FS1 UFC TONIGHT Show Quotes and Videos: UFC Fight Night 120 Preview


New York – UFC TONIGHT was hosted by Kenny Florian and Daniel Cormier, with Karyn Bryant adding reports. The crew previewed the upcoming FS1 UFC FIGHT NIGHT: POIRIER VS. PETTIS and caught up with Dustin Poirier, Anthony Pettis, and Matt Brown.

UFC TONIGHT is the official weekly news and information show of the Ultimate Fighting Championship on FS1. Veteran UFC fighter and multiple title contender Kenny Florian, light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and veteran combat sports journalist Karyn Bryant bring you all the news and analysis.


UFC TONIGHT Host Kenny Florian

On Anthony Pettis vs. Dustin Poirier: “Pettis is a master of deception. He mixes things up and then baits you with something, then gets you to bite and takes you out. He goes low, checks out what you do and then goes upstairs. With this fight, I want to see who’s going to lead the dance. Both are exciting fighters. Pettis has to keep Poirier in the kicking range.”

On Pettis’ keys to victory: “He’s as creative as it gets and has knockout power on the feet and finishing ability on the ground. Key number one is to use his creativity. He needs space to move and use his skills. Key two, he needs to get into kicking range. He’s one of the best when he keeps his opponents on the outside.”

On who wins: “Pettis gets it done by decision. It’s going to be a close one.”


UFC TONIGHT Host Daniel Cormier

On Poirier and Pettis’s skills: “Poirier starts fast with his left hand. He hasn’t seen the level that Pettis has. When Pettis was the star, he was mixing everything up. He’s known for his standup, but when he gets guys hurt, he can finish them with submissions.”

On Poirier’s keys to victory: “He starts fast with his strong left hand. He’s known for his standup. Key one is to get in boxing range. He’s a powerful striker and has to be in range to land them. Second, he’s got to apply pressure and close the distance. That will be important to take out Anthony’s kicks.”


Dustin Poirier

On how he’ll fight Pettis: “I’ve been working on my wrestling at American Top Team. I feel like that’s his biggest hole in his game. We know he has amazing kickboxing.”

On why he’s stumbled in big fights: “A lot of that is overthinking, over caring. I have to go out there and just have fun. I’m going to go in there and show the world what I do.”

On if he’d face James Vick next after his callout: “He deserves a guy of our caliber after his win. But I feel like I’m one win away from the title. I want the winner of Alvarez – Gaethje or Khabib vs. Barboza.”

VIDEO: Dustin Poirier Interview:



Anthony Pettis

On his keys to beating Poirier: “I’ve got to put him on his heels. I can’t let him move forward. He’s a slow starter. He can’t put me and my back against the cage, so for us put him on his heels and punish him is really important.”

On Poirier’s style: “He’s a southpaw but doesn’t throw too many kicks. I’m ready to expose his mistakes. Last fight I played it safe, but this time I’m going for the kill.”

On getting back to the title: “It’s a long road. There are so many good guys. I’m excited to feel the way I do. I’m ready to go.”

On moving back from 145 to 155: “My goal was becoming a champion in two weight classes. But I can’t make the weight. I’m ready to go out there and show people what I can do.”

On what advice he gives his brother: “I tell him to take his time. The UFC wants to push him fast. Their job is to create challengers, not champions. So I tell him to take his time. And hold on to it a long time.”

VIDEO: Anthony Pettis interview:



Matt Brown

On why he’s thinking this is his retirement fight: “The number one thing is whether I have the motivation to have another championship run. I got really close with Lawler. I don’t want to be a journeyman. I don’t want to be just fighting for money and fighting to fight. In my mind, it’s about do I have the hunger to get back to the top?”

On if he’s prepared for Saturday’s fight with Diego Sanchez: “I still have the hunger to fight. I think this is my retirement fight. I think every fighter goes through some introspection and questions at the end. I’m feeling great. My injuries are gone. My mind is clear. I have motivation and my hunger is back. If I can continue it, I will keep fighting. But if not, I’m not going to keep fighting just for the money.”

On how he wants to end the fight: “I don’t have any specific ways I want the fight to go. I can go in there and accept anything that happens. I’m going to defeat him in any way I can. I don’t worry about what happens. He needs to worry about what happens.”



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