Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather (photo credit by Mark J. Rebilas © USA Today Sports)

AUGUST 26, 2017

Conor McGregor out first with the Irish flag draped on his shoulders. He’s mostly emotionless as he makes his way to the ring flanked by his entire team and the UFC Lightweight Championship behind him. No significant music playing for his entrance. The crowd is clearly behind McGregor and there appears to be an energy in the building for him.

Mayweather is out next dressed in all black including a facemask fulling covering his entire face. He makes his way to the ring to a loud chorus of boos from the T-Mobile Arena. The crowd wants to see history and their boos prove that fact.


ROUND ONE: Conor on the attack right of the gate as expected. McGregor connects with a stiff uppercut to Mayweather late in the round. McGregor keeping really nice space between him and Floyd all throughout round one. A shocker, but round one to Conor McGregor.

10-9 McGregor

ROUND TWO: A little more evenly matched in round 2. Conor still keeping a nice distance from Mayweather. Floyd not throwing enough punches to get the job done as of yet. Round two to Conor McGregor.

10-9 McGregor

ROUND THREE: This round goes to Mayweather. Hit McGregor with some stiff shots to the body. Conor is going to get in trouble if he keeps throwing illegal hammer punches. Conor’s jab still working well. Round three to Mayweather regardless.

10-9 Mayweather

ROUND FOUR: Second straight win for Floyd Mayweather. A very close round though. Conor seems to be tiring a bit as his punches don’t look to have enough juice behind them. Round 4 to Floyd.

Mayweather 10-9

ROUND FIVE: The slowest round of the fight thus far. Giving it to Mayweather because of a few small jabs, but they didn’t appear to hurt McGregor. Mayweather with a push to Conor after the bell rings.

10-9 Mayweather

ROUND SIX: Mayweather hit McGregor with his best punches of the fight thus far. Conor still counter punching well and had some nice spots too. Mayweather takes it though. Tide turning his way.

10-9 Mayweather

ROUND SEVEN: This was the round Mayweather needed. Power punches galore and McGregor is clearly slowing down. His punches just have nothing behind them at this point. 7th goes to Mayweather.

10-9 Mayweather

ROUND EIGHT: More Mayweather. Floyd landed better punches and appears to have more in the tank right now. McGregor needs to find a way to put something behind his punches. Round 8 to Floyd.

10-9 Mayweather

ROUND NINE: It’s not good when you look up at the clock with 1:26 left in the round. McGregor did. It’s been a good run and a valiant effort but this round hurt McGregor badly. He was wobbly throughout most of the round and the end is almost imminent. Round 9 to Floyd Mayweather.

10-9 Mayweather

ROUND TEN: After hurting McGregor badly in round 9, this outcome happening early in round 10 was no surprise. Mayweather looked the part after a couple nice rounds from McGregor early in the fight, but the tide turned when McGregor ran out of gas in round 6.

Result: Floyd Mayweather over Conor McGregor by TKO (1:05 of Round 10)

Monson’s Analysis: Overall, this fight delivered as good as it could have. It was fun, it was energetic, and it was more lively than most Floyd Mayweather fights. Conor McGregor came out and gave himself a chance to win but in the end the better boxer came out on top. McGregor needed to finish the fight in one of the first three rounds that he won. Certainly, you have to respect Conor McGregor after that performance but as predicted, he just couldn’t hang with maybe the best boxer of all time. The biggest surprise I had in this was the conditioning of Conor McGregor. The one thing he could control throughout this process was his conditioning. Because he gassed out, his punches meant less and less throughout the fight. It was interesting to see that become a factor halfway through the bout and the effect that it had down the stretch. Mayweather showed why he is the true king of boxing. He was patient and struck when the timing was perfect for him to do so. The fight was a wonderful spectacle and a lot of fun. Props and respect to both guys.






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