Florian and Woodley discuss potential strategies for McGregor against Mayweather, and is a “moral victory” a realistic option for him?

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Conor McGregor (photo credit Gary A. Vasquez © USA Today Sports)

On FS1’s “UFC Tonight,” Tyron Woodley suggested a “moral victory” is a possibility for McGregor. “If McGregor can capture 2-3 or 4 rounds and last for 12 rounds, in my mind he won.”

Kenny Florian agreed. “Winning a few rounds would be a big statement,” he said. “Hurting Floyd would be big for him too. But Conor won’t settle for just winning a few rounds. He believes he’s going to beat Floyd.”

In the mean time, though, Woodley says McGregor needs to be sparing a lot between now and the fight.  “If I were him and his coaches, I’d have him sparring three – four times a week. Drilling and technique. One person in front of you throwing combinations, where you’re just defending and getting the muscle repetition.”

Florian says a big adjustment for McGregor is the 12 round format, but noted Conor has boxed before so this isn’t entirely new territory for him. “Conor started as an amateur boxer originally,” he said. “It’ll come down to him finding that pacing for three-minute rounds. Being able to go 12 rounds is important for him.”

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