FRIDAY TRIVIA: How did Marlon Vera, Pickett’s foe tomorrow night, last lose the last time he fought in London?

By D.R. Webster, MMATorch Specialist

QUESTION: Marlon Vera steps in on short notice to fight Brad Pickett this weekend in London after his original opponent Henry Briones dropped out. Last time that Vera fought in London he was beaten by another Brit, Davey Grant. How did he lose this fight?

SPECIAL NOTE: Are you interested in helping us with MMATorch Daily Trivia in the above format or a variation? D.R. Webster is leaving MMATorch this month and we are looking for a new volunteer (or two) to help with this daily feature. Email if interested.


(a) KO

(b) TKO

(c) Submission

(d) Decision

ANSWER: The correct answer is not (a) but it is right after (c) so it is (d) and not (b).

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks to D.H. Webster for his contributions to MMATorch last year and this year. This is his final contribution to the site, and we wish him well!)

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