5 YRS AGO: ROUNDTABLE – Who would make a tougher opponent for Junior dos Santos’s first Heavyweight Title defense – Lesnar or Overrem?

By MMATorch Staff

Juniot dos Santos (artist Grant Gould © MMATorch)

Five years ago this week, the MMATorch team addressed whether Alistair Overeem or Brock Lesnar would be a tougher opponent for Junior dos Santos. Check out their analysis below…

Who would make for a tougher opponent for Junior dos Santos in his first Title defense, Alistair Overeem or Brock Lesnar?


Overeem by miles. Brock Kesbar hates getting punched in the face, and Dos Santos punches people in the face even better than Cain Velasquez. Alistair Overeem has the striking to match Dos Santos and possible then some. We’ll finally get the chance to see the champ’s chin really put to the test.


Assuming that Brock utilizes his wrestling, I think he gives Dos Santos a tougher fight. Alistair Overeem is a good fighter, but I think Dos Santos matches up pretty well in the stand-up. I think Dos Santos can beat either guy, but that Brock will give him a harder fight.


The hardest opponent for Junior dos Santos between Overeem and Lesnar is hands down Lesnar.  Lesnar saw what Cain Velasquez needed to do to win this fight, but instead Velasquez decided to stand with dos Santos, and that cost him the championship in the end.  Lesnar will (hopefully) remember that to win against dos Santos, one has to be able to take him down and use superior wrestling against him.  Lesnar can do that, and he also has the fists to use in case the fight gets back on its feet.


I think Alistair Overeem would be tougher because he likes to stand and trade, and Junior dos Santos could get caught with fist, shin, or knee just luck how Cain got caught with that right hand of dos Santos.  Brock Lesnar would be tough as well, but that fight might go to the ground and dos Santos might match up decently down there with Lesnar.


Of the two potential challengers, ultimately I think Lesnar’s wrestling base would be the most troublesome aspect for dos Santos. Sure, Lesnar’s had troubles with getting hit recently, but his ability to utilize his size along with his skills on top could make for a dangerous test for the new Champion. Overeem would be more than willing to stand and trade with dos Santos, and at this stage I like dos Santos’ chin considering Overeem’s been knocked out several times whereas dos Santos has not. Either way, whichever fighter leaves Las Vegas the victor at UFC 141, they’ll have an exciting title fight with the new Champ.

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