5 YRS AGO: Dan Henderson’s coach sees flaws to exploit in UFC Champ Jon Jones’ striking game

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch editor-in-chief

Jon Jones (artist Grant Gould © MMATorch)

Five years ago on MMATorch.com, Dan Henderson’s coach thought he had figured out a way to beat Jon Jones. Here’s what he had to say…

Dan Henderson is taking some time out of the cage right now, waiting for the result of next month’s UFC Light Heavyweight Championship bout between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans to determine his next move. Should the 24-year-old Champion retain his belt against his former friend and training partner, it will set up a fight with the 41-year-old veteran.

Henderson is preparing for any and all fights that could be coming his way, and in an interview with Tatame.com, his Muay Thai coach Daniel Woirin spoke on the Jones matchup in particular.

“It would be complicated actually,” Woirin said of the fight. “It’s hard because the guy is tall, but we’re not getting there to lose. He’ll find Jones during the fight.”

Though he admits there are challenges in facing a fighter like Jones, Woirin also believes there are things in Jones’ game that can be exploited by Henderson.

“I’ve watched the fight between Jones and Lyoto [Machida] and I could see some flaws in his stand-up,” Woirin said. “He’s tall, uses his reach, but he’s not that good technically. Lyoto showed us some of his weak points… It would be a hard fight between Dan and Lyoto because the guy moves a lot. Jones had some trouble finding Lyoto.”

It’s a matchup that won’t happen unless Jones gets past Evans, but Henderson and his team are clearly thinking about what they’ll need to do in order to defeat him should that be the fight that comes up.

Penick’s Analysis: A Jones-Henderson fight would be a very interesting test for each of them, and if Jones gets past Evans we’ll find out just what Henderson can present to him as a challenge. Henderson’s big right hand remains a major x factor in the matchup, because while Jones took a couple of shots from Machida in their bout, none were delivered with the type of power that Henderson brings to the table. It will be a great Championship fight, regardless, and one I hope we’ll get to see this year.

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