5 YRS AGO: Mirko Cro Cop compares a certain loud-mouthed UFC vet’s IQ to a children’s shoe size

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Mirko Cro Cop

Five years ago this week, Mirko Cro Cop returned fire at Chael Sonnen and didn’t hold back. Check out the trash-talking we reported on MMATorch.com.

One of the many targets for Chael Sonnen’s verbal assaults over the last year has been Mirko Cro Cop. The Croatian hasn’t really had much to say in response to this point, but it must have been boiling over for him, as he had some very pointed comments in a recent interview with Croatian site Gol.hr (transcribed at ESPN.uk):

“I don’t want your viewers to get offended. I am not the creator of any anthropological theories, but you can tell by his face that the man is slow — that he is stupid and he has the IQ of a children’s shoe size. You can tell this by his face. Let’s not get into his calling out of people like [Minotauro] Nogueira, diminishing Fedor’s or Wanderlei Silva’s or my accomplishments and so on — people whose heights he will never reach.

“Is he crazy? He obviously is, but I’m not mad at him. It’s just as I can’t get mad at my eight-month-old son, Fillip. The other day he walked over, took my glove and threw it on the floor. Should I get mad? That’s a child who doesn’t understand. It’s the same with Sonnen. He doesn’t understand. I can’t be mad at him about such accusations about fixed fights. That is a man who no one should pay attention to.

“I had the opportunity when I was in the United States to ask some people who work for the UFC, ‘Is this man crazy or is he just craving attention?’ A man higher up in the UFC told me, ‘He’s both,’ which means he is crazy and is also craving attention.”

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