Bisping predicts a knockout victory against Henderson, talks about unconventional training camp schedule (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Michael Bisping on FS1's UFC Tonight

Michael Bisping called Dan Henderson “a one-trick pony” last night on FS1’s UFC Tonight. “He doesn’t wrestle anymore,” he said. “He looks for that big right hand. You know he’s looking for it. And you know he’s lethal. He’s got good timing and speed with it. All I’ve got to do is avoid the right hand.”

He joked to studio show interviewer Daniel Cormier, “Geeze Daniel, if you can beat him, I can certainly beat him.

Bisping doesn’t think he’ll beat Henderson the first round or the second round, but he did predict a third round knockout. “I’m going to make a mess out of him in the first round,” he said. “I’ll wait until he slows down in the second and I put the volume up, and the third he’s going to be predictable, I’m going to see those punches coming from a mile away, and that’s when I’ll finish him.”

Bisping said he hasn’t prepared for this fight with a typical full training camp. “I learned from the fight with Rockhold,” he said. “I don’t need eight weeks. I trained for a few weeks, then I filmed a movie, then I trained for three weeks at home and I feel fantastic.”

Keller’s Analysis: I suppose now Bisping has an excuse if he loses – he made a mistake to film a movie in the middle of preparing for the fight. He also could go into the fight fresher, too. More likely than not Henderson has dropped off physically even compared to his last few unimpressive outings relative to his Hall of Fame caliber career, so Bisping should be fine – if he doesn’t move right into the path of Henderson’s right fist like he did in their first fight. If Bisping gets KO’d in Manchester, England this Saturday, the complete silence and shock in the crowd will compare to when Alexander Gustafsson lost in Stockholm, Sweeden, his home country, back in January of 2015.



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