TUESDAY NEWS DIGEST 12/13: Cyborg addresses Dana White comments, Jones talks about his return, Holloway responds to Jose (w/Hiscoe’s Analysis)

By Mike Hiscoe, MMATorch contributor

Cris Cyborg (photo credit Jason Silva © USA Today Sports)


Cris Cyborg has been a bit of a lightning rod for controversy lately, with her refusal to cut to 135 for a superfight with Ronda Rousey, to now requiring several months notice to make 145 pounds. She has seen much criticism from fans, but perhaps no one has been more critical of Cyborg than UFC President Dana White.

Just last week, White expressed his frustration with Cyborg for turning down two main event fights to crown the first ever Women’s Featherweight Champion in UFC. This time, however, Cyborg is choosing to lay low and not fire back.

In an interview with FloCombat, Cyborg refused to go to battle. “I’m not going to answer (to Dana White) anymore,” she said in regards to his comments on a recent UFC Unfiltered podcast.

As to when she would be ready to fight next, she remained consistent with comments she had made last week. “I will be ready to fight in March,” she said. “I’m physically and mentally recovering from my last weight cut.”

Cyborg went on to add that she would be happy to stay at 145 pounds, should that be what UFC wants. White had also said that he would like to open the division with or without Cyborg. “If they are going to create a new (Featherweight) Division, I’m happy,” he said “That just proves that our dedication paid off. All women won another one.”

Considering these recent comments, Cyborg sounds ready to fight at the weight they want, maybe just not on their timeline.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: There is still a bit on inconsistency in Cyborg’s actions and comments. She is saying that she needs to recover from her previous weight-cut, which is understandable, but also that she needed more time to make 145 for the February show. If Cyborg truly wants to commit to the Featherweight Division, she will need to get her walk-around weight, which is said to be close to 175 pounds, down to a more manageable level. UFC can’t afford to have a champion who will always need 3-4 months notice for every fight plus recovery time in between. It’s not worth the investment of creating a new division if Cyborg is going to kill every contender and then risk missing weight and only fight twice a year at best. UFC is continuing to run a lot of shows in 2017 and will need main events. Cyborg is one of only a few who have proven to be needle movers, so it’s in everyone’s best interest for her to take off some muscle to make 145 more attainable.


-Jon Jones told Champions.co that his suspension is up in July he’ll be ready to fight. “I’ll continue to train into July, and when the conversation comes with Ari (Emanuel) who I’ll be fighting, I’ll talk with my coaches and we’ll all see where I’m at, and see if it’s best for me to go for what’s mine,” he said. That indicates Jone is open to either go straight to a championship fight or fight someone else first.

-After Jose Aldo told media that he would be fighting Max Holloway on Feb. 11, Holloway responded saying that it is not a “done deal” as Aldo said and repeated his comments after UFC 206 that he doesn’t want to give up Christmas and his kid’s birthday only to have Aldo drop out of the fight.

-Robin Black of the Fight Network reports that Ontario Athletic Commissioner Ken Hayashi is stepping down from his position. This comes after the province of Ontario faced some criticism for paying $150,000 to sponsor UFC 206 in Toronto. Black also said Ray Dempster will oversee the commission temporarily.

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