UFC 206 CONTESTS: Prediction and Betting Game Results

By Tommy Strong, MMATorch UK Contributor

UFC 206 didn’t have the glitz or glamour or even the names of UFC 205, but the fighters more than made up for this by delivering not only of the best cards of 2016, but one of the best cards ever! If you paid your hard earned money for this PPV there was no reason to complain, Cub Swanson’s ferocious back and forth battle with Doo Ho Choi and the spinning wheel kick knockout from Lando Vannata was worth the fee alone!

Max Holloway became the new UFC Interim featherweight champion by putting on a masterclass performance defeating Anthony Pettis with a 3rd round TKO. Donald Cerrone marches on, extending his welterweight winning streak to four fights with a devastating 3rd round head kick knocking out Matt Brown, whilst Kelvin Gastelum returned to middleweight after his struggles making welterweight with an impressive win defeating the very tough and durable Tim Kennedy via TKO.

Let’s see how you all got on!


Twenty-four people submitted an entry for this card. Here’s a combined breakdown of how many confidence points you placed on each fighter (Winner in bold):

Max Holloway -161
Anthony Pettis -14

Donald Cerrone -182
Matt Brown -4

Cub Swanson -21
Doo Ho Choi -105

Kelvin Gastelum -26
Tim Kennedy -82

Emil Meek -38
Jordan Mein -96

Misha Cirkunov -40
Nikita Krylov -57

Olivier Aubin-Mercier -128
Drew Dober -10

Viviane Pereira -0
Valerie Letourneau -127

Matthew Lopez -11
Mitch Gagnon -93

Lando Vannata -96
John Makdessi -18

Rustam Khabilov -148
Jason Saggo -1

Dustin Ortiz -8
Zach Makovsky -94


James Brown (55 points) def. Mac Kinder (38 points) to remain the MMATorch Confidence Picks Champion.

James made very light work of Mac and if this was a fight it would’ve been stopped inside the 1st round! Unfortunately for Mac, James had a very good night, so good in fact he was joint highest points scorer of the night. Most of his high scoring fighters won along with two underdogs Lopez and Swanson which secured him victory. Great work James!

Next up for James will be Mark Sacchetti who like James scored 55 points to top the pool. In a night of underdogs winning, Mark predicting 8-4 was by all standards a very good night. John Lewish (52 points) and Brian Foe (50 points) were the only other players to break 50 points.

Well done Mark.

Here are the results of the Confidence Picks pool:

55- Mark Sacchetti
55- James Brown
52- John Lewish
50- Brian Foe
49- Norman Price
46- Dan Moore
46- Rich Race
45- Eugene Kim
45- Tommy Strong
45- Neal Hollic
43- Jaymon1002
42- Ben Silva
39- Sam Martin
38- Malcolm Piper
38- Mac Kinder
36- David Lindahn
34- Scott Pipher
33- Josh Brown
31- Joel Wielenga
27- Charles Mickael
27- Sean Simpson

Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 207 (Nunes vs. Rousey) John Lewish would step up as a challengers and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either James or Mark at UFC 208.


Mark Sacchetti ($1870) def. Tommy Strong ($1169.12) to become the new MMATorch Betting Champion.

Mark Sacchetti: $1870

$450 on Meek for $1057.50

$300 on Lopez for $705

$50 on Gastelum for $107.50

Tommy Strong: $1169.12

$500 on Mercier for $794.12

$250 on Khabilov for $375

All good things must come to an end and my title reign has done just that. Having defended the title four consecutive events, it was time to hand the title over to Mark who more than deserves becoming the new champion with his game plan. It was a very aggressive strategy from Mark by placing all of his single bets onto three underdogs, but it was one that paid off for him when all three were victorious. Congratulations Mark!

Next up to face Mark will be Sam Martin who returned $1758.14. Narrowly missing out at UFC 205, Sam was back in fine form topping the betting pool with the only winning parlay of the night. Betting returns have tumbled over the last few events and this was no different, many struggled to break even and only a few managed to return a profit on their stake. The nearest challengers to Sam were James Brown $1545 and Rich Race $1355.

Great work Sam.


Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 207 (Nunes vs. Rousey) James Brown would step up as a challenger, and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either Mark or Sam at UFC 208.

Performance Of The Night: Winning the betting title and topping the confidence pool Mark Sacchetti step forward and accept this award, great work!

GOAT: It wasn’t an good night for either Charles Mickael or Sean Simpson who only managed to score 27 points.

Thanks again to everyone who took part, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @Strong_te


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