ROUNDTABLE (pt. 1 of 2): What change do you hope Mick Maynard brings to UFC’s match-making now that he’s been hired to replace Joe Silva?


What change do you hope Mick Maynard brings to UFC’s match-making now that he’s been hired to replace Joe Silva? Or what main piece of advice would give you to him?

MICHAEL HISCOE, MMATorch contributor

What I’d like to see Mick Maynard do as matchmaker is create stars, and specifically at 125 lbs. where the star power and depth is weakest. I’m not advocating for all out mismatches or squash matches, but I’d like to see Maynard focus in on one or two fighters at that weight class that seem to have some star potential, whether it’s in the way they talk, their look, their fighting style, or if they hail from somewhere that could help open up a hot new market. I’d like to see him build that fighter up, putting him in featured positions where eyeballs will be on him in fights that are most likely to make him look good and see him win convincingly. The end goal, of course, would be a title fight with Demetrious Johnson, assuming he’s still champion. Then hopefully – win or lose – the division will be stronger once they have a fighter people can connect with. Of course this is the fight game and this is much easier said than done, but I would support this approach for all divisions, particularly those with weaker talent and star pools. What I wouldn’t recommend is for Maynard to book “by the numbers,” those numbers being the rankings, because it will likely result in too many win-one-lose-one fighters.

ADAM TINDAL, MMATorch contributor

I trust that Mick Maynard truly loves his job and that he will attempt to put forth his best efforts on a daily basis. I’m not exactly sure what his job description is, but the title of match-maker doesn’t leave much to the imagination so hopefully he will try to make the most competitive and meaningful fights possible.

ABE RUVALCABA, MMATorch contributor

I thought Joe Silva was great at his job and provided us with some excellent matchups. Best piece of advice I can give Mick Maynard is just get as much advice from Joe Silva as he can while Silva is still there.

MATTHEW PETERSON, MMATorch contributor

I can’t tell Maynard how to do his job, but one piece of advice would be to leave the freak show fights to Bellator.  The C.M. Punk fight was a wash that we could have lived without and Cris Cyborg has finally earned the right to fight at her real weight of 145.  While he is at it, also make McGregor defend his belts or leave them behind.  Letting him jump weight classes just creates logjams that leave great fights sitting in limbo.  Money talks, but real contenders still deserve title fights.  I’m looking at you, Max Holloway.


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