WEDNESDAY NEWS DIGEST: 10/25: UFC open to digital platform, Lampley thinks Mayweather threw rounds against McGregor, Bellator considering five round main events, White says Mayweather-McGregor did 6.7MM buys


Dana White (photo John David Mercer © USA Today Sports)

UFC open to digital platform

Dana White spoke to the Wall Street Journal on a podcast, The Unnamed Podvideocast, about the current state of negotiations regarding a new broadcasting partner. The UFC’s contract with FOX Sports is up at the end of 2018 and will consider a digital platform over a cable network.

“Absolutely. That stuff is all about to change. When I grew up, we had Channel 3, Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel 13. And then the channel Sesame Street is on. Those are all the channels that we had, right?”

On what he watches on when at home DirectTV and cable: “Nothing is on. I think that we have the type of content that people will watch. Not every fight that I put on is a mega fight and a fight that spills over into the mainstream, but I’ll get those twice a year.”

On over-the-top services gaining traction: “I think where you really see it is, look at ESPN. Look at how powerful ESPN was five years ago, what they were getting per sub. Their subs are dropping. They’re scrambling to figure it out right now.

“There’s no doubt that the internet and OTT is where it’s all going. So, it’ll be interesting to see when the smoke clears who’s still around and who’s not.”

“Fighting, it works everywhere, all across the planet,” White said. “Now with technology, we’re getting to the point I always dreamed about. I always used to say, ‘We’ll take this thing all around the world, build a fanbase, build some talent in every country around the world and then we’ll get to a point in time where everybody can watch it at the same time — on the same platform.’ We’re getting to that day.”

Jim Lampley thinks Mayweather threw rounds against McGregor

Floyd Mayweather tweeting a video of himself hitting a heavy bag has people speculating on what exactly his motives are considering he said the McGregor fight was his last.

HBO broadcaster Jim Lampley spoke to TMZ and said he thinks Floyd Mayweather threw rounds against Conor McGregor in an effort to set up a big money rematch.

“Why else is he putting out videos of him working out? He allowed Conor McGregor to ‘win’ three rounds. Why did the whole thing last 10 rounds, etc.? It’s all a setup.

“Why should he retire? He created a marvelous scam with this whole thing. He allowed Conor to quote ‘win’ three rounds, so the whole global MMA wish community could have something to latch onto. I think there’s a decent chance, there’s enough suckers out there, Floyd could maybe make another $150 million.”

Bellator considering five round main events

Scott Coker was on the MMA HOUR and discussed the possibility of Bellator going to five round fights for their main events.

“It’s something that we’ve debated internally, and like I said at the press conferences, once you do it you can’t go back. There’s been some thought on both sides, but right now we are going to continue with the three-round main events and five-round title fights. But it’s still being debated internally and I think it will just be a matter of when it happens, but I think eventually we’ll head in that direction.

“I’m not opposed to three rounds to be honest, because it’s something that when you go in there and you know it’s three rounds, you’re going to fight your ass off for three rounds and go at it. You can’t pace yourself, it’s going to be a much quicker paced fight than a five-round fight.

“But I have people debating me here and it makes a lot of sense because if this fight was a five-round fight, clearly I think it would have gone Shlemenko’s way. I’m kind of in the middle here. We’ll see what happens. It’s being debated, that’s for sure.”

White says Mayweather-McGregor did 6.7 million buys

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal’s The Unnamed Podvideocast, Dana White now says the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight drew 6.7 million buys worldwide.

“We broke the record in Australia,” White said. “We broke the record in the U.K. at 4 in the morning, broke the record in Spain, Canada and the United States.”


Fight Announcements

Will Brooks vs. Nik Lentz has been rebooked for UFC Fight Night 121

Anthony Hamilton vs. Adam Wieczorek has been rebooked for UFC Fight Night 121

Damien Brown vs. Frank Camacho is set for UFC Fight Night 121

Sam Sicilia vs. Marcos Calvao is set for Bellator 189

Alexis Dufresne vs. Amber Leibrock is set for Bellator 189

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