FRIDAY NEWS DIGEST 1/6: Trash-talking starts for potential Bisping vs. Woodley catchweight fight (w/Cervantes Analysis)

Michael Bisping (art credit Grant Gould © MMATorch)


The war of words has begun between Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley and Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping.

After it was reported by various sources that Woodley and Bisping desired a catchweight fight at 180 pounds, things got heated during Bisping’s SiriusXM show “The Countdown” when Woodley called in to discuss the potential fight. “Don’t believe everything that people say to you, Tyron, because people kiss the ass when you’re a world champion,” Bisping said. “But I’ve been around long enough to know that it’s all bullsh–, so don’t believe everything that all your little team, all your little ‘yes men,’ everything they’re telling you. It ain’t true, because I’ll do to you what f—ing Nate Marquardt did to you and beat the f— out of you, buddy.”

When Woodley pushed Bisping to make the fight a reality by consulting his manager, Bisping was quick to respond that his manager didn’t think Woodley was worth it, but also noted that it was Bisping’s call. “I just [talked to] my manager,” Bisping said. “We said we’d do it, and he said, ‘You don’t want that really because no one gives a sh– about Tyron, because the way he fights is super boring,’ and he said no one really wants it. But screw it, if you want to do it, I’m in.”

Bisping reiterated his strong desire to fight Woodley and encouraged him to involve UFC management to make the fight happen. “Listen man, one hundred percent, I’m down. Just let them know,” Bisping said . “Let them know. Tell him, send the text to Dana (White) saying, ‘Yo, we were serious about that.’ I’ll do the same thing right now”.

Both Woodley and Bisping have yet to receive their next title challengers.

Cervantes Analysis: No offense to either champion as I am fans of both, but of all the champion vs. champion fights possible, I would be the least excited to see this one happen. It really doesn’t do anything for either person as it would occur at catchweight, it would stall both divisions, and it passes up worthy contenders. Both divisions are incredibly stacked and the champions have yet to prove themselves as the true leaders, with Bisping barely edging Dan Henderson in his last fight and Woodley fighting to a draw with Thompson. I think if this fight happens, it should be after both have done more in their divisions and when fans are truly clamoring for it.


-Dominick Cruz said in an Instagram post that he’s “not going anywhere” after his loss to Cody Garbrandt.

-Cody Garbrandt called T.J. Dillashaw a “cancer” to Alpha Male when he was part of the team and teased releasing video footage of him KO’ing Dillashaw, according to MMA Fighting.

-Amanda Nunes expressed interest in moving to Featherweight in the future to attempt to capture the title and “be like Conor McGregor,” per Fox Sports’ Damon Martin.

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(Jonathan Cervantes has been an avid fan of MMA since 2009 when he saw GSP vs. B.J. Penn 2. He has practiced tae kwon do, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling in the past and is currently a student majoring in entrepreneurship at the University of San Francisco. He writes the MMATorch News Digest on Fridays and Saturdays. Michael Hiscoe writes MMATorch News Digests Sunday through Thursday each week.)

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