Former champ says Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie could come down to leg kicks vs. eight points of contact (w/Reader Poll)

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate thinks UFC 208’s main event between Holly Holm and Germaine de Randamie could come down to Holly’s kicks and de Randamie’s “eight points of contact.”

“De Randamie needs to bully Holly and land the leg kicks,” Tate said on FS1 “UFC Tonight” this week. “When she decides to move forward, she needs to be decisive. Germaine has eight points of contact – kicks, punches, knees, and elbows. She’s really very dangerous with all of that, so Holly has to fight a smart game-plan, move laterally, and use counter-striking to stay away from the power of Germaine.”

Current UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion says de Randamie cannot get lured into following Holm around the Octagon. “When you follow Holm, you get picked apart,” he said. “It’s going to be key for her to land the kicks and get her power on Holm. The leg kicks will slow Holm down. But with Holly, her footwork will be key. She needs to stay on the bicycle to avoid the power of de Randamie.” He noted that de Randamie’s leg kicks are brutal and she needs to set traps, but not pursue Holm around the Octagon.

Kenny Florian, another regular panelist on “UFC Tonight,” says Holm could even take an unconventional route – for her, that is – and try to take de Randamie to the ground in order to avoid her power in the Thai clinch. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Holly tries to put Germaine on her back,” he said. “This is the one person she’d have an advantage over on the ground.” He elaborated on Holms’ incentive to avoid a stand-up battle. “(De Randamie) has amazing strength, but did you see her knees? From the Thai clinch, she’s unbelievable. Once she gets the Thai clinch she’s brutal. She’ll attack the mid-section and throw knees to the face. She’s a beast in the clinch.”

Florian sees a path for victory for Holm on her feet, though. “She has excellent boxing and excellent kicks,” he said. “Remember the one that landed on Ronda Rousey? She needs to use her footwork. She’s got to stick and move, land the shots, and get out before Germaine lands one.”

Tate says Holms’ path to victory is “to throw punches in bunches.” He added: “She needs to get inside and muddy up the water.”

Florian believes Holm will win. “She’s mixed things up,” he said. “Her trainers at Jacksons are excellent tactical strategists and will have the right game plan.”

Tate, meanwhile, picked de Randamie to win. “Her striking is too well-rounded,” she said. “She has all eight points of deadly contact. She’s going to overwhelm Holly. She’s more powerful and when she engages; the punches that land are going to count more.”

Who do you think will win, and how?

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