ROUNDTABLE (pt. 1 of 2): Do you think Bellator’s NYC pay-per-view line-up headlined by Sonnen-Silva, Fedor-Mitrione is worth the $50 asking price?

Do you think the current lineup for Bellator NYC headlined by Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva, Matt Mitrione vs. Fedor Emelianenko) is worth the roughly $50 asking price?

MATTHEW ECOCHARD, MMATorch contributor

Having these three fights, plus Douglas Lima vs. Lorenz Larkin, the PPV is fairly worth it. Two title fights and some high profile fights are as good as Bellator can do right now. I just wish that the headliner was one of Bellator’s title fights and not what will likely be a very quick and sad fight between Sonnen and Silva. These two fighters haven’t proven themselves as worthy of fighting at anywhere near a high level and are recent additions to Bellator. Promoting older fighters shouldn’t be their go-to, but using them lower on some cards or as co-main events isn’t a terrible idea.

COLE HENRY, MMATorch contributor

I am fine with it. It’s the type of card that I have come to expect from Bellator. I may be in the minority, but I occasionally enjoy watching fighters from yester-year come back for another run. Fedor’s last fight left a lot to be desired, but he is still a legend of the sport and nobody should complain when he is fighting on a card. He’s facing his most relevant opponent in years, and with the two both tending to stand and bang, this could be a good fight. The main event will provide plenty of interesting shit-talking and antics, and we will finally get to see Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva settle the score. Perhaps they are both a bit over-the-hill, but neither are capable of a boring fight. (Okay, maybe Sonnen is, but I’m a huge fan and I’m not ashamed of that.) With all that being said, the addition of Larkin-Lima makes this a pretty good card.

ADAM TINDAL, MMATorch contributor

No lineup from Bellator could ever get me to spend $50 for a PPV. Sorry.

BRYAN KERN, MMATorch contributor

Listen, I love Bellator. Seriously, the talent is proving to be on par with the UFC, and it’s clear we’re going to see more stars from the UFC jump ship in the coming years, making the sport competitive and fun. With that being said, I absolutely loathe the Viacom/Spike TV product. These dumbf— suits at Viacom and Spike have no clue what they’re doing or have the wrong people doing the job. The product that they put out feels more forced and half-assed week after week, not to mention the production staff. The only person who knows anything about what they’re doing out there is Jimmy Smith. God bless his soul for having to go out there every night and put up with that sh– show. You can hear it in his voice from time to time on the live broadcast. Bellator does not belong on pay-per-view. I’m sorry. Again, huge fan over here, but what they put together now is borderline slapstick. Pay-per-view only gives them are larger scale to do it on. Yes, the fights are watchable and intriguing, but given you’re having two title fights (Lima vs. Larkin, Michael Chandler vs. Brent Primus) go on before two non-title fights show that your clearly in it for the money and don’t care about building the company on the names of the up-and-coming talent. You’re riding these old glory day stars into the ground and it’s getting hard to watch. Please, get your act together, Bellator. This isn’t a game. End rant.


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