TUESDAY TRIVIA: Which two MMA losses has Brock Lesnar not had a chance to avenge yet in his career?

By D.R. Webster, MMATorch contributor

Brock Lesnar (photo credit Joshua Dahl © USA Today Sports)

QUESTION: Brock Lesnar was finally handed a one year ban last week by the NAC, and it looks unlikely that Lesnar will return to the UFC again even after the ban due to his WWE career. He managed to avenge one of the three defeats in his career to Frank Mir, but which other two fighters has Lesnar not had the chance to even the score with at this point?


(a) Cain Velasquez

(b) Shane Carwin

(c) Alistair Overeem

(d) Heath Herring

ANSWERS: The incorrect answers are (b) and (d) and the correct answers are (a) and (c).

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