WEDNESDAY TRIVIA: Ricardo Lamas, once scheduled to face B.J. Penn this weekend, once had how many wins in a row?

By D.R. Webster, MMATorch contributor

QUESTION: Ricardo Lamas was due to fight UFC legend B.J. Penn this weekend at the now cancelled UFC Fight Night 97. Lamas was hoping to get back to winning ways in the Featherweight Division after a recent loss to Max Holloway. No stranger to fighting for the belt, Lamas lost to Jose Aldo in a challenge back in 2014. How many wins did he rack up to get to that point, though?


(a) 2

(b) 4

(c) 8

(d) 9

ANSWER: The correct answer is not (a) and it is not (d) but it is (b) and it is not (c).

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