  Max Holloway, Frankie is a bum now.

1. Holly Holm

The “Preacher’s Daughter” what an obvious attempt at a literal white-meat babyface. She lost in February for a title and lost in December for the same title. Holm will be known as a fluke, a literal one hit wonder. She beat Ronda Rousey, we saw that, now tell me, what has she done since besides be gifted title shots while on losing streaks mind you? Holm has a worst championship record than LeBron James, she is now 1-3.

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