Interview Highlights: UFC 209 headliners Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson talk about tonight’s fight

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

On FS1’s “UFC Tonight,” UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and his challenger Stephen Thompson each discussed a few key topics headed into tonight’s UFC 209 main event.

Tyron Woodley on his relationship with Thompson: “It’s fight week, we’re professionals. When they lock us in the Octagon, I’m going to play T-ball with his head.”

•Woodley on his relationship with Dana White after being called a drama queen: “I called the apple an apple. It takes one to know one. You might be a drama queen, yourself.” 

•Woodley on not wanting the rematch with Thompson: “It’s not that I looked for another opponent. When other guys are interested in fighting you, you have to entertain those guys. I walked away thinking I won, but I knew I’d have to face him again at some point.”

•Woodley on why he’s been an underdog in his last three fights: “People in Vegas like to lose money, I guess. I do pretty good as the underdog.”

Stephen Thompson on if he thought he won the first fight: “Tyron definitely won the first and fourth rounds. I felt like I had the second, third and fifth rounds and the fight. I finished out on top and I thought I won it.”

 •Thompson on if he learned a lesson from the first fight: “I did learn a lot about myself in that fight. I didn’t get to take that belt back to South Carolina, but whoever steps in that Octagon with me is in for a hell of a fight.”

•Thompson on Woodley not wanting to take the fight: “He knows he’s got to fight me one more time, and that’s scary. That might have gotten in his head. That’s an advantage for me. I want to fight the best Woodley in the world and put on a war.”

Watch Thompson’s interview video from Fs1’s “UFC Tonight” HERE.

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