ROUNDTABLE: Who wins the Cub Swanson vs. Brian Ortega fight?

MMATorch Staff

Cub vs, Kron
Cub Swanson (photo credit Tom Szczerbowski © USA Today Sports)

Cub Swanson and Brian Ortega face off tonight at UFC Fight Night 123; who will win?

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columnist

I think Cub Swanson wins and sends a message to the rest of the division that he is still a force to be reckoned with. He is extremely tough, skilled and poses a threat to anyone and everyone. Brian Ortega is good in his own right, but I do not think he will be able to pull it off here. I think Swanson gets the stoppage late in the fourth round.

Rick Monsey, MMATorch Columnist

Brian Ortega has been looking impressive lately and that will continue as he adds defeating the veteran Cub Swanson to his resume.  This should be an awesome fight.

JOSHUA GARCIA, MMATorch Contributor

I think Cub Swanson will use his experience and striking to win this fight with Brian Ortega.  Cub will push the pace and test the cardio of Brian Ortega. I have Cub winning via decision.

Robert Vallejos, MMATorch Contributor

I find this one incredibly difficult to handicap. For some reason, Cub Swanson feels like old news. If this is his last UFC fight, I give him little chance against a surging prospect like Brian Ortega. With that said, I will pick Swanson here, his ability to dish out damage will overwhelm Ortega.


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