ROUNDTABLE (pt. 2 of 2): Should UFC book a Germaine de Randamie vs. Holly Holm rematch in light of the late punches, or should they go right to de Germaine vs. Cyborg?

Germaine de Randamie (blue) vs. Holly Holm (photo credit Ed Mulholland © USA Today Sports)

Should UFC book a de Germaine vs. Holly Holm rematch in light of the late punches, or should the priority be for Holly to get another win first and trying to book de Germaine vs. Cyborg?


Holly Holm might deserve a rematch, but if I’m the UFC I don’t want to risk that fight putting people to sleep again. The rehabilitation of Holm should be of greater concern to the UFC. If she gets a win or two under her belt, she is very easy to market as a contender.

As for Cyborg, if she is available, she needs to have that 145 pound belt around her waist. The UFC already created a mess by commissioning this title without a long-term plan. Most of those concerns can be somewhat quelled as long as Cyborg has the title. Even if her defenses are irregular, they could still be used to draw a respectable number.


My answer is no. I do not think the next move is to have an immediate rematch between the two. Of course I feel that Holly was robbed and that the refs and judges New York had in place were completely inadequate. I do feel like De Randamie should feel some sort of backlash from her actions during her fight. And you know what the backlash should be? A stiff punishment. Not another fight with Holly, but a very stiff punishment. Have her fight Cyborg. I’m serious.

Because of those illegal shots, I feel Holly should have time to go back to training devise a game plan for a rematch. And, in the meantime, de Randamie should catch the beat down she deserves from the one and only Cyborg. I don’t look at fighting Cyborg as a privilege, but more of a burden. Cyborg is a tough fight – an athletic beast, a high level striker with tons of experience, and a Jiujitsu black belt. That right there is the perfect recipe for a punishment to Germaine de Randamie. After the massacre, that would ensue it would line right up for a de Randamie vs. Holm rematch.


Holly Holm has to get another win. As close as the fight was and despite the questionable punches at the end of the rounds, Holly Holm has still lost three in a row. Cyborg and Germaine need to fight and Holly needs to pick up another win and then possibly even beat the loser of that next title fight.


This one is easy. Holly Holm has lost three straight fights, and thus has no business fighting for the belt again now that Cyborg has been cleared. She needs to win one, maybe two fights, and then she can think about a rematch. Holly is probably my favorite female fighter, and I know that a fourth straight loss would be hard to recover from. I believe that confidence is a huge part of MMA. How confident could she be going into a title fight, off of three straight losses? The fouls could motivate her, and we might see a good fight. But it’s Cyborg’s shot, for now. Holm had her chance; it’s time for Cyborg to have hers.

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