GROCKE’S UFC FIGHT NIGHT 117 LIVE REPORT 9/22: Saint Preux vs. Okami, Gadelha vs. Andrade, Gomi vs. Kim, Saki vs. da Silva, Ishihara vs. Dy, Formiga, vs. Sasaki


SEPTEMBER 22, 2017


Keep it locked here all evening for live updates of UFC: Saint Preux vs.Okami. My name is Michael Grocke and I’ll have quick results and analysis of the preliminary card followed by live round by round coverage of the main card.

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The UFC travels to Japan for a rare Friday night event. UFC Fight Night 117 takes place at the Saitama Arena in Saitama, Japan. Yushin Okami steps in on short notice for Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to take on Ovince Saint Preux in the main event.

The co-main event is the fight I’m most looking forward to. Claudia Gadelha takes on Jessica Andrade in what should be a fantastic fight. Both women have already lost to Joanna Champion, but a win by either woman should put them in line for another crack at her.

The main card also includes, Takanori Gomi vs. Dong Hyun Kim, Gokhan Saki vs. Henrique da Silva, Teruto Ishihara vs. Rolando Dy and Jussier Formiga (19-5) vs. Ulka Sasaki.



(1) Daichi Abe vs. Hyun Gyu Lim (13-6-1) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

Result: Daichi Abe over Hyun Gyn Lim by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Grocke’s Point of View: That was a fantastic fight! Abe was having success in the first round with the left hook as Lim was constantly getting caught leaning in. In the second round an eye poke seemed to change Abe’s fortunes. He didn’t look like the same fighter. Lim had success with the overhand right throughout the round. The third round was back and forth but a late flurry for Abe sealed the deal. Heck of a debut for Abe.

(2) Shinsho Anzai (9-2) vs. Luke Jumeau (0-0) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

Result: Shinsho Anzai over Luke Jumeau by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27) 

Grocke’s Point of View: That was a tough fight to score. Anzai was the aggressor the first two rounds, but he seemed to gas in third allowing Jumeau to dictate more of the pace. Anzai’s aggression probably won him the first two rounds, but I thought Jumeau got the third which wasn’t enough. Nice win for Anzai.

(3) Syuri Kondo (5-0) vs. Chan-Mei Jeon (5-1) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

Result: Syuri Kondo over Chan-Mei Jeon by Split Decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

Grocke’s Point of View: I’m not sure what fight the judge who gave Jeon the fight was watching. My scoring was more in line with the other two scorecards. Impressive debut for Kondo. She just kept moving forward and walked through everything Jeon threw at her. Jeon is tough and showed a ton of heart but Kondo controlled the cage and landed the harder shots. Another good fight. 

(4) Keita Nakamura (38-8-2, 1 NC) vs. Alex Morono (13-4) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

Result: Keita Nakamura over Alex Morono by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) 

Grocke’s Point of View: Another really good fight. Each fight in the prelims was super competitive. Nakamura had success going to the body and mixed up his offense well. Morono had more success whenever he pushed the pace, but the difference here was the take downs of Nakamura. 


Main Card

(5) Jussier Formiga (19-5) vs. Ulka Sasaki (20-4-2) – Flyweight 125 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Formiga comes out and lands a few leg kicks. Sasaki lands a nice counter right. A minute in the fight remains on the feet with Sasaki following Formiga around the cage. They clinch and Sasaki lands a nice right hand on the break. Sasaki is holding his hands low which might be something to keep an eye on. They both miss with big overhand rights with 2:30 to go. Formiga gets Sasaki to the ground with just over two minutes to go. Formiga works from on top and takes his back with 1:20 to go. Sasaki tries to work back to his feet with under a minute to go, but Formiga flattens Sasaki out and this choke is in deep. Sasaki taps!

Result: Jussier Formiga over Ulka Sasaki by Submission – Rear Naked Choke (4:30 of Round 1)

Grocke’s Point of View: That was a very impressive win for Formiga. He thought he beat Ray Borg and now Borg is getting a title shot. That didn’t sit well with Formiga and he promised that we would see his most impressive win tonight. He definitely delivered on that promise and possibly put himself in line for a fight against the winner of DJ-Borg.

(6) Teruto Ishihara (10-4-2) vs. Rolando Dy (8-5-1, 1 NC) – Featherweight 145 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Ishihara comes out and takes center cage. They trade kicks to start. A big left hand lands flush and Dy goes down. Ishihara swarms looking for the finish thirty seconds in. Dy is defending well and surviving from underneath. Dy works back to his feet with 3:32 left but is taken down by Ishihara. Ishihara landing some heavy ground and pound with three minutes to go in the round. Ishihara continues to land punches from top position with two minutes left. Credit to Dy for surviving the first minute of the fight, but he continues to take punishment from bottom. It looks like with thirty seconds left Dy is content to just survive the round.

10-8 Ishihara

ROUND TWO: They trade kicks thirty seconds in and Ishihara takes one low. Both guys landing punches and kicks a minute in. Ishihara needs to control himself here, he is much too aggressive while head hunting. Dy stands at center willing to trade with Ishihara, but he has no movement what so ever. With two minutes to go they trade exchange big shots. Booth fighters hands are lower now than in the first round. Ishihara is fighting Dy’s fight. Dy wants nothing to do with going to the ground, yet Ishihara is more than happy to stand annd trade. Big left hook lands flush for Dy and he follows with a heavy kick as the round ends.

10-9 Ishihara

ROUND THREE: Ishihara takes a kick to the body ten seconds in and when he goes to shoot for a take down Dy grabs him behind the head and lands a stiff knee. Ishihara runs Dy to the fence and lays on Dy standing against the cage. They separate forty seconds into the round. Ishiihara takes a knee low and time is called. Dy objects that it was low, but it did look to hit low. They fight again with 2:45 left in the fight. Dy lands a left hook and follows with a kick that lands. A high kick lands flush for Ishihara but Dy returns one of his own with 2:50 to go. Dy goes low with another kick and this one hurt me! Ishihara just collapsed. A point is taken from Dy. Ishihaara shoots in and takes Dy down. With just under two minutes to go Dy works back to his feet. Back to center with 1:15 left to go. Inside low kick for Ishihara with fifty seconds left. They stand center cage and exchange punches and kicks as the fight ends.

10-8 Ishihara

Result: Teruto Ishihara over Rolando Dy by Unanimous Decision (28-27, 28-27, 29-27)

Grocke’s Point of View: I had it three rounds to none for Ishihara, but I can see how Dy got the second round from the judges. Ishihara took more damage with illegal shots than anything else. A nice bounce back win for Ishiihara after getting dominated by Gray Maynard. 

(7) Gokhan Saki (0-1) vs. Henrique da Silva (12-3) – Light Heavyweight 205 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Silva closes distance as the fight starts and eats heavy punches from Saki. Saki with a head kick ust misses. Silva tries to goad Saki to the ground but Saki tells him to get up. Silva shoots and Saki stuffs it. With three minutes to go they stand and trade at center. Saki has Silva against the fence and lands heavy punches. Silva has to get off the fence and he does. Back to center Silva tries to clinch but Saki pushes him off. Saki goes for a take down for some reason and eats three separate knees. Straight left gets through the guard of Silva. Saki takes a head kick and put his hands to his side as if hes out of gas. Silva has Saki against the fence and lands big shots. Saki looks like he’s totally gassed himself out. Saki unloads a huge left hook that drops Silva and the ref jumps in to stop the fight.

Result: Gokhan Saki over Henrique da Silva by Knockout (4:45 of Round 1) 

Grocke’s Point of View: Now that was fun! Both guys came out content to stand and trade which was surprising to me considering da Silva should’ve taken the fight to the ground as early as possible. Saki looked to have gassed himself out and was in trouble with da Silva landing some big shots against the cage but a huge left hook ended it in grand fashion. Saki admitted in his post fight interview that he isn’t used to the clinching and grappling in MMA and acknowledged he has to work on his cardio. That man has heavy hands!

(8) Takanori Gomi (35-13, 1 NC) vs. Dong Hyun Kim (14-8-3) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Slow start to this one. Probably about three punches/kicks thrown in the first minute. Kim circles to the right and lands a jab. with 3:44 to go. Gomi continues to follow Kim around the cage, but he isn’t throwing much in the early going. A straight right hand from Kim drops Gomi with 3:39 to go in the round. Kim pounces looking for the finish. Kim lands hammer fists from on top as Gomi just covers up and the ref is forced to stop the fight.

Result: Dong Hyun Kim over Takanori Gomi by TKO (1:30 of Round 1)

Grocke’s Point of View: Well, that went as expected. Gomi has been finished easily inside of the first round in four straight fights. Nice easy FREE pick winner for my followers.  

(9) Claudia Gadelha (15-2) vs. Jessica Andrade (16-6) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Andrade blocks a kick from Gadelha to start the fight. Big combo from Gadelha thirty seconds in. They trade big left hands. Gadelha landing some nice punches and is beating Andrade to the punch every time. Andrade is following Gadelha around the cage but isn’t throwing much. Gadelha is absolutely taking it to Andrade. Andrade is opened up on her forehead from an elbow from Gadelha. With two minutes to go Andrade pins Gadelha against the fence. Andrade picks Gadelha up and slams her over her head onto the canvas. That was impressive! Gadelha never let go of Andrade’s neck and now has a standing guillotine locked in. Andrade slips out with 1:42 to go and is now working from top control. Andrade landing heavy ground and pound with just under a minute left in the round. Strong close from Andrade but Gadelha still wins the round.

10-9 Gadelha

ROUND TWO: Both fighters dealing with cuts to open the second round. Gadelha with a take down thirty seconds in, but Andrade is up quickly. Andrade has Gadelha pinned against the cage a minnute in. Back to center with 3:45 to go in the round. Gadelha goes for a take down but Andrade stuffs it and throws Gadelha dowwn. Andrade has Gadelha on the mat again and lands heavy ground and pound. With just under three minutes to go Gadelha works back to her feet and eats big knees in the process. They stand center cage with 2:40 to go in the round. Andrade is stalking Gadelha down and lands a left hook. They trade big shots. Andrade lands a big combination backs Gadelha back against the fence with two minutes to go. Andrade is taking it to Gadelha here in the second round. Gadelha looks to be in some trouble here with 1:33 left. Gadelha goes for a very weak single leg that Andrade defends easily and continues to pummel Gadelha with punches. Gadelha is gassed. With just under a minute to go they separate. Big overhand right lands for Gadelha that Andrade shrugs off. Gadelha backs to the fence for some reason and Andrade begins to unload on her with punches. Andrade picks Gadelha up looking for a take down but Gadelha sinks in a standing guillotine with ten seconds to go. The round ends without a tap

10-9 Andrade

ROUND THREE: Gadelha shoots in weakly that Andrade defends easily. Andrade landing punches again to start the round. Andrade with a big slam and take down a minute into the round. Andrade works from top position and is landing heavy ground and pound. The ground and pound continues with under two minutes let in the fight. Jessica Andrade spent that entire round in top position just beating away on Gadelha. Gadelha finally gets to her feet with thirty seconds but this one is over folks. Another slam from Andrade just as the round ends.

10-8 Andrade

Result: Jessica Andrade over Claudia Gadelha by Unanimous Decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

Grocke’s Point of View: Sweet Jesus that was an ass kicking of epic proportions. I’m really mad at myself because I originally picked Andrade to win the fight, then I decided to over-think things and switched my pick. Ughhh, good thing I didn’t have money on it. Anyway, that was the best Jessica Andrade ever. She completely dominated Gadelha from the second round on. It looks like she’ll get another shot at Joanna Champion. If she fights like she did here tonight, then we might see a new champion.

(10) Ovince Saint Preux (20-10) vs. Yushin Okami (32-8) – Welterweight 205 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Okami shoots immediately and OSP defends it. OSP has Okami’s neck a minute in and has top control. OSP steps over and he has a Von Flu Choke. Okami goes to sleep and this one is over.

Result: Ovince Saint Preux over Yushin Okami by Submission – Von Flue Choke (1:50 of Round 1)

Grocke’s Point of View: No surprise here. Well maybe considering OSP won with another Von Flue Choke. Hopefully we see OSP vs. Shogun next.


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