ROUNDTABLE: Who wins the Michael Bisping vs. Kelvin Gastelum fight and why?

BY MMATorch Staff

Who wins the Michael Bisping vs. Kelvin Gastelum fight and why?


Here are two fighters at opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to their career trajectory. Bisping is the quintessential Cinderella story, a fighter who captured a championship title in the twilight of his UFC tenure, when most thought it was beyond his grasp. Gastelum in contrast is a young hungry fighter with a chip on his shoulder and is looking to work his way up to title contention. Gastelum will have youth and speed on his side. Gastelum is talented at attacking from tricky angles and has the ability to switch feet. The quick turnaround for the former champ may work in his favour, as he also has a chip on his shoulder after the loss to St-Pierre.

Bisping is such a “cagey“ fighter, no pun intended. I have often counted him out and he has proven me wrong too many times. I think Bisping’s size and big fight experience will be the difference. I think Michael Bisping will come out with a decision victory.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch Columist

I think Bisping wins by TKO about halfway through the fourth round. Part of me wants to go with Gastelum, but I think Bisping comes out landing and wears Gastelum down. This should be fairly exciting, though I do think Bisping takes his time and makes sure his doesn’t take any unnecessary risks. He really wants this win.

JOSHUA GARCIA, MMATorch Contributor

Bisping will be wanting to come back after his disappointing loss to GSP and Gastelum is a good matchup for him. Bisping will have the striking advantage and should be able to out strike Gastelum while being able to keep the fight standing with outstanding takedown defense. Bisping by decision.

SEAN COVINGTON, MMATorch Contributor

I don’t believe Bisping has mentally recovered from his loss to GSP. I think Michael Bisping might lose his second in a row and begin his descent into retirement.

ZACK HEYDORN, MMATorch Contributor

I’m taking Kelvin Gastelum in this one. There is no reason why Michael Bisping should be in this fight after only taking a mere three weeks off since his loss to Georges St-Pierre. Bisping needs time to recover physically and emotionally that he can’t get due to taking this fight. Because of that, I see Gastelum withstanding Bisping’s initial push in the first round and then wearing him down for the remainder of the fight. In the end, Gastelum over Bisping via unanimous decision.

RICK MONSEY, MMATorch Contributor

I’ve got Gastelum.  This is such a quick of a turnaround for Bisping and it will prove to be a poor choice (even though he does come off as a complete bad ass taking a fight so quickly).  Gastelum has looked really good in this division and that will not change on Saturday.  I am excited to wake up early and watch the replay of this card because there is no way I’m seeing it live.  Besides the main event I literally couldn’t care less about the rest of this card.

DYLAN BOWKER, MMATorch Contributor

I think that this will result in another statement win for Kelvin. Based on how he’s looked against guys like Tim Kennedy and Vitor Belfort, Gastelum has been making his mark as a middleweight in a big way. Bisping’s abrupt turnaround from the GSP fight is something I can see hurting him in this fight with Kelvin. The GSP fight was not just some fight he casually lost, but one where he took a lot of abuse from elbows, hooks, etc. Also, Bisping has historically had issues with guys who have a skillset like Gastelum’s. The intense forward pressure of Kelvin, his grappling acumen, and his ever improving, effective striking will all prove too much for The Count. I can see Bisping getting finished in either the first or second round.

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